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File: 1589565786782.jpg (2.11 MB, 2000x1069, sushi_bar.jpg)

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Last thread >>6368 seems to have hit bump limit so I'm making a new one.

Every time you visit https://sushigirl.us leave a reply in this thread. How your day is going, anything interesting that happened recently or just to say hi, whatever!


File: 1589567666275.jpg (562.37 KB, 1200x1100, plant.jpg)


My plant grew an antenna.


File: 1589575774000.jpg (1.11 MB, 1061x1500, ETdllhsU0AALdAj.jpg)

Hey! Today I started a list of goals for the future. Right now it is empty.
There is a lot of rain outside. It sounds nice.

I imagine the plant is speaking to all the other plants outside with its dangly antenna


File: 1589584214567.jpg (118.42 KB, 1280x720, C-f3pxBWsAAnJHz.jpg)

Looks like I scored the last post on the previous one.

Hello! It wasn't a bad day today, just a little lazy.
Not getting much done makes me sad like usual, but at least I feel good physically.



I'm sorry, I've come like 4 times within the day already but only now do I make a post, hello sushi


Hey sushi. My day has been pretty good I suppose, I still feel down though but I always do so that's nothing unusual.


File: 1589638239247.jpg (114.14 KB, 569x567, feels good.jpg)

going to have a barbecue with my family becuase the weather is nice finally


Hey sushis.
Feeling my lowest I've felt in a while.
I've never posted here, but I just wanted to feel like I'm a part of something


Currently depressed, sushis
Listening currently love shine
Go back to school next Monday
Death fear currently due to you know
Studying Kaynbred (because I actually want it) and planning to play Disgaea 1, I have it already in my computer.


Morning sushis. About to have a coffee to help push out the morning dump. Got no real plans for the day, just going to practice some more Japanese.


Hello Sushi
My day is going okay but I'm down because my favorite imageboard is dead so I'm just drinkin and playing video games to pass the day


It's been a while since I visited last.

I'm doing okay.
I got a job since I last strolled by and while it's nice to have some money and be considered a contributing adult I feel all my time evaporated and I don't have anything to really look forward to anymore.
I see people doing creative things in their free time in the quarantine and I feel less than adequate because I just go to work and sleep.
At the same time when I was neet I didn't do anything productive in my free time anyway but it still doesn't feel good.


If it makes you feel any better my experience with working and NEET-ing on and off has always been a "grass is greener on the other side" situation. I work and think work is death, then I go NEET, feel good about it for awhile and stay active, but eventually I get disgusted with my life stagnating, try to find a job, and the cycle continues.


File: 1589682104572.jpg (325.59 KB, 1448x2048, EXpI80jUMAEquye.jpg)

Same feelings have brought me back here. If it helps, know you're not alone.

Are schools reopening where you live? That's quite incompetent. The country I live in doesn't have the best grip on the issue, and yet we're having our schools closed.

Taking it easy is OK.

It's so sad to see another of them go down. I've only found it a month ago myself…

I've seen a quote that's actually relevant in that case: "you're not productive by the standards of the society that has just crumbled".

That being said, I know what you feel. I've been looking to trips abroad - not possible, the upcoming games don't do much for me, there's noone to live for, work has been shitty and sucked all of my remaining creativity out. Hang in there, I'm rooting for both of us.


File: 1589682305626.jpg (77.15 KB, 616x776, 75104936_p9.jpg)

Sad to hear you're feeling low sushi. I too will root for you.


File: 1589683382739.png (51.48 KB, 1000x1000, D3niNGdUUAEz46a.png)

Thanks! <3
I hope tomorrow brings better feelings.


For those who can make mods of games, can hack video games, can create image boards and site, can program in a way to actually CREATE something, I applaud you. Those are skills I want to have, but cannot have. It's not possible for me to do those, I think. I think highly of those skills and people, and it's an aspiration to be able to create like that, but I can't be damned to get those skills.


File: 1589710748866-0.png (463.95 KB, 4000x3400, amenamae EYFuP9AUMAAt-zx.png)

File: 1589710748866-1.jpg (424.96 KB, 2048x1152, KawakamiYoshiro EXymhUiUEA….jpg)

File: 1589710748866-2.jpg (223.98 KB, 2048x1434, yupa_ku EYIsyhAUEAAR2lA.jpg)

I think I've been secretly hoping for this thread to come back. Good to know someone else made it in the end.
Strict confinement was lifted on Monday here, but I still haven't gone out. No point when all the fun places are still closed, anyway. Those who fled to their parents' homes when the lockdown happened are slowly coming back, and it's nice to see some familiar faces, even if I hardly speak with the younger undergrads. I should probably have socialized more back when my classmates were still all living in the dorms.

