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File: 1574575756280.png (491.79 KB, 876x876, 12378912478.png)

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I'd like to give this a try here.

Every time you visit https://sushigirl.us leave a reply in this thread.


What if I don't want to?


It's okay if you don't. But I figure it's more interesting than to scroll and wait.

Right now I hear the torrent of the storm outside. Heavy rainfall needs to happen more.


Hello fellow rolls, this is my first post as a long time lurker.

It's quite windy outside here.


I visit this site nearly daily. It's nice to read some comfy melancholic feelings because it makes me feel a little less lonely about the whole living affair.

It's pitch black looking out my window. I should get some sleep.


Team up with the universe.


Visiting daily as well, really comfy and interesting stuff to read and see


Is it cold wind? Sounds refreshing.

Sometimes the cold scares enough to stay inside though. Almost as if I'm afraid what'll happen if I wake up enough.


it's rainy outside, perfect for staying in and doing indoors stuff


Posting from eLinks.
Been browsing about in text mode while writing in a journal.
Still figuring out what to do with the rest of the day.


What do you see from your window when it isn't pitch black?


I have a basement apt with blackout curtains. But it's fine, I have nice art and go jogging in the woods often. I've been listening to this:
It's nice.


Going through things one step at a time is good, even if the steps you're taking feel too small to be worth it.


File: 1574638411444.png (775.31 KB, 680x540, 1561552252308.png)

First time visiting in months.


Nice mix, really good for studying.


File: 1574648135641.jpg (267.15 KB, 2591x3624, urajirogashi EJ05rxcU4AAk-….jpg)

I usually check the sushi one last time before going to sleep.
Late hours on Sunday night is the best time: there's usually a surge of posts around now. Helps ease up my mood soured by the imminent 8 A.M. classes.


I've long since covered my window with tinfoil. Cheaper and better than and blackout blinds.


… aaand I couldn't wake up either way.
This sucks.


File: 1574705300654.jpg (22.9 KB, 411x354, 1549753389403.jpg)

I am tired and want to sleep but better not


It's just the front of where I live, nothing special. Nice blue sky though.


Where is the staircase?


File: 1574724116306.jpg (7.85 MB, 5184x3456, IMG_0281.JPG)

What are good things to keep in mind, sushies?


File: 1574739436769.jpg (102.2 KB, 667x930, Dyn3WCcVAAEoaYo.jpg)



File: 1574756849238.jpg (149.83 KB, 762x1127, 76888096_2636076166453108_….jpg)

I will post here only once, but I visit sushi every day.


visit every few days or so, reply less often but its nice to read


Bumpin' while sushi




I just came to say hello! Helloh-oh-oh!


Is tranny legs in underwear your signature or something.


Visting after extensive tea time


File: 1574880149674.jpg (92.48 KB, 1080x1350, 70493582_2649717748422283_….jpg)

my signature is actually facebook file naming


I'll take that as a yes.


I really want to programm, waering these. That code would be tight.


What is the deal with programming socks? I don't get the association at all!! What do socks have to do with programming???


I've heard it optimizes blood flow from your legs which helps focus on coding tasks.




ah ah ooh ah yes baby ahhhha hah ah


i like eggrolls


File: 1575156301757.jpg (27.84 KB, 356x468, not-good-computer.jpg)

Thanksgiving has passed, but I'm thankful for you sushi rolls. It's nice that in the chaotic shitflinging world of altchans there's somewhere to just kick back and take it easy.


Yesterday, I had a bath. Having soaked in the hot water for around half an hour, I stood up fairly quickly to grab some soap. You know when you stand up too quickly and your vision goes, as if you were about to faint? A severe episode of that happened to me. When I regained proper visual awareness, I was sitting in the water facing the opposite way to how I expected myself to be orientated.

What's really weird about episodes like that is that you don't see 'blackness', you just don't see anything. Your vision has no colour - there's no data whatsoever coming in. I wonder if that's what it's like to be blind.




File: 1575225297329.jpg (1.16 MB, 944x1228, koume_kurisumasu.jpg)

finally the comfy season has come

I will be doing a lot of /kitchen/ stuff the next weeks, so stay tuned for a post here and there!


