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File: 1587531185446.jpg (1.06 MB, 900x1440, 1586717002335.jpg)


I am a chronic lurker of image boards, when I first started visiting them over 10 years ago I took to heart the saying lurk more but now 10 years later I still am just a lurcker I do post very very rairly, I'd like to become a regular poster but know myself well enough that I probably never will.


I'm not a long time lurker like yourself, but I'd say I've done my fair share.

I'd like to hear what you think


I used to post more often, not I lurk for the m st part.
Often I begin a post then halfway through I close the tab and continue browsing or go elsewhere, in fact I was about to do that just now.


I do that too sushi. I write out posts… and then I just drop it. I'll edit what I've written for a few times over, sometimes taking thirty minutes, and then end up dropping it anyway since I've rambled on for too long. It's sort of a conflict between wanting to contribute quality posts and just wanting to interact with the community, with the former winning most of the time. Looks like I'll post this time.


I'm the same. I check on Sushi and a couple other boards regularly but it never occurs to me to post.
Sometimes I just don't have much to say, other times I'll start writing a reply but can't get it to the point where I think it's good enough to post.


Another chronic lurker here, like the others I want to make good quality posts but rarely feel that I've got anything worth saying.
I do this a lot too.


I do this, but mostly on boards more saturated with shitposting. At some point i just decide to drop it since I don't feel like dealing with more of such posting styles that day. I generally don't feel like this about smaller chans tho, they tend to attract a lot more niceposters.


Don't worry, most of the posters don't really mind what they are saying, that's why there so many low quality and hostile posts. There are very few posts worth reading and I think those mostly come from people like you, who lurk most of the times :)


Someone should make a board for all the lurkers to get together and practice posting!!


I hope some of the lurkers feel encouraged to post, this is a good site to do so because it lacks the silly environment of pretending you know stuff or feeling you have to insult others if they happen to be wrong.
It's closer to some of the good old forums back then, and that is great.


no way thats happening.

site would either be dead in two days or it would be infested with shitposters.

I would not say that is a bad idea tho, would definetly go there.

I wish i started hanging out on imageboards earlier. I feel like i missed out a lot.


File: 1587870343258.jpg (139.95 KB, 617x674, bernange.jpg)

At least this board seems much more friendly for posting on. Since I've never used image boards before this, if I went on a place like 4chan I'm afraid I'd get buried alive by getting called a newfag and who knows what else. I just like to look at 4chan indirectly through videos and images, but could never get myself to become an actual poster there since I'm far too intimidated. It also made me think all chan boards are like this, so I was surprised to find one with a userbase that doesn't seem so hostile.

I'm a chronic lurker on almost every site I'm on nowadays, so this one probably won't be any exception, but hopefully I can slowly get myself to post more too. Good luck to us OP.


Out of curiosity how did you find this site? Also I wouldn't worry about posting on sushi rollymous sites like this. Even if people are mean, you can just blow it off. People are also friendlier then you'd think.


/n/ (transportation), /trv/ (travel) and /c/ (cute anime girls) on 4chan are all super comfy.


File: 1587992466614.gif (1.96 MB, 500x231, riki.gif)

Most people online are lurkers. If I remember correctly there's a rule according to which 90% of internet users just lurk, 9% contribute and 1% create.
I post maybe 5 times a month eventhough I visit imageboards everyday, I only do so if I have something to bring to the thread.
This might be a reason sushichan is nearly dead, if every Sushi that comes here posted it could be a very active ib, I think.


not me. I've gone through a lot of phases in my posting career but I've been notorious in most communities I've joined just from my style or attitude. I usually got kicked out eventually. I was banned from 4chan some crazy amount, around 60+ and the ban message actually made note of that. there were times I was even permabanned but it lifted after a while from the router resetting or getting a router altogether. I'm kind of glad though since there's not much cringe posts from when I was younger around. it helps that I would regularly purge accounts after using them for a few months or so.


File: 1588393577088.jpg (29.73 KB, 225x350, 129659.jpg)



File: 1588408857723.png (302.33 KB, 994x560, Screenshot (15).png)

I realized the other day the reason this may be due to fear.
I think many lurkers are brought up where they either
a. don't believe in themselves or their critical thinking ability
b. are too afraid of being chastised

the latter reason was my first one I think - I remember feeling all flustered when someone first lay into me. Luckily we can close threads.

Eventually you can feel dull enough to start typing anything. Weird to see posts from 2 years ago.