I hope the sushis are alright.


File: 1589715358115.png (29.08 KB, 800x510, pd-hello-world.png)

Hello sushis, happy Sunday. I had an exam yesterday - the penultimate piece of work before my degree is over. We download it and then have 48 hours to complete it and send it in, so it was pretty chill, except for the fact that there was a mistake on the question paper. I emailed the exam-setter but she doesn't check her emails over the weekend…even though she knows the exam is happening. But I am 100% confident about the error and what the question meant to say, so I'm not panicking.

>Today I started a list of goals for the future. Right now it is empty.
In a way that's a good thing. My list of goals for the future is packed with an unrealistic variety of aspirations, most of which will never happen. I know that, if I want to achieve anything in this life, I have to focus on one thing for a long time, but equally I want to spread my bets; just in case one goal doesn't work out, I want another one to hang on to. And I can't decide what to devote my time to!

There are several programming languages which have direct applications to visual or sound output. Processing is a text-based programming language that lets you do graphics, for example. Pure Data, which is good for audio, is even easier to get started with, because it is visual - instead of typing statements into a single text file, you write inside boxes and connect them up like a circuit, using a GUI. Both are worth checking out if you're interested!


File: 1589727361761.png (9.64 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

There was a picture posted here a while ago of a japanese woman wrestler with a belt, does anyone have it? Looked kinda like this.


File: 1589733437334.jpg (1.84 MB, 3198x4096, EXrzQEZWsAA-_Vl.jpg)

I can program, but haven't done anything notable in quite some time, and the people, who do that are gods to me.
I want my creativity back, damnit…


Ahh, I know which you're talking about. All I can say is that it's a pic of Nana Mizuki. Couldn't find the original screenshot, though.


File: 1589754107710.jpg (184.45 KB, 1080x1350, jhve6ianaow01.jpg)


Can only think of Reika Saiki, really. Japanese female wrestler, blue costume, holding a belt.


Good morning again Sushi. Just doing my daily scroll through the Fresh Post Bento to see if there's any interesting threads to post on. Hope you're all having a good day/evening.


File: 1589764517148.png (537.94 KB, 1150x620, major smile.png)

i miss comfy discords but im autistic and end up cutting off all contacts after some time


I wish I was part of a comfy discord but the ones I find are dead or already have an established culture and are hard to get into.


File: 1589766409364.jpg (250.52 KB, 1920x1080, kyoko2.jpg)

Hi sushirolls, just lurking today


as bad as it sounds, one i found in the past was posted on r9k. it got killed off though and i deleted the few nice people from there from my contacts so i probably can never find them again.


hello sushis, this is my first post. nice to meet you all <3


File: 1589772726795.gif (181.68 KB, 190x190, 1493006942607.gif)

Hi I'm new here


File: 1589775178861.jpg (69.93 KB, 1280x720, TOSHINOUKYOUKO.jpg)



File: 1589777483487.webm (2.79 MB, 710x400, sushi.webm)

Hi everyone, I present to you the true sushi experience


I have a strange desire to protect one of those dishes…

On a side note, what is your favorite sushi, sushis? Mine is unagi nigiri.


I don't like sushi at all. And many other japanese dishes made with raw fish.
The pearl of japanese cuisine for me is takoyaki.


File: 1589787182770.gif (13.87 KB, 200x200, 15ca72272af94b4e46353a70f0….gif)

Hello I'm kinda new too, this site is nice and I hope you enjoy it!
Probably just salmon as far as fish goes. Tuna is nice as well. I haven't had enough sushi to develop a strong opinion sadly but I quite like it. I've tried some stuff like Sea urchin, eel, softshell crab, or salmon roe and enjoyed them all.


File: 1589806412941.gif (7.9 MB, 569x320, 1530509871_beatsaber1.gif)

Hi sushis! My day's been going pretty well, I've found that I've become addicted to Beat Saber over the last few weeks. At least it's something to do.

Aren't we all?


I had a dream last night.