File: 1575263486868.png (119.45 KB, 480x810, 29a190ba498f3150c5872ea6a5….png)

Merry Christmas everyone! It's not snowing here, but I am enjoying the rain. This is the first time I've been here in 10 or so months, and I'm glad this place is still kicking.


File: 1575295800530.jpg (148.97 KB, 884x708, yukko.jpg)

>This is the first time I've been here in 10 or so months, and I'm glad this place is still kicking.
Me too. Sushichan is surprisingly resilient, and has also mostly managed to keep alive a comfy atmosphere. That's a pretty big achievement on the interwebz these days. Long live Sushichan!


File: 1575313928913.png (682.24 KB, 1365x607, 1368382251878.png)

i have never watched lain, yet i love


File: 1575339287614.jpg (145.63 KB, 708x900, doroposting.jpg)

I usually visit once a month, given the post rate. This place makes me very happy though.

I hope everyone is having a good day


File: 1575350258771.png (347.54 KB, 1258x830, Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at ….png)

my first time here. always nice to find comfy little niches on the internet.


I'm here


File: 1575395662824.png (197.04 KB, 381x495, image0-3.png)

just checking in after a good while, nice to see theres still a semi-active amount of ppl posting :3




File: 1575492989248.jpg (46.71 KB, 703x480, j0nuczcoirx01.jpg)



Any insightful books on language, which are not language specific? I mean something that elucidates the structure of language (or someting along that line) but that's not specific to english grammar or etymology, or history.
Thanks for your answer


File: 1575506760910.jpg (1.74 MB, 1000x1400, World.Calling.full.1362175.jpg)

I haven't been here in a few weeks. Actually, I was just stopping by one last time before I block imageboards for the next three years, as this is one of the few places I will really miss.
See you all next week.


Been dark the past few days, puts a small damper on the emotions.

Still beats summer by a long shot.


I got a cold so i'm trying to take it easy, That's surprisingly hard partially because i feel guilt not hitting the gym.

The upside is when i'm back training i will remember why i enjoy it so much.


File: 1575543741988-0.jpg (230.79 KB, 900x598, 1302117341617.jpg)

File: 1575543741988-1.jpeg (156.03 KB, 840x613, sp19-t8.jpeg)

File: 1575543741988-2.jpg (18.82 KB, 255x255, 1500814768341.png.jpg)


what a good day it is! I feel as happy as
豆腐ちゃん! i just drank me a huge cup o coffee with some toast ( i like bread verr much). em breve, tipo esse fds, eu vou me mudar de
サンパウロ, do qual sou morador há 10 anos, para o interior do estado, bem no meio de um parque florestal com a maior quantidade de cavernas do mundo! i am happy and excited!


File: 1575543859593.jpg (14.89 KB, 273x185, oncapintada.jpg)

that means no more /nightwalks/ unless i want to get eaten by


File: 1575549617080.jpg (64.2 KB, 638x641, 1574227975369.jpg)

Haven't dropped around here in what seems like forever.


And of course I messed up and quoted someone


File: 1575553302910.jpg (110.44 KB, 600x475, martal arts.jpg)

Haven't been here in a while


This chan is so comfy. It's a pity that the Board Age has already vanished into oblivion.


File: 1575562807984.jpg (84.35 KB, 432x342, 1489784351661.jpg)

it's cool man. you made me feel special for a second there. i thought someone was paying attention to me! weee


File: 1575564152771.png (668.54 KB, 1056x651, Everyone! Let's do our bes….png)

Fear not, I actually paid attention to that post. Something about moving out of Sao Paulo after so long to the middle of a forest with lots of caverns right? Forget about the predators, the mosquitoes seem more of a threat.
That said hope you enjoy the nature and the new environment, nothing like some novelty and fresh air to spice up one's life


File: 1575599288594.jpg (113.78 KB, 850x603, rain.jpg)

Not really a regular on this site, but I've been passing through a bit more recently. I've become a bit bored of many sites that I frequent and have been looking for something else to hold my attention.
So far, I think I like it here. I've been feeling rather melancholic, which seems to resonate with various aspects of this site.
It's also been getting quite cold recently, which I've always been fond of. For me, there is a undeniable nostalgic/sentimental quality to posting online in the fall/winter seasons.
I'll keep checking on here.


