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File: 1595907619300.png (1.34 MB, 1280x720, tumblr_oyslkwNj7S1w5it0no1….png)


Last thread, >>7839, seems to have hit bump limit so I'm making a new one.

Every time you visit https://sushigirl.us leave a reply in this thread. How your day is going, anything interesting that happened recently or just to say hi, whatever!


I am new to this site but I like it a lot, it's slow but compared to most chans it's a lot nicer and has a lot fewer insane racist conspiracy theorists, I dig the teal color as well. This is a good site, I hope for the happiness and success of all sushirolls


wew this place is fast!


Yeah, since COVID there has been more activity here, nice!

Has anyone here watched Dark S3?


what's the fine for necrophilia in this part of sushigirl?


File: 1595963127941.jpg (60.03 KB, 850x638, __kemomimi_chan_original_d….jpg)

My school just gave out a mass alert foxes have been spotted on campus and that we're not to approach them and call security. Sounds cute, but the warning makes em think they might be rabid


File: 1595966969672.jpg (72.05 KB, 1080x1350, 1595922844857.jpg)

>Yeah, since COVID there has been more activity here, nice!
A shame she isn't as deadly as I thought she would be, but at the very least she made me reflect my life.
I finally understood what "live life as if you were to die" means at least


They're probably just giving that warning on the off-chance that they're rabid, or just aggressive in general.

I get foxes in my neighborhood sometimes, the only reason they worry me is because my dog likes to chase them and I don't have a fence.


The other day someone gifted me a game on steam because 10 years ago on a now dead imageboard I gifted people games on steam and one of these people wanted to return the favor. Completely unnecessary for them to do so, it warms my heart that someone even remembered.


one time at my old community college a pair of owls made a nest on one of the buildings and they had to rope it off because if anyone walked under the nest the owls would get mad and divebomb them. Eventually the babies were old enough to leave the nest and the parents cleared out


>I get foxes in my neighborhood sometimes, the only reason they worry me is because my dog likes to chase them and I don't have a fence.
This sounds so otherworldy to me, sounds comfy.


File: 1595980967717.jpg (88.53 KB, 512x512, 1556042762626.jpg)

Torrented Senko-san only to find out it was dubbed even though it said subbed. Bunch of BS.


Started Day 1 of an intermittent fasting regime, and I just hit the breaking fast part. Had a little dinner, and now I am going to relax with a bit of Goldwasser and some Sushichan.


I hope to sometime soon get involved in an online community whether through discord or an irc of some sort. I've never really had close friends irl and I've always had trouble talking to others online when I have a name attached, but I hope to change that soon.


File: 1595995514598.jpg (280.23 KB, 627x768, D9C10B02149B4651D438AD6FDB….jpg)

One of my friends failed an important exam, went into depression (I guess?) and won't return my calls anymore. I wonder if I should just show up at his door and see if he's okay.


Having done the same thing but to my own family, I think you should if you are truly worried about him. I'd never have admitted it in the state I was in but having my family show up at my apartment and give me a little support meant a lot to me. People are illogical when they're extremely depressed, and at least in my case I will often shut myself off completely from the world even if the best thing for me would be to just get out of bed and give someone a hug.


I stayed up too late again, and I will most likey regret it tomorrow at work…


If someone entered your room and looked around would they think you're a prodigious 10 year old or just a regular 10 year old?


They would think I'm a dangerous 10 year old


They would think I'm a depressed 10-year-old with a neckbeard


I've almost died one time because of this. I shat myself off too when I was at the bottom, and one day I woke up with 41 celsius body temperature. I didn't call the ambulance. If I died, I would be found a week later by the smell.


File: 1596056400817.png (401.01 KB, 469x530, Screenshot_2.png)

Okay, turns out it was dual audio. Baka desu.


File: 1596059737025.gif (2.54 MB, 588x440, senko_pat.gif)

happens to the best of us, sushi baka.


File: 1596068762125.gif (399.35 KB, 280x304, 1572849118463.gif)

What video player are you using? Most of them have a way to set preferred audio and subtitle preferences.


File: 1596071205292.png (7.52 KB, 205x170, Dorothy_Haze.png)

Last night had a really vivid dream where I was a lilim and someone hacked me to let me touch boobies even though I wasn't built to touch boobies. Video games before bedtime is a really good idea I think.


I put my desk plant outside in the rain today so it gets nutrients.

What should I name my plant sushis?