So there I was, standing outside a building at a campsite for whatever reason. Then I saw this girl, who for whatever reason was dressed as Sapphire from the Pokemon manga series. Which is just my brain's way of trying to justify the fact it's literally using that character as a placeholder for a girl.
So apparently I had met this girl a while ago, and we liked each other. So we talk, and she wants to just spend some time with me. We just spend some time wandering around the place and doing stuff, none of which I can really be bothered to bring up here. But the important thing was, we both enjoyed our time together. It wasn't really deep or intimate or anything like that, we just liked each other's company.
And then I wake up, and the fact it was a dream hits hard. I ended up just lying in bed upset about the fact I'll never see her again.

I'm lonely.


File: 1589812067171.jpg (175.18 KB, 1199x1800, EYQUJ9OU4AAEyeo.jpg)

Getting into a close-knit community sure is hard, huh.
I often think I'll just make a fool out of myself.
Even if I do manage to join one, I end up dropping out after some time…

That place's a mixed bag. Sometimes the people like the sushis here just go there just because they're sad and lonely.

I keep having dreams of girls falling for me hard. They usually also look like mashups of many artworks I've seen on pixiv/Twitter during the day.
That's what loneliness does, I guess…


File: 1589814417337.gif (543.38 KB, 500x256, 1499730495096.gif)

just took a covid test, it was a little uncomfortable but quite funny sitting in the car with my mum while we both gagged jamming cotton swaps up our noses lol


Thanks sushi I think that's her, not the same image though. It was taken from a lower angle (maybe she was in the corner of the ring?), also I might have been wrong about the belt. Don't know why I'm obsessed with finding it all of a sudden.

Huh. Last night I had a dream where a girl was going around with a clipboard getting people to sign up for her 1 on 1 stripper show, so I signed up my dog but then I was my dog who was now mostly a human girl except when she told me to get on my knees and elbows it hurt because dog arms don't bend that way so she helped me up and got me to stand like a horse instead and made a comment about avoiding my dog butt, which made me kind of disappointed because that would've been fine. The dream skipped the actual show, but when I got out Chief O'Brien from star trek who went to one too said "that was pretty weird wasn't it" and I said "bow wow"


File: 1589820924246.jpg (41.49 KB, 800x685, ail_soulless_son.jpg)

i have university exam 39 days later and i dont study it at all, i have no motivation, because of too much escapism. if i fail i have to stay another year parents home which i dont want. dad pressures me to study and i know that even i start study from now on i'll fail. so i'm just depressed


Do you have a library or somewhere nearby you can go to study? Study can become escapism if you go for long enough, but reaching that point is hard if you do it in your bedroom. 39 days is a long time sushi, you can definitely pass by then.


I tend to lurk


File: 1589835185825.jpg (83.29 KB, 569x587, 1559425148198.jpg)

Lurking is nice but posting is even more fun! Try it out sushi roll
Ah man I hate loneliness dreams. They always make me not want to get out of bed.


File: 1589836586653.jpg (294.33 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0004.jpg)

Something happened and we have silly amounts of posts now. Or am I just seeing things.


File: 1589836860775.png (1.63 MB, 1100x1387, e3f9b518e1eeb10760d7ae14e7….png)

It seems something did indeed happen. I can't comment on your eyesight though.


File: 1589836881151.jpg (356.26 KB, 526x628, 1469584700369-2.jpg)

There a thread on >>>/yakuza/ about it.


File: 1589846111629.jpg (42.01 KB, 206x206, 0dc8f21ec169a9ab7ddcefd2d9….jpg)

Hello. My weekend is just beginning. I'm gonna use all my time to prepare some stuff to present on monday so wish me luck!!!



Hello my brother/sister. We are one except you go to university and I go to college. Also, you've probably not been in uni for longer than I have. Life has been a dream. It was about three years since I've gotten my first job, and I'm 24. It's been almost 6 years since I had graduated.

Know that you are not alone, and I will be cheering for you in spirit here, on my own. I don't know you enough to gauge your likelihood of succeeding, but I know that this life is too beautiful to stay dormant and stagnant. To stay stagnant is to wait for death. Don't wait for death. Don't try to rush death either.


Good luck, sushi!


File: 1589897971130.jpg (15.57 KB, 400x276, t.jpg)

thank you sushis, you really lift my spirit and motivated me.
ill try my best for the remaining days ;w;


File: 1589908745297.jpg (98.09 KB, 850x850, __cirno_touhou_drawn_by_bo….jpg)

You can do it, good luck!