And I'm sadly developing new reasons to no longer contribute:
c. exchanging letters between cracks in a prison eventually stops working, text isn't enough
d. there's no development. It renders your thoughts as an end. Nothing springs forth from a well intended post or a smug one liner. A rather boring way to live when there are no paths to take next. I guess there's this small idea that maybe you left a midday impression on the nightcrawlers.

on point d, I don't want to convince any strangers of what I believe. Do what you please :)

On another note, I think I kid myself sometimes, when I was younger, thinking there was a sage around. Just waiting for an opportunity to learn something when everything else was dry.

It's a delicate melancholy. To enter the same shop all of our lives and never cross paths.


I've been lurking on image boards for years now, and in that time I can count on one hand the number of times that I've posted


I think we should make an effort to post at least once a day on here. The more people post, the more people are willing to post.


Imagine watching an anime from 20 years ago that was obscure when it was released. Suddenly you want to talk about it, but everyone's already moved on long ago. That's how I feel about posting


I had never considered what you said in your point d, but it's very interesting. I think it also applies to most other social networks. There people post in order to get validation from others rather to actually discuss anything and the smug one liner will surely get more exposure there than the well intended post.
So maybe it's all online communities that are limited.

Agreed, that's the idea behind this thread >>6368 and it was very active until it reached bump limits.

Is there a reason for that?

Slow image boards like this one are perfect for that. They attracts people with niche interests and the threads stay active for a long time.


I have realised that I tend to post more when I have nothing going on in my life, when I spend the whole day browsing image boards for weeks. Maybe it's boredom then and also a feeling that I have something to say because my thinking process and the chans become one more or less. When I got something else to do I can't be bothered to reply, it doesn't seem to be worth the effort and also I feel somewhat as an outsider to image boards then because I only check like once a day for maybe half an hour or less.


that is unbelievably sad. if thats more than just a metaphor, what anime?


File: 1589930242463.jpg (880.1 KB, 1191x1684, 4e2990a61d2e941e54f38f05a4….jpg)

The quieter a board is, the more thought I put into my posts to the point that I start over 2-5 times or just give up altogether. I'm on my 4th version of this post. I can't imagine how much prep starting and maintaining a blog would require.

There's a more simplistic rule out there that 95% of the users do 5% of the work. Twitter popularized that one, but it generalizes very well.


File: 1589931623507.png (220.5 KB, 429x637, 1547949052262.png)

>the more thought I put into my posts to the point that I start over 2-5 times or just give up altogether. I'm on my 4th version of this post.


File: 1589934212434.jpg (101.29 KB, 1024x768, 1582898879778.jpg)

>I only do so if I have something to bring to the thread.
This is more or less why I just stay quiet. That and I think my posts are not that great to be honest. You see I'm not very good at with words so even if I want to chip in my thoughts in a conversation I just mess everything up. Every post I make on /int/ kills a thread.

So I tend to take it personally when sushis complain about the deteriorating state of imageboards, and that I'm among the crowd responsible for that. Well, of course, that's not to say this is the reason for everyone else, but that's how it is from my perspective.


File: 1589934989245.png (7.95 MB, 788x1050, __hatsuseno_alpha_yokohama….png)

Would you believe me if I told you I feel the same thing? I always feel like I'm actually making a fool out of myself and people can see I'm awkward even through the way I type.


File: 1589938796677.jpg (593.19 KB, 1023x1600, Z11.jpg)

>You see I'm not very good at with words so even if I want to chip in my thoughts in a conversation I just mess everything up.
>I always feel like I'm actually making a fool out of myself and people can see I'm awkward even through the way I type.
Make that three of us. To fix this, I always try to write posts with a clear point. I also use a lot of single syllable words to sound less awkward. (On a side note, I'm a native English speaker…)

I've been trying to post more often too, but sometimes I can't help but be a poor writer. I spent about thirty minutes making this post.

>I start over 2-5 times or just give up altogether.
I do this too. I think Sushichan attracts a certain personality.


Seems this is a common thing on imageboards. I have the opposite problem weirdly enough where I post without thinking and then sometimes regret it. Thank gosh for the delete function


File: 1589975720771.jpg (189.87 KB, 850x1226, __hatoba_tsugu_hatoba_tsug….jpg)

I'm not a native English speaker, which contributes to my fear of being exposed for being dumb. And even if my message's precise, I feel like I don't bring much value to the conversation, or ask around too much…

I sometimes post right away just because I want to be a part of conversation, then delete my post because I want to rephrase what I said to be understood better.
On the other hand, I often either don't post at all, or think about my message for a long time.