I had a dream where I was in a basketball game and was balling out and hit a slam dunk


I got some free stuff today. Someone was throwing out a jewelry mirror cabinet thing and a piano chair while moving out, so I took them after asking. I don't have jewelry, but I wanted a standing mirror, and this thing functions as one. There was other stuff, but I don't have the space. Other than that, I'm still struggling to reduce my drinking, but I think my average has gone down about 1 or 2 drinks for the past 3 days.



PotPlayer gang
I normally name my stuff with latin words

I had a really good dream but after taking a shit I forgot about the dream fml


I found a fire extinguisher today. I'm happy. I'm going to find the thread size tomorrow and buy a valve for it.


I dreamed there was a protest at a formula one race against the laws of kinematics, and there was an equally sized counter-protest in favor of them.


If I saw people protesting against the laws of kinematics I'd think they're insane. They should be protesting against the laws of gravity instead.


A few days ago I dreamed I had a gf who came to my place with groceries to wake me up and presumably make me breakfast, but I very soon awoke to noises of construction outside.


File: 1596201622733.png (300.58 KB, 615x597, 1529381023816.png)

So if you to preferences, then audio, there should be a text field to input your preferred audio language. Type jpn in that field and it should auto select the Japanese audio track every time. You can set eng for the subtitles in the subtitles and OSD section if you find that your dual audio releases default to no subs.

>PotPlayer gang
Never used it, but check the settings for audio and subtitle language preferences. jpn and jp are typical Japanese language codes. LAV Filters Megamix supports PotPlayer, I use it for MPC-HC and the splitter can do cool stuff like selecting english subs only when the audio is not english, etc. Helps with releases and films with bad defaults.


File: 1596203751483.png (12.4 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

That's funny. At first I was like "modern protests are so ridiculous they may as well protest physical laws is a gross sentiment" but then I was like "opposite and equal reaction law lololol"


File: 1596233769191.jpg (1.19 MB, 1058x1726, tumblr_bf96d6a8d3b73d06701….jpg)

Same to be honest. I really only have one person I talk to regularly and besides that it can get pretty lonely. Sushichan has an irc but its usually quiet. Maybe I'll check it out again.


File: 1596245946451.jpg (942.17 KB, 1448x2048, 45c8ed2da192466ea6a85caae0….jpg)

Why is writing dialogue so fucking embarrassing?


File: 1596253356583.jpg (66.36 KB, 650x427, 61CFAFC3F1EFC9D8FF33DB8200….jpg)

Yeah I could reach out to him eventually. He has been drinking for some time but in moderation at least.

Anyway he's answering my calls now and we've been talking on the phone for hours for the last two days, like we used to before he failed his exam.
What are you writing that dialogue for?


File: 1596255073624.jpg (162.51 KB, 1300x1300, 39288466-wine-illustration….jpg)

haven't visited sushichan in a few months, figured I'd swing by and say howdy to my favorite comfy altchan. drank half a bottle of wine and feeling moody.

eesh tell me about it. As an utter sociopath with nearly zero capability for empathy, putting myself in someone else's shoes to write dialogue is frustrating and confusing. Most of my writing comes out like demented scrawlings from the Underground Man.


Riddle me this sushis.

How come I have a hobby or interest, but don't really want to learn about it? Am I really that affected by school that even my hobbies are affected? I can't think of anything else except laziness, depression, or school, and the middle one doesn't even make sense. Laziness would mean it's more profitable for my brain chemicals to do what I usually do, and that makes sense. I end up doing nothing easily for long periods of time while learning requires my brain to focus. I know I have ADHD, probably ADD (can't remember), so that's probably also the reason. Still, I find these things to be worth my time and think of a life where I pursue these. It's interesting. So I wonder if either my ADHD or my hatred of school brought this upon me. My hatred of school just being from elementary school all the way to college. I find it hard to study nonetheless.

Either way, I know that I want to do these things, but it's just easier to do nothing in the end.


Similar sitch. Can't tell if I'm depressed or chronically lethargic or both. There are things I know I'm good at and should pursue and develop, but I have terrible work ethic and can't focus, and I just feel a general sense of misery and hopelessness which stops me dead in my tracks. I'm way too young to be having an existential crisis… Recently started popping Lexapro which has made life a bit more bearable.

I get what you mean that it's just easier to do nothing. Not sure what the solution is.
Right now, I'm just trying to overcome the crushing guilt I feel whenever I catch myself enjoying anything.