File: 1589908954917.jpeg (78.62 KB, 450x534, 1559592611812.jpeg)

Thanks I was late a day and only really managed to get things together 30 minutes before my presentation but I still managed to impress.

Good luck!


File: 1589949334024.jpeg (92.76 KB, 557x551, images.jpeg)

I've been neglecting this thread, I always chicken out before actually sending my post.
I have found new books, I accumulate books on geometry and subjects and I keep the best ones around but I barely get to read them. I want to read them in parallel (well, concurrently), though I keep adding more and more to the list. I don't even know what it is (Or if it even exists) but I feel there's a hidden thread in the topics I am looking into, something that's somehow going to emerge from the combined knowledge of all of them. But I have to actually make the effort to understand all that stuff. It's really easy for me to get stuck on a hard excercise, proof, whatever.


I ate some red lentil curry, basmati rice, and some naan. I ate so much, I went into a deep sleep for 5 hours and was still full. It's 6 AM now and I'm finally hungry again, so it's oatmeal time. The curry was good, but it was super thick. It was like tomato paste, and the tomato paste in it made it a little too sweet. Still really good, of course.


Wow I haven't been here since like January. I was hyper productive in April but started burning out this month. Recently I've just been playing terraria with the boys on master mode. Wonderful game to get lost in honestly.


File: 1589994175053.jpg (70.63 KB, 1000x563, 01bfce2ce4ead5aa53cff58f0a….jpg)

Hello again sushi. It's 3:01 AM my time and I'm starting to get sleepy, I've ruined my sleep schedule yet again. I was playing Symphony of the Night for a few hours, I'm enjoying it so far. I'll be alternating between that and Person 3 FES.


That's some great games, sushi.
I haven't finished my p3p yet, and the save file is a year and a half old.


File: 1590000411917.jpg (72.08 KB, 764x1024, 2e25fc0e925739fbdfafbc0cf6….jpg)

yammu#3290 uwu!!!


File: 1590004689360-0.jpg (51.54 KB, 540x683, 124fa3859fc9f700db87c660cd….jpg)

File: 1590004689360-1.jpg (208.02 KB, 1100x636, 1509637423756.jpg)

Yesterday a dog trotted up and smelled my foot. The owner called him Otis. I thought it was a good name.

I had a list of goals for the future before, but I had the same problem. They were too numerous and too unrealistic. Plus, were those goals really what I wanted? I think at the core of it all, I just wanted to find the happiness in achieving something. So I decided to empty the list and just try to find happiness instead


I stayed up until 6AM replaying Dark Souls 1. It was fun.
I miss having a dog, they really help me with being lonely and lazy. Sadly I can't feasibly have one where I live now.
>So I decided to empty the list and just try to find happiness instead
Admirable attitude.


File: 1590007537030.png (393.1 KB, 640x480, (AC) Ashita no Nadja Ep 26….png)

hello sushirolls, im kinda new and enjoying my time here very much so far, this is a nice comfy place. how has your day been?


File: 1590009627393.jpg (1.91 MB, 2592x1944, IMG_20200520_161511.jpg)

This may look silly but I'm making a buckyball with sticks (that's cardboard joining the vertices). Thus far I have 2 out of 12 parts I need to do. The whole proces of cutting out the vertices is a bit complicated, I construct the angles with ruler and compass and cut them out, glue them and then I glue the sticks.


File: 1590011337607.jpg (204.36 KB, 725x1000, __hatoba_tsugu_hatoba_tsug….jpg)

I have visited a friend today and ended up staying at their place for way more than I expected to.
Said friend just dumped their medical history on me, which really drained me.
Collected some things from the postbox, not gonna unpack them today. The kitchen's a mess. Zzz…


File: 1590018131933.png (209.16 KB, 558x407, ChinoLikesTrees.png)

I was really off today and couldn't bring myself to pay attention to anything I had going on without feeling overwhelmed. But after a bit of meditation, I was actually calm! I think my brain needed a break from everything I was feeding it. This is the first time I've been what I call happy all week. Enjoy life and don't overbook yourself, sushis!


File: 1590021236642.jpg (291.54 KB, 1080x1662, yuki77mi EXtXlIxU8AARoxe.jpg)

This was a very entertaining read. Keep us updated on the progress!