The best advice seems to be "just post, even if it's going to be bad". Can't even imagine how many interesting people I didn't get to talk with just because they only lurk.


File: 1590122446271.jpg (70.24 KB, 2048x1536, 9zpe7o88hkl31.jpg)

I mostly just post in the Pop in and say hi! thread.


File: 1590158579868.jpg (174.7 KB, 920x1200, 1566726391591.jpg)

i've been lurking for more or less 9 years now. like (i assume) most people, i started full time on /b/ before visiting other boards.
i almost always never post because the few times that i do post, nobody seems to be interested in what i'm saying or some that do, hurl insults at me. i'm too thin-skinned and every bit of insult affects me (hate pvp games because of this too).
an example would be sometime last january: i posted in the regular buyf/a/g threads in /a/ and talked about this figure i just bought that some sushi roll convinced me was good. when i got the figure i was kinda disappointed by the QC and the paint job so i posted it on the thread with matching pics such as parts where the sculpting is supposed to be separate and more. i think out of the four replies i got, one was from the sushi roll who rec'd it to me who apologized for my misfortune and that his figure was okay, and the rest was just people calling me an autist for noticing blemishes on it, or complaining about how i was complaining. to the sushi roll who replied me well, i do in kind, and for the others, i ignore them. but even if i did, some bad feelings still linger with me even as i close the thread.
even if some mishaps happen with it, i still lurk everyday. every now and then, you would get to meet some cool sushi rolls who (surprisingly) talks like a regular person, unlike the usual buzzwords-spouting posters.
also, posting may be too hard for me haha. i've probably deleted and rewritten more than four paragraphs already in this post alone, and i am still contemplating whether what i wrote was good enough for the regular posters/lurkers. but might as well eh.


File: 1590165631329.jpg (176.58 KB, 850x1119, __kino_and_hermes_kino_no_….jpg)


I'm >>7455
and I think you've summed up my fear of "being exposed to be dumb" quite well, too. That's exactly the thing of think I'm usually feeling.

It's quite amazing you got the original sushi roll who rec'd it to you to respond and that they were still there. Then again, maybe /a/'s userbase's pretty stable, so it's easier to encounter the same people. I wonder what figure it was?

I see nothing bad with your post and it's interesting enough not to ignore it.


File: 1590166182684.png (3 MB, 1730x1870, __shima_rin_yurucamp_drawn….png)

kind of thing*

Yup, that's about it, the kind of thing that makes me look dumb when I post fast just because I found something to reply to…


File: 1590173862297.jpg (329.14 KB, 1605x903, El3wbio.jpg)

This site favors comfy posting over rude posting. That being said, remember the true golden rule of 4chan, you're sushi rollymous! It doesn't matter what anyone calls you, no one knows who you are, so you can just ignore what they're calling you and pretend like it never happened. You could go to another thread and no one would know that you're the newfag who said that dumb thing that one time. Social media like twitter is FAAAAAAAR worse than 4chan! The level of toxic behavior is exactly the same as 4chan (if not worse), but unlike on 4chan, the threads on twitter don't disappear after a few hours, and you have an account connected to you so people can see what you've posted before and use it against you. So yeah, don't feel too bad if people call you mean things on 4chan. Just be glad it's not happening on twitter or something! Or you know, you can just stay here and comfy post with us!


File: 1590176918187.jpg (618.93 KB, 951x1600, s11.jpg)

>don't feel too bad if people call you mean things on 4chan.
I got used to doing that. But I left 4chan for good because I realized I would post and consciously choose not to check back on the replies. I knew it would only have uncomfy replies and I'd just end up ignoring it anyway. Why post if 90% of the replies you get you have to ignore? It's like >>7504 where the actual conversation was drowned out. It's not that comfy.

>Social media like twitter is FAAAAAAAR worse than 4chan!

As for twitter, I have no idea because I've never made a twitter account. If it really is as bad as 4chan, it's a good thing I've never touched it (with the exception of going through Pixiv artist's… err, what's the word? Twitter feed?)


