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how have you sushis been adapting to online college? for me it's hard to focus because all I want to do is watch anime and play games all day, and then I end up staying up until 6am and not getting enough sleep for zoom class.


It's called discipline.


It's been difficult for me too. What I found helps is waking up early like a regular day (5-8am) and getting straight to work. I save all my hobby stuff until around 5pm so I don't cheat myself out of studying during the day. Some days I hop on and play some video games or surf the web to "take a break from all that studying" and next thing you know I've spent the whole day surfing the internet. It's really hard to control yourself especially when the computer is used for both work and play. That's why this past week I uninstalled all my games/steam/discord because finals are coming up and I can't afford to fail them. Lately though I've been reading YKK and Aria to fill the gaming void, but at least I can say I've been more productive than usual.


How to do discipline?


Pretty much exactly this. I have trouble concentrating in class - it's even worse when I'm at home in front of my PC. I too stay up way too long and I usually wake up 5 minutes before my lectures begin, so I whip out my phone while in bed and watch my lecture while being half asleep. It's baaaad man.


File: 1588770884031.jpg (54.51 KB, 640x448, 1587913366407.jpg)

I've been doing this except for work. Sign into the work VPN so they know I'm there and just doze off. It's a terrible habit.


File: 1589606739587.jpg (38.13 KB, 320x320, 1370669057804.jpg)

Me to, cant focus, keep barley turning things in on time and asking for extensions, thank goodness this semester is done for me, im going to take just a couple of low key classes this summer and just take things real slow and easy.


I'm finishing undergrad as a music student, and this semester's been absurd. I crammed a bunch of instruments in my apartment and did my entire senior recital live online. I hope that we manage to get back to real life by the end of the year, I don't want to start grad school with no live music.


File: 1589881016739.jpg (97.97 KB, 853x480, tenshi home.jpg)

My computer is very old and it's constantly in danger of overheating whenever teachers decide to use webcams or share their screen. Thankfully I already know mostly everything they're teaching so I can afford to block all video sharing. Otherwise, this is the kind of feature I always wished existed. No wasted time commuting, classes in the comfort of my home!


File: 1589905788214.gif (63.49 KB, 220x213, sssdf.gif)

It was rough at first, but due to site blockers+self help books.

Main tough spot is my power shut of and came back for as second out of the blue 10 minutes before my online final. I don't know what caused this, but I'm hoping it doesn't happen again


>No wasted time commuting, classes in the comfort of my home!
This is the best part for me, I never truly realized how much time I wasted commuting and just waiting in campus for the next class.

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