File: 1590024164637.jpg (210.7 KB, 1397x2048, 1hk1dppi4gn31.jpg)

Morning sushi. Managed to wake up before midday, so that's good. I've got no real plans for today other than to not eat unhealthy and maybe practice a bit more Japanese.


How do I meditate? Do I just close my eyes and try to think of nothing?


File: 1590027625331.png (356.9 KB, 640x480, 1553989673510.png)


Just close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Easier to think of nothing if you focus on something. Time will move very slow, so 5 minutes is a good duration for beginners.


File: 1590082845154.gif (435.05 KB, 500x280, pouring-green-tea.gif)


I put a switch game up for reservation to pick up after work and with tax it cost 90$ CAD. My monopoly money is so worthless…


File: 1590094611586.png (773.4 KB, 800x592, __diamond_houseki_no_kuni_….png)

Wasting 4th hour in a row on being sad. I've done nothing of value, just have been sad and regretful. It keeps repeating, I hate it.


File: 1590097784460.jpg (1.13 MB, 2592x1944, IMG_20200521_164453.jpg)

I'm still doing the buckyball. Right now I made a bunch of vertices to glue the sticks to. Here they are, they're made by constructing 2 hexagons and a pentagon on a piece of cardboard, resulting in a total angle of 349 degrees. That's why they're convex. I call them "chalupas" after a regional dish. Anyway I ran out of cardboard so I'll have to be happy with a portion of the ball for now.
Thanks for minding my post sushi!


you probably slept through the show


File: 1590109450817.jpg (11.57 KB, 208x229, 1352515884783.jpg)

HAHAHAHA I've been watching this thread for WEEKS and I've never posted in it. YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO.


File: 1590109600803.jpg (144.74 KB, 1280x720, a9887b74d8d295991bb00ed4f5….jpg)

How can you sleep at night you monster


File: 1590122236997.jpg (172.78 KB, 1000x973, _5656abe7ba9a25978404fae4….jpg)

こんにちは!Hello again sushi! Another mostly unproductive day planned, still NEETing it out until uni starts in July for me. I'm making a curry cabbage stew in the slow cooker, I did a bit of the Spanish course on Duolingo and will practice a bit more Japanese later on today. I'm learning Español, Norsk and Japanese/にほんごて (slowly). I'm just listening to music at the moment though.


i make the write of bad word


ur gonna get banned dude


File: 1590152391686.jpg (139.17 KB, 1200x675, 2d-meets-3d-8.jpg)

Alright so far, I guess. I embarrassed myself on the high street though. There's a health food shop which has set up their counter at the front entrance, so all interactions with the customers take place on the street just outside. Anyway, I asked for some things but only when they came back with them did I realise that they only take card due to virus worries, and I had only brought cash. So I had to leave empty-handed. Oh well.

Konnichiwa to you too, sushi. I am also planning to make a slow cooker recipe today, which I will serve to my family tomorrow. It will be chilli black bean stew, which is delish. Haven't put cabbage in the slow cooker before but it sounds good!


Hello seatside restauranteurs of this fine sushi establishment, today I did exceptional work yet again.


File: 1590186450614.jpeg (158.56 KB, 840x906, osakahappy1.jpeg)

Hello sushis, I'm just here to lurk again today. Have a cute osaka pic.


This is my first post here. Your website looks nice.


File: 1590192774179.jpg (316.83 KB, 1254x1254, 74011929_p0.jpg)

Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here


I'm done with the semester! I'm so ready to be lazy!


File: 1590197825236.jpg (23.21 KB, 500x562, living_the_dream.jpg)

Time to live the dream


File: 1590200170500.jpg (102.44 KB, 900x900, 7627095.jpg)

こんにちは。 Hallo. Hola. I woke up just before midday today, last night I decided to mess around with the basic concepts of HTML just because. Going to practice a bit more Japanese on Memrise then probably go back into bed and watch anime. It's constantly raining right now so it's really comfy but mentally I feel like shit so that's the pay off.


File: 1590210086900.jpg (1.68 MB, 2279x1632, onna no ko-4.jpg)

Just visiting, so I'll pop in and say Hi.

I haven't done my Anki reps for the last two weeks, because of drunkenings. I feel bad about that, but not as bad as last time I lapsed. Getting used to it I guess. At least I know now that a few thousand reviews don't really make all that much difference in the long term.

I don't look in here often for some reason, but it's always nice to see you still looking well.