File: 1575613249493.jpg (15.4 KB, 300x100, 1437539353325-0[1].jpg)

just noticed this Myst 4 banner. cool!


File: 1575621995932.png (845.14 KB, 1125x1600, 1573084307160.png)

Sure is chilly outside.


File: 1575633424969.jpg (98.41 KB, 640x634, marcille.jpg)

Marcille is cute!!!


File: 1575660038809.jpg (691.17 KB, 2039x1378, 1494615260600.jpg)

I've had this open along with my other tabs like email youtube and twitter for the past year-year and a half.I forget its there all the time but its really comfy here whenever I do look.


Why not try some Noam Chomsky?

I was recently reading his 'Syntactic Structures' - from the 1950s but should be available. To be honest, it only really deals with English sentences, but it's not specifically about the details of English grammar. His basic idea is that a grammar of a language should be a mechanism which can effectively generate any grammatical sentence, without inadvertently generating non-grammatical ones. By 'generate' he means that the grammar allows you to proceed in steps, starting from nothing, to a grammatical sentence. He then examines what such a grammar would have to look like to work for the English language.

I've only read a third of the book, but it's short and clear given how theoretical the subject matter is. If you wanted something more popular, then I would recommend David Crystal's 'A Little Book of Language', which is about several different areas of linguistics.


File: 1575674022062.jpg (79.04 KB, 446x602, scarfcat.jpg)

Can't get chilly enough. I love my wool sweaters, gloves, and scarves. Got a lot of wool blankets too, and I only get a chance to use them properly in winter.


I 100% agree. Trying to stay warm in the cold is comfy, even though trying to stay cool in the heat feels like suffering.


File: 1575732902270.jpg (1.97 MB, 3441x1987, 77414565_p0.jpg)

I had a really good night last night.
I had been up since 2 am but a tabletop game ran late, it was a lot of fun. Everyone got to have some time in the spotlight even though the party was broken up during down time, I dropped a bomb I had been holding onto for a while, and everyone had some good reactions to it.
It ended around 1 am but I couldn't sleep so I went to a local rest area on the highway to settle down and get to have a chat with a nice old dude, said he was retracing the first road trip he and his wife had. He was a bit sad that the hotel they stayed at wasn't open anymore so he was going further up state late night to find somewhere else, I hope he found a good spot.
It felt pretty good to chat in front of some vending machines in the middle of no where with someone. Normally when I go there the only other person is the security guy who doesn't like me, so getting to drink hot cocoa with a friendly person was a pleasant change.


File: 1575738115868.jpg (91.03 KB, 1001x800, etsywhitesailor.jpg)

Guten morgen guys


File: 1575765399743.jpg (75.69 KB, 800x583, 800px-Wegener_Expedition-1….jpg)

Went to a heavy metal concert in the basement of a bar yesterday. Had a good time but my ears were ringing all night because I didn't bother to buy earplugs. The next morning they were still ringing, and I noticed my hearing was kind of muffled. I should have known better, but I googled the symptoms and now I'm pretty sure I've given myself tinitus or some other kind of permanent hearing damage. It's been bothering me all day, it's impossible to focus on anything because I can still hear the ringing and get upset at myself. I hope any sushis reading this take better care of themselves than I did.


A lot of bars that host concerts have earplugs there if you ask. Worst case scenario, you can always make some makeshift earplugs from small wads of toilet paper. I realize it's kinda too late to be mentioning this now, but it's something to keep in mind if you ever find yourself without them again.




gu'moan'n sushi-chan !!


nu uh sushi its kind of normal. If it doesnt go away after a week you should be a bit worried!


File: 1575826412474.png (7.92 MB, 1920x1080, sketch-01.png)


The similar thread on Lainchan was nice.
Again, I visit this comfy place.
Have a nice day sushirolls.