Making nachos for dinner.


Got a haircut for the first time in a while :)


File: 1596324360564-0.jpg (2.5 MB, 1944x2592, IMG_20200801_181949.jpg)

File: 1596324360564-1.jpg (2.5 MB, 2592x1944, IMG_20200801_181939.jpg)

Aight I finished this thing just now. I'm happy with the result.


I have a confession
Sometimes I visit sushi and don't post in this thread


Drive belt finally came in, sorry it took so long. I exported a file where I cut it off where I'm pretty sure the track is supposed to end: https://files.catbox.moe/9axd6z.mp3
I also made a rip from the beginning of the track until the end of the tape, which is mostly just silence/tape noise/some faint jazz that wasn't entirely erased off the tape: https://files.catbox.moe/az642r.mp3
As a bonus, have a mistake they made while recording the album onto the tape: https://files.catbox.moe/72ypgi.mp3


File: 1596381765940.png (241.01 KB, 808x600, 49477265_p2.png)

>What are you writing that dialogue for?
I write stories, they usually end up having no dialogue which I guess generated some interesting ideas, but it would be nice to write a fucking character for once. I want to be able to sell my stories to magazines at some point, but if I started making money then people I know would find out which just makes it worse.
Also I want to make a game with a lot of talking to characters and occasionally alluding to each others boobies so I really need to fix myself some time soon.


>but if I started making money then people I know would find out which just makes it worse.
Just use a pseudonym, and if anyone asks where that money is coming from, just tell them you're selling drugs on the side.


This, or you found a big bag of cash in the back of a taxicab.


Productive yesterday, made a big bet for a big break.

Today not so much.


A big part of it is information paralysis. Theoretically, you have the tool to learn everything you want right in front of you, but there's no way to figure out the right structure or learning progression on your own. You can learn anything you want but don't know where to start and trying to find that out will give you all kinds of different (sometimes even conflicting) answers.


Productive. Passing out.


File: 1596489702123.png (660.76 KB, 2770x1429, pew.png)

Got it working already, but thanks again, sushi! :)


Going to make some pico de gallo if tomatoes aren't too expensive at the supermarket.


Do you have any writing tips? I've been interested in starting to write stories for a while but can never really figure out how to start one and get the ball rolling.


I peeled a layer of skin off my bottom lip and now that spot is swollen.
I also accidently burned the roof of my mouth while eating hot lasagna.


I got some remote work, but I'm kind of in a slump because I lost most of my social network after pandemic hit. I've found some motivation in creative pursuits recently, and it's kind of a bummer that this job is gonna cut into time for it for a few weeks, but I do need some work experience, so I'll just have to buckle down and do it.


>signed up for some coding courses
>no email has arrived yet
Guess I'll be a dumbass with only highschool finished for another six months


Was it online courses or did you apply to a university?


I feel like I don't take my life seriously. Going to buckle down and put effort into drawing and other things I love.




keep waiting it'll never come


I think I'm gonna get a dog


File: 1596565638544.gif (377.17 KB, 480x270, 1595713021220.gif)

nevermind mail arrived


What were you waiting for, sushi?


I postulated for a coding course (IIRC it was Front-end mostly but I selected many) and had to wait for a mail in which they give you a test with some algebraic tasks and some questions about code.
I got 24/30 right, hope I get in there, though I'd have to ask them to change my schedule from night to afternoon. I'm busy at that time.


Oh. Glad to hear that!


File: 1596571396725.gif (24.5 KB, 100x100, (´・ω・`).gif)

>Glad to hear that!
Thanks sushi


A girl said hello to me today, that was really nice. She sounded scandinavian or something, and she had long plats that went down to her waist.


I work at a call center and some guy said I have a calming voice.


I don't understand the appeal of taking pictures of yourself in front of beautiful places and scenery. Whenever I see pictures like that I always get annoyed because what I would actually rather look at is behind them!


File: 1596626986198.jpg (3.78 MB, 4032x3024, 20191029_180804.jpg)

Cause that person is happy that they have been to that beautiful place. The photo is a memory of their travel.


I pretty much just research whatever I need to research then daydream and try to give it form as I go, it's not really good practice because if you don't know the plot first you'll have a terrible ending. It might be ok for a serial maybe. They have a bad reputation, but if your well of ideas is completely dry you could try writing fanfiction as practice, that way a lot of work is done for you. Just take and idea for an adventure you had or pick a different path in the story's crossroads and write that.