File: 1590223573850.gif (1.67 MB, 299x216, Punk funny.gif)

Sorry sushis, I've come plenty of times but I always forget to post here, that said it's not like I don't read everything that goes on here with the current speed, from the buckyball sushi, the switch game sushi to the cutie studying and the new and old sushis just taking a look.

In any case here's for another nice weekend!


File: 1590232725181.gif (9.76 KB, 150x225, 1587787025-0.gif)

don't think about it


File: 1590233528647.jpg (116.72 KB, 676x298, 78190b44e77ea2bba70f546ab4….jpg)

I always pass this thread without saying anything because I never have anything to say.


File: 1590233879159.png (14.9 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Turns out there's an old deity who lives in / is a river near my house. He's been there since before the roman occupation apparently, I assume it was them who anthropomorphised him though.


File: 1590238243202.jpg (337.79 KB, 1000x1000, EVe9wLBUYAErpzk.jpg)

Slow cookers are one of the best inventions known to man.

It's impossible, you can say what you had for dinner, for example. Don't worry too much!


I spent way too much money on take out sushi the other day but it was really good. Also my sleep schedule has been mega weird, I hope I'm not falling into depression.
Best of luck on the studying.


Finally some free time.


I'm in the same boat, although it's also partially because some days I end up checking this site every few minutes because I can't think of anything else to do, so I'd end up spamming this thread if I posted every time.


File: 1590274062128.jpg (85.22 KB, 736x1040, 2e8dbf3e0e995c7ef323665deb….jpg)

Maybe if you find his real name you'll get a dragon BF.


Maybe it was unwise to post that out of context but it was a screenshot from shinchou yuusha, not some ryona hentai.


File: 1590279600619.jpg (102.81 KB, 750x1334, FdZtGCQ.jpg)

Hallo mine sushi venner. I'm going grocery shopping today, going to make a mushroom stew of some kind. It's really cold here (by Australian standards), I'll be practicing some more Norwegian and Japanese today when I get back from the shops.


File: 1590285275915.pdf (294.72 KB, 1997_Tea and Health a hist….pdf)

Just working on some research and reading up on stuff that catches my interest. Here's a short paper from 1997 on the history and health of tea. I did not know tea drinking was correlated with lower risk of heart disease/stroke.

Just came back from the beach. A pretty nice weekend indeed.

You're learning Norwegian? What's your favorite thing about the language?

I think I understand the sentiment. There is pressure to only say interesting things. When sending messages to friends, I only get back short replies. I figure I am not giving enough interesting information for them to be engaged.

But here, there is a celebratory culture about mundane everyday life. So even if you don't have anything interesting to say, say it! Maybe you skipped on breakfast because you were too lazy and woke up late. Maybe you think your room is getting messier but you still can't be bothered to clean it still. Maybe the sky is looking paler than usual. Please post, it really helps keep /lounge/ lounging around.


File: 1590304177631.jpg (119.9 KB, 900x1121, 7412783.jpg)

The similarities to English lol. I actually enjoy picking up ways in which languages like Norwegian and Spanish are similar to English despite them being significantly different from each other, as much as two western European languages can be.


I've already screwed up one exam, four more to go!


File: 1590347553192.png (189.91 KB, 500x494, 1572996680864.png)

I just watched a 12 hour longplay. This is stupid, I have work to do.


File: 1590349238271.jpg (196.55 KB, 2048x1536, anime.jpg)

Visiting for the first time, wish it were more active.


It's pretty active for a small board I'd say


A regular, wish it was less active.


File: 1590363025235.jpg (288.27 KB, 1037x1450, 67070735_p0.jpg)

Very productive day.


I think I can say we've all been in that situation. What game?


I took a very scenic drive today and got some nice gin at the liquor store. I am now going to retire to bed early. Pleasant day


File: 1590442622659.jpg (400.33 KB, 1600x1200, ENLOCWXUYAAlfrg orig.jpg.jpg)

Another productive day.


File: 1590442963718.gif (1.73 MB, 540x540, 1590199771515.gif)

Greetings Sushi,
Signed up for a few jobs, did some studying, and gonna clean up later.


Evening sushirolls, I got my beard trimmed today, and I was surprised at how it turned out. I actually don't look like a homeless drug addict for once, which is good.


It was Undertale genocide route.
It should have been way shorter but the guy took 5 hours on the final boss.