File: 1575832438763.png (406.1 KB, 1366x768, - Copy.png)

Always nice coming here after a hard day. Thanks for keeping this place around. Cheers, sushis!


File: 1575835212489.jpg (394.34 KB, 1500x1500, __hong_meiling_touhou_draw….jpg)



Back again today. This place is comfy as usual. It seems like there's quite a few regulars, I think it'd be nice if there were other active threads to post in (maybe I'll start some myself when I'm less busy). Do most sushis just browse kaitensushi? It seems like there's almost no point in having separate boards, once a site is slow enough.


File: 1575836104767.jpg (179.36 KB, 923x611, lain-tabako.jpg)

Hello sushi! Yes, I just browse the overboard. However, I think we need at least a few separate boards to keep the internet death cult and the lewd stuff away from the rest of the site. Plus, I'm fairly sure we've had this exact set of boards (except for /wildcard/ maybe) from day dot. Would be awkward to upset all that comfy history.


I just remembered we were supposed to post everytime we came so missed some posts recently, sorry

Well, kaiten is just a collection of the newest posts on all the site so I assume a lot do because it's convenient at the current speed, that said I tried posting in a couple of different boards and will do so in other threads later, but it seems it's not enough and only some boards have had some activity lately, so I encourage sushi to venture out of this thread and try posting something out there too. After all there's 10 perfectly usable boards aside /lounge/ and no point in browsing the newest stuff it there's no new stuff after all.
Then again don't really know how many people are around, but will do some namedrops here and there to create awareness if that's fine for sushi.


File: 1575846186321.webm (4.81 MB, 480x360, lrd.webm)

Thanks you guys, I appreciate the advice. It's been a couple days now and I'm feeling a lot better. The muffled feeling is gone and the ringing is quite faint, but still noticeable. I don't know if I've recovered or just gotten used to it, or if it even makes a difference either way. In either case I'm ready to move on. No point getting depressed over something I can't change.
Although, I do wish the ringing would go away completely. But I'm pretty sure I heard a faint ringing even before this happened, so maybe I already had tinitus. I can't remember–what does silence sound like again? Am I missing out on something nice?


First time here in a long time. Made it a point to stop visiting these kinds of sites and be more productive but I had to come visit. Nice that places like these are still around on the web. Seasons greetings rolls!



File: 1575864708745.jpg (56.11 KB, 800x450, 1570140971748-0.jpg)


File: 1575868973611.jpg (61.14 KB, 1334x750, 11111111111111111.jpg)



File: 1575881395245.jpg (82.24 KB, 400x424, 1567633067749.jpg)

I've been feeling better lately. I think I'm finally getting somewhere with my drawings.


You surely have to post one after saying that.


File: 1575885872373.webm (2.83 MB, 1280x720, Love hurts.webm)


nah, i don't like posting my drawings online for the most part.


my girlfriend keeps trying to spread my cheeks to get a good look at my butthole. I have to really focus to keep my cheeks clenched at all times. She's not getting in, and that's final.


File: 1575978988005.jpg (79.27 KB, 462x462, 1573479059442.jpg)

Read some bad stuff about the current internet. I dread what it will look like in some decades.
But whatever happens, stay strong sushi, even if not as a site, at least as individuals


File: 1576016258295.jpg (1.35 MB, 4000x3000, 2019-12-10 22.16.52.jpg)

Back again. I haven't been posting every time I visit, or even once per day, so sorry about that OP. Big moon tonight.


File: 1576063255731.jpg (671.55 KB, 1242x1181, 1575702777179.jpg)

I started visiting everyday after I discovering this place, but I think I'll visit weekly instead so I don't just end up as the only one posting all the time lol.


File: 1576068645103.gif (447.74 KB, 498x498, tenor (4).gif)

Some dude bought candy gifts for everyone in the class, but me. I want to assume its because they thought I was diabetic and couldn't eat candy, but I know the truth. It's dumb, but it hurts


File: 1576070712467.gif (92.19 KB, 240x240, 7eaf73079e744477b745bbab35….gif)

Candy delivery status : on the way.