File: 1590187056137.jpg (88.25 KB, 748x561, shuka_beach.jpg)

I'm a lurker, too.
I spent so much time typing and retyping posts I would never submit that I eventually decided to start writing posts only for myself. Instead of submitting them, I'd save them to a word file or post them on an imageboard I run on my local server. If there's no audience or pressure, I can write a post in five minutes that might otherwise take me days. Now when I see a thread I could potentially contribute to, I usually don't feel the temptation because I've already written that post many times before. For example, I've written variations of this post hundreds of times over the last five years.
Posting is not very fun if you take a long time to formulate yourself like I do. If there are no replies or some replies are negative, it feels like all the effort and time spent on that post were wasted. My brother laughed at me once because he found the idea of caring whether your posts were worth submitting or not completely foreign. I guess that's the attitude you need to survive on the fast imageboards, but personally I need at least a month to mull over whether I should leave a reply or not.


File: 1590191003896.jpg (206.37 KB, 528x814, __original_drawn_by_aikei_….jpg)

One can build a bubble on Twitter, which is both a good and bad thing.
More precisely, one can willingly choose not to engage in any drama, more or less, just interact with a select group of people under some pseudonym. Or lock their account down completely, just follow the artists.

Putting in effort and getting nothing out of it is one of the worst feelings.


File: 1590194237499.webm (2.65 MB, 853x480, quality post.webm)

Don't think!
Just post!


File: 1590208853343.jpg (87.08 KB, 600x900, its pic related.jpg)

thanks for the feedback sushi roll! maybe i should get out of my comfort zone and at least try to post something if i could contribute to the discussion.
sometimes, i just don't like being called out for something that i'm not even guilty of. a recent example would be "reddit spacing". i liked posting with a space between my paragraphs similar to how you format your replies, but for some reason you get slammed for doing that on most boards (well the boards i browse anyway on 4chan).
the buyf/a/g threads are pretty much made up of the same people judging on what sushi rolls post when asked to post their pre-orders, save for the occasional newbie asking questions which everyone then lambastes with "the guide". oh and the figure was a semiramis scale.

a very relevant situation to this happened sometime one to two weeks ago. it was an /a/nime discussion and some sushi roll typed out a well thought-out, polite, and kinda interesting view on the subject (forgot what anime it was). after his reply, were the usual suspects (e.g "why did she do it bros?", waifuposting, mudslinging). i later checked the thread again after work and found out he only had one reply which went something like "i know you probably typed something very interesting, but since nobody replied to you, i'm not reading it."
i felt bad for the sushi roll since he was probably probing for a decent discussion but the bait-tier posts got all the attention.


4chan is a pretty bad place to try to have a real or meaningful conversation, sadly.


File: 1590236370011.png (1.5 MB, 2018x1345, __shima_rin_yurucamp_drawn….png)

See, you've made a second interesting post in a row. It's just 4chan and places like these skewing your perspective of things.
It is true your post will sometimes not get replied to, but there's still a bigger chance of it happening on "slow"/comfy boards.

>reddit spacing

I probably do the same, for readability (and because it comes from Markdown, which I actively use at work, so I'm used to it). I have never even used reddit, but would be accused of doing so anyway.
But yeah, people on 4chan will often jump on you for that. Yet another way to make you feel "dumb".

>i know you probably typed something very interesting, but since nobody replied to you, i'm not reading it.

Now that's harsh… It's like it's only (You)'s that count there.
I often wonder why is it that most places nowadays don't care for valuable conversation? Sometimes when I join some public place I find out that a day of it functioning makes about the amount of content that one *post* on Sushichan has.

Fate has some great character designs and high quality figurines, obviously… I love the detail, especially on the dress.

How about making a thread on the newly created /otaku/ if you feel like it? I don't know much about figurines, but I'd probably want to look at them at least.


File: 1590247519622.jpg (71.73 KB, 1000x1177, 1511978414494.jpg)

I feel bad for being that guy who doesn't post anything interesting but I'm just going to say that Semiramis is hella fucking hot, that Apocrypha was shit, and that the lack of good porn or even fanart of Semiramis is a cardinal sin


File: 1590255243186.jpg (169.27 KB, 900x1273, __makinami_mari_illustriou….jpg)

When I see Fate's character designs, I sometimes regret not being into it. Not to mention the anime series are usually well made, too.


File: 1590258179095.jpg (274.88 KB, 993x1021, 1489804226115.jpg)

>well made
High production values, maybe. Or really, no, it was pretty much just Zero and UBW with the production values. Apocrypha, Last Encore, and Babylonia were all pretty garbage both budgetwise and plotwise. Cute girls though.

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