I should do the same.
Especially the moustache, I keep chewing it all day


I really need to get a beard trim as well, but the only lady I trust to do it still has her business closed. I hope she's still around after things open up around here.


File: 1590483265703.png (609.78 KB, 847x1200, 1579959519078.png)

Hello again sushi. Been practicing a bit of Japanese on Memrise today. Haven't actually done anything productive though.


File: 1590483834221.jpg (189.87 KB, 850x1219, 7542206.jpg)

I also don't think I have what it takes to learn Japanese. Not like I'll ever be able to move there and even if I did I wouldn't fit in, it would just be for weeb reasons like anime, manga and video games. I'm also spreading myself too thin with regards to language learning since I'm extremely indecisive. Although it's highly doubtful I'd ever visit another country anyway and the likelihood of actually getting a job overseas and moving is virtually non-existent.


I fixed my typewriter the other day. It was messed up for a couple weeks, but I figured it out on my own and that makes me happy.


You can do it sushi! Who cares what are the reasons? As long as you enjoy it. But it does take a lot of time, learning vocabulary for the most part. But the feeli g of understanding a bit more each time is really dope.
Also you don't know the future, I may very well feel just like you but I choose to hope otherwise.
Learning chinese is sometimes quite hard, but I like to think the rewards are proportional to the effort needed.
Do it sushi! You've got nothing to lose


Good morning sushi. I had a really weird dream I wanted to share:

From what I remember, it started with me waking up in the middle of the night, and feeling hungry. So I got in my car and drove through some kind of city. It was really well lit, but it was entirely and eerily empty. I ended up inside a completely empty parking garage, still really well lit (I don't know why the lighting was so memorable), and got lost inside it and for some reason started getting really paranoid about the police finding me for being somewhere I shouldn't. Eventually I got to a huge door that opened for me automatically, and it led out into a kind of plaza with a gas station and some other stores. Once again everything was totally deserted and I went into the gas station (nothing was on the shelves here) and found an old Nintendo DS. Inside it was Pokemon Soul Silver in the DS cart slot and the original Pokemon Gold in the GBA cart slot (weird since I don't think the DS could play GBC games). Behind the counter I found stacks of dozens of copies of Pokemon Gold and for some reason I decided to take them all with me, and threw it all into a plastic bag before returning back to my car and driving away.

That's about where I woke up but it was a really creepy dream in a strange way so I wanted to share it.


This is the first time replying to to one of these threads after seeing them for so long, hi!
For a long time, I've had an interest in obscure and/or weird stuff, specifically within the realm of music and videogames. These interests lead me to get into Japanese stuff, due to the wealth of interesting music and games specifically Japan has and continues to produce due to doujin culture. I've now only recently gotten more into anime and mange, and I now want to learn Japanese considering how much stuff I'm missing out on by not learning the language, but it seems really daunting, and I have no clue when to start or if I'll have the time to do so. I also feel that I'm being to much of a weeb by just focusing on Japan and looking at other countries, but idk. There's just too much stuff to do.


What kinda music do you like? Japan has a really great amount of good music that I've really gotten into in the past few years.


File: 1590505939198.png (3.62 MB, 2704x3744, bbf1ae7cb6d57e15a31e552274….png)

I have more in common w/ Toa Narumi than I thought. We're both snarky lazy technophiles who seldom leave the house, buy groceries online, and share a love for potatoes and being praised. She's a great role model and lover~


It is important to stay in touch with your inner anime girl


Woke up pretty depressed, but managed to get out of it. Eating a tasty hambaaga helped.
I think I'm going to go for a walk soon, the weather's too nice to be ignored.


Glad to hear it, enjoy your walk. I kind of want a burg too, that burger thread is getting in my head.


I like a lot of the electronic, pop, and experimental stuff Japan has made.
Here are some Japanese tracks I like, some very popular and some very obscure:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ms6Td6zWNqg (YMO is one of my fav bands)
Sorry for so many links, just wanted to show a good range of the stuff i like. Hopefully you find something here you like!


ah! for the second one I meant to post https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iAXclHlTTg but I guess that works to


I'm looking for a (true?) story I read years ago about a phone phreaker who found loads of slips of paper with phone numbers on in a bin or something, that's all I remember. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?


File: 1590525077564.jpg (63.54 KB, 640x360, homete.jpg)

Yes it was another productive day.