I'm happy because I landed a new job


File: 1576087987453.jpg (813.35 KB, 1800x1045, Konachan_com_233027_2girls….jpg)

Hello :)
This is the first time I'm posting after years of casually lurking here.


this happened to me on Valentine's as a kid when kids would buy those Valentine's candy for the whole class except the people giving it would actually tell me they were leaving me out lol. It happens.


File: 1576106513158.jpg (87.44 KB, 1280x720, For you.jpg)

fuck 'em, you getting candy from me then

Grats mate!

oh hey, hello there


File: 1576122842090.jpg (521.18 KB, 1756x1240, a kemono friends snowglobe.jpg)

It's finally snowing!


File: 1576124409595.jpg (1.3 MB, 1668x1996, meto_0311 EFMRk-fVAAEIzvv.jpg)

A gaze at the clock;
Quarter past five. Five A.M.
… shoot, morning classes.


File: 1576190248360.png (148.35 KB, 730x1011, 1548992440692.png)

Hello Sushi :)
Nice sunny day out here, gonna spend it all with a special someone :)


File: 1576197621917.jpg (934.18 KB, 4608x3456, 1574494311317.jpg)

Most times when I dream I get nightmares. I've kinda gotten used to it.


File: 1576214766563.jpg (205.19 KB, 1223x827, e0676a32047c86b2bc81f9c06f….jpg)

Hi again.

Still nice that sushi is still going even if it is slow.
But slow is nice when everything else on the webz is accelerating too quickly to keep track.

I'm holding out some hope that life will improve for me, but if nothing else hope that people who read this have a good day/night too.


File: 1576229282961.jpg (977.19 KB, 2592x1462, DSC_0206.JPG)

It's friday the 13th, go buy a lottery ticket and take it easy today, sushis. Maybe drink a beer when the day is through. Get lucky.


File: 1576263714357.jpg (679.72 KB, 2350x1000, Konachan.com - 288459 anim….jpg)

It's a bit rainy outside right now.

I like taking a walk, maybe smoking a little and reflecting on things when its raining like this. Maybe listening to my favorite playlists as well. Looking at headlights roaming through the night, I wonder where they are heading.


I drank some mead with aronia, and now I feel warm.


This is a neat idea. I'm drinking shitty Natty Light and sitting in a discord call with people I don't know. This is the time, and this is the record of the time.


Squid lad back, I was just going through my tabs while eating and decided to stop by. Might go ahead and chill in vr for a bit after posting.


Trying to fix a bad schedule, work on some backlog and improve my overall health condition. Interestingly enough it's by visiting imageboards that I get motivated to do stuff, feel really at peace right now and my motivation is coming back bit by bit.


File: 1576433927173.png (510.49 KB, 817x1200, ponko dream.png)

The sushi's been a lot more active ever since this thread was created. It feels like there was a collective realization that the board quality would go up if everyone was a bit less shy.
I love it.

I love dozing off for 2, 3 hours in the evening, almost awake at times but with my mind constantly in a daze, going back and forth between wild visions and a "base" pattern influenced by what I was thinking of right before. Almost like trance music, you know? Verse and chorus followed by a breakdown going decrescendo, ready to think and daydream about another thought again. (Although I'm more into drum'n'bass and IDM, if anything.)

There's no better way to wreck your sleep schedule.


File: 1576438214880.jpg (340.78 KB, 725x1327, ELP7OaiUcAAwR31.jpg)

how are you?

i always try to stop here at least a few times. shyness is hard to break. also idm is nice. i've been listening to Plaid's new album recently


File: 1576438372841.jpg (144.22 KB, 1920x1080, winter_fish.jpg)

I love the smell of winter chill from outside. If I couldn't get cold, I would open up the window all the time.



Why block sushigirl tho? Its way less venomous than most imageboards and too slow to be a huge time sink.


Is this the best imageboard currently available? I'm thinking so.


this is sushi roll checking in


File: 1576452065585.jpg (3.23 MB, 4032x3024, 20191101_174425.jpg)

Hello sushi roll!