I decided to name it "Fruito" which in medieval Latin means "to enjoy." Fruito got too much sun exposure and it yellowed actually, so maybe I shouldn't keep it outside for too long.


This picture is giving me anxiety.
Don't die, roll.


File: 1596673290592.jpg (4.37 MB, 4032x3024, 20191029_175732.jpg)

Always a risk, but I've been climbing trees since I was a little kid, and I really don't want to stop. Nothing feels like a tree to climb in the way it gives you interesting handholds, but also blocks and pokes you. Also some good views.
Always test a branch before using it. Always have at least two branches to support when you've up high. Always grab close to the trunk; only go out on metaphorical limbs.


Post a pic if you can!


I have some pretty big trees here, which don't have any low branches, however, and I can't reach them.
I found a big a ocado tree the other day, wanted tk climb it to see if there were any fruit high up, but I didn't get past the first branch because I was afraid I couldn't get myself back down afterwards. I might try again someday.


I have a performance meeting in 2 hours. I got a light scolding two weeks ago, hopefully things work out.


File: 1596739384949-0.png (5.08 MB, 2160x3840, 74865905_p0.png)

File: 1596739384949-1.jpg (110.05 KB, 740x1001, DQ1bRZ9UEAEEf_B.jpg)

File: 1596739384949-2.jpg (506.4 KB, 2031x2952, 76617433_p0.jpg)

My fate/GO folder is flooded with the purples of Raikou, the pastel pinks of Astolfo and sprinkles of the royal blue and gold patterning of lArtoria


File: 1596742634680.jpg (3.66 MB, 3024x4032, 20200806_151738.jpg)

I brought my laptop this time. I'm taking care of my friend's dog while he's at work. He's a sweet ol' doggo. Every time i enter his house I always see his dog waiting infront of the door and gets super excited when I arrive. Feel kind of sad for him being lonely. He enjoys going for walks.


Good luck sushi!

Another day doing nothing, huh


File: 1596767384881.png (69.17 KB, 1454x782, 3556624.PNG)

College textbooks are so expensive. I found cheaper alternatives to this range though, sadly no online PDF and the class code is required. What I'm most irritated about though is the class isn't required, precalc, and I'm taking it because I couldn't test out/wanted to take it before Calc, so I'm getting some buyers regret. Another problem is my aid doesn't cover non tuition, which is half my college payment due, and Covid makes it impossible for me to work, I'm immunocompromised, so I have to depend a lot on my parents to help me pay. They don't mind, but I feel bad bothering them. I'll feel extra bad this time because my brother did some dumb stuff so they have to pay for me and my brother at once.


Went better then expected, thanks sushi!



I'm not going to lie. For me, it's the complete opposite. It's not the information overload, but the fact that any information I want to get would slip through my head. If you don't use it, you lose it. This has probably crippled me a bit.

I hate to imagine losing information that I worked SO hard for like some kind of bucket with a bunch of holes in it. I've imagined the possibility of studying for something and losing 70% of everything I've learned for a job because I don't need it. It's a horrible thought. Same thing for hobbies I guess.

So that + hatred of school and studying + other issues. And yet, somehow, I'm able to remember a bunch of information on video games.


File: 1596774823724.jpg (1.65 MB, 2000x1246, 879623.jpg)

It's been a long time sushichan
nice to see you're still keeping it comfy~


Incredible how extorting ridiculous moneys from an overwhelmingly broke demographic is a stable business model for them. A bit late now, but do you know about the library genesis?


File: 1596790708152.jpg (3.47 MB, 3024x4032, 20200707_123718.jpg)

Learn anki or idorecall or some other flashcard system. Imprint the habit of making flashcards as you learn. Make flashcards of indexes to knowledge, rather than only base knowledge. Actively remove cards and take care not to add too many.
You can recall everything you learn, but there is overhead. The really hard part is choosing what to forget, what to index, and what to etch into your mind.
My habit is pretty comfy, as soon as I wake up it's espresso and flashcards. ^u^


Hello again sushi. Hope you're all doing well.


File: 1596837049808.png (61.5 KB, 142x212, ee.png)

One day I'll speak Japanese.


ganbatte sushi!


You are thinking too small.
One day, I will BE Japanese.


Still too small, you can be Japan itself!


I too thought this at one point…now I can speak Japanese.

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