Didn't end up going for one after all. I dozed off for a couple for hours and still feel kinda dizzy after waking up…
That hambaaga thread's evil indeed, I tell you. It's not the first time I've craved hambaaga because of it.

Many such stories, probably. I think it was also mentioned in Kevin Mitnick's book as something he did when young.


File: 1590530512379.png (312.6 KB, 662x587, hakase.png)

Well done sushi. I wasn't really productive today, and am worryingly nonchalant about the exam I have tomorrow. It's my last one and all my motivation to study at home has left me.


File: 1590532862620.jpg (12.34 KB, 151x150, soul1.JPG)

i ordered a new monitor and office chair and neither have yet to be delivered. every time the expected delivery day arrives, i get nothing and the date is pushed back. pic unrelated because i am FUCKING PISSED.


File: 1590535363462.jpg (27.61 KB, 531x571, CLy4nmfUMAA3TFy.jpg)

Hello sushis. Today I sat outside in the sun with my cat and looked at firebugs. They are cute, but the main reason I look for them is because they are similar to my favourite insect, the black-and-red-bug (lygaeus equestris). I hope to see a lot of them this year. I came across a species of shield bug I had never seen before in the woods last week. There must have been 30 of them foraging but when I came back to the same spot yesterday they were all gone.
Insects scare me, but I observe them to learn their ways and appreciate them.


File: 1590550252149.png (338.67 KB, 1200x799, 7448985.png)

God ettermiddag sushi. Going to practice some more Norsk, Español and にほんご. Going to the grocery shop soon, I've got some lamb mince defrosted and going to use it to make taco mince, going to add cabbage to it to see how that works out. Besides that I have no real plans for the day, I woke up just past midday today though which isn't good.


File: 1590557727370.png (577 KB, 850x850, 1583161507975.png)

Just came back from a morning walk. Looking at the cloudy silver sky is pretty refreshing.


haiii :D


what's up, today i had my cat re-homed because i'm moving and can't bring him along. i've been hearing his meows in my head since i got back and i still leave my room carefully as if i'm avoiding accidentally stepping on him.

i'm happy i found him a place to live though


File: 1590571958649.jpg (562.08 KB, 2316x2316, 5c99ef639fafb93321ee6b91ed….jpg)

Do they sell game consoles with anime girls in them now?
Jokes aside sounds like a lovely day, hope your taco thingys come out great!
Early morning walks are the best.
Hello hi how are you?
Oh gosh, that sounds tough. I'm happy you found a place for your cat though and I wish him the best. Goodbyes are always so tough so do your best!


im back!!!


>Hello hi how are you?
im good. yourself?


Just got my first real haircut since quarantine ended! Have your barbershops opened yet, sushis?


File: 1590605329163.png (193.12 KB, 764x1200, x1.png)

Hi again. Currently I am trying to curb my internet addiction. I am also trying to be less selfish. Having a hard time with both though. Will take it easy.

There aren't any firebugs in my area, but there are June bugs/May beetles. Firebugs look pretty, sort of like ladybugs. Your post made me nostalgic of when I was younger and would collect bugs in a bucket around the yard. There was also a time where I got a stick and tricked ten or so ladybugs onto climbing onto it. Fun times.

Clouds are pretty nice aren't they? No matter where you are on earth you cannot escape their majestic breadth.

Yup! Though, I just want to avoid public spaces because I am at "high risk" and all. A family member is coming over soon to cut my hair.

I keep doing that too. I can't seem to start doing stuff until way past two o' clock. How were the tacos?


Sup sushis, it has been a rather unproductive day for me.
There aren't any barbershops near me sadly. Maybe I should learn to cut my own hair.


I too got my hair cut today, by me lady.
I wanted to study but my brain resisted. Ended up finding a cool book on the topic, though.


i'm happy a small imageboard like this exists, though maybe this is the first and last time i'll ever be here.


File: 1590658512633.jpg (461.17 KB, 1280x720, 4-gnl.jpg)

No, and sadly it doesn't look it's happening anytime soon. Tried to cut my hair today but it seems it wasn't enough and have to do a second round, hopefully I don't mess up and cut more than is necessary.

But why? Do you lose your memories every morning? Are you getting rid of internet vices? Don't have confidence finding your way back? Then again, if you already left you might never get to see these questions.


File: 1590673791771.png (914.54 KB, 1080x1920, 60307631_p0.png)

Hyper productive day amazing.

How did it go?
Welcome back.

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