Hello to you too sushi :)


File: 1576472815392.png (904.31 KB, 1280x800, b7e62ddc4faea65c38b6e5a3c6….png)

hello there sushi


File: 1576473912571.jpg (294.9 KB, 1772x2048, IMG_20171109_182155.jpg)

Squib kid checking back in, just finished a long night of work


File: 1576475551636.jpg (33.93 KB, 480x463, Splatoon 193.jpg)

oh hey, just noticed there was another squid person around, hello there


New here, checking if comfy means boring or not


File: 1576483353596.png (66.54 KB, 250x250, Charlotte_ava.png)

I like this thread. Hello Sushis
I am happy to have 1 day off work tomorrow, gonna rest up. Hope to have a comfy time and draw some nice things. Hope you all have a nice day


File: 1576500109508.webm (1.29 MB, 3840x2160, 44.webm)

Based comfy sushis, I hope you're having a nice day/night


New labtop came in. Time to reinstall the 20 programs I pirated


Feeling a little cold today.


File: 1576543449576.jpg (119.76 KB, 900x675, 1491499140683.jpg)

Hi squid friend, its actually been like a year since i booted up splats (2) but the aesthetic is my jam


File: 1576544715258.jpg (418.18 KB, 650x800, Splatoon 194.jpg)

You too! I've just slept like never before and feel awesome

Totally get where you're coming from, there's just something aesthetic about it all that makes it pleasing to look at


Ugh my entire body is falling apart. I need a good rest after this.


Just found out about this imageboard, never went here before, answering this anyway


welcome fren. please read the rules and stay comfy.


Are you the same sushi roll who made this thread on lain?


Hello friends


File: 1576613203481.jpg (78.66 KB, 1280x720, 8432g.jpg)

Welcome back, chief!




Things are starting to become clear again…




Skipped my classses today. I needed to let some steam off so I decided to something different. So for the past couple of hours I have been taking random busses and touring around the city. This has been really refreshing.


File: 1576690471032.gif (30.38 KB, 700x486, comic.php(32).gif)

Things were bad the day before yesterday, things are good today. Sometimes it feels like I have no control over how these things turn out.


I really like peanut butter, It's nutricious and delicious, The perfect breakfast food to go with my oats and coffee.


super excited for the holiday season, i get to travel to my home country to be with my family, and i'll probably be playing some vidya games with them. my favorite time of the year. anyone else doing anything cool for holidays?


Just visiting, I haven't left the house in days


you see, I recently developed the habit of coming here a few times a day even when nothing has happened, but even so I always forget to post here, forgive me sushi



I'm back at it lads.


Final exams are over lads, time for daydrinking


File: 1576799236069.jpg (82.73 KB, 600x600, DCWxZy6VoAAwxAM.jpg)

Squid lad reporting once again, just finished cleaning my room and getting some stuff done in the few mmos I still play.
Honestly I'm the same way. If I only take a quick peek at katensushi I decide not to post, but in other cases when I look at other boards or read a few back posts I comment here


I don't think I'll be here much longer.

Thanks for the fun times sushis.


I've failed to post this thread each time I've come but I handn't much to say outside somewhat uncomfy feelings.
I'm better and also the comfy season is arriving, time for hot chocolate and blanket wrapping.
Also presents, I have little money this year but I found a nice Wok I'll be giving my ladeh, also gonna make some dumplings and if I still hav some more I'll buy her a thermo cup because hers is already old and fugly.
What are you doing these holiday




File: 1576916261344.jpg (274.23 KB, 1450x2048, peace.jpg)

Spending time home with my family. It will be my first time coming out of my shell and giving presents. Bunch of books, but I hope the thought will be appreciated.

Hope you all have comfy holidays!


File: 1576947294489.jpg (342.58 KB, 1920x1080, 1576745626975.jpg)

I used to read a lot when I was a kid. Science books for kids, monthly science magazines I would finish in a day. I sometimes read the classics as well. I had to give away most of them at some point though, I hope they are in good company now.

My dad started teaching me chess when I was about 5, or 6 I think. We would sometimes practice for hours. It was a lot of fun to see my dad struggle after I started getting good. Shouldn't have taught me all his tricks :)

At some point, I joined the chess club in my relatively small school, and after two years of training, our tutor decided to take me to the tournaments. I didn't won any medals, but I did beat some former champions. I still remember how that girl started just outright crying when I took her queen. Good times.

I quit doing those things long ago, I think it has been a decade already, but I'm trying to get back into reading nowadays. I picked up Kafka's works from the bookstore last week, The Trial has been an interesting read so far.


File: 1577005585210.jpg (812.01 KB, 2301x3148, clara-tragedian-rawscan.jpg)

A nomad is stopping by again.
This place has such a pleasant vibe to it. This is a precious thing among imageboards.


As for me it's visiting family, talk for hours, eating a lot, keeping warm, getting comfy, getting sushi~


I'm okay


ghost recon wildlands is so much fun


I've been playing the S.T.A.L.K.E.R Anomaly mod lately and it's great.


File: 1577073826399.jpg (70.3 KB, 960x720, 1560217079897.jpg)

In my youth I was in a bunch of shitty garage bands, rode a skateboard everywhere, smoked and drank a lot, but somehow I became a very boring adult. I've tried doing a lot of different things, but there's nothing better than a cozy night in with the wife. Born to be mild.


File: 1577138944036.jpg (37.15 KB, 474x413, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

Reading Chell x GLaDOS smut in the late evening…


Merry Xmas sushi rolls!


merry xmas sushi!


Happy chrysler


File: 1577308812190.jpg (78.94 KB, 600x410, cac815b24b33c2c2d067a7c8a0….jpg)

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas


The barrier to post is too high for me. Why do I want to read the thoughts of those where the barrier is minimal?

I suppose to post is to sort ones thoughts. Does it show a deficiency in those not willing?

Merry Christmas.


File: 1577339539470.jpg (51.44 KB, 730x487, welcome.jpg)

Day by day, I'm getting a little bit better, a little bit happier. I'm not going to let some small failures bring me down anymore.


Have slept like mad recently and I'm feeling better but at the same time it's really appealing to just sleep more. Hopefully I'm not gonna fall into the "very lazy" pit soon


I took a very hot shower and now I’m wrapped in towels and lying on my bed. It’s comfy in here.


File: 1577583157928.png (20.78 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

hi comfy people :>
reminder to eat a nice juicy burger!


I just botched my meal, don't temp me


File: 1577620695970.jpg (461.73 KB, 1280x880, gondoo.jpg)

I just found this website, seems pretty cozy, but slow.
I'm always a lurker online, and I always feel bad for not being able to support smaller communities like this one.
So thanks for the thread friend :)


Hi! I'm new too :p
I like quiet corners of the internet like this one.


I'm trying to be more active on all these small sites I care about. Even a little counts I feel.


Same! I wanna post my art here more often.


Do it sushi roll! what's the worst that can happen?


File: 1577765726682.jpg (42.11 KB, 407x262, 1575915513344.jpg)

happy new year sushis, i hope you all have a good 2020


Happy new year sushi :)


File: 1577767627587.jpg (179.3 KB, 853x1200, 1496791843380.jpg)

Squid lad reporting in after work, I'm off until friday est. What's everyones plan for New years?


File: 1577767884934.gif (141.23 KB, 550x400, output_6Za2qp.gif)

Happy New Year!!
I plan on animating for the whole day! I do not celebrate with my family until some time like 10pm so that's plenty of time to finish something :>


File: 1577772573587.jpg (22.16 KB, 211x255, comfortable.jpg)

Hey Sushi, just had the comfiest night I've had in months. Played vidya with friends for a few hours, then talked to a close friend, browsed comfy boards, and listened to nostalgic music. I wish every night were like this, I feel so happy, even though break is ending. Just god it's hard to contain it when I feel this happy. Thanks for listening, and I hope your day/night is as good as mine. :)


Hey, this is my first time posting. This is a very nice and comfy environment, me likey.


File: 1577795121180.jpg (33.57 KB, 552x690, Splatoon 61.jpg)

HAPPY NEW YEAR SUSHI! And to everyone reading this after, hope you have an awesome day, I'm one of the last places to celebrate so I've still got time but hopefully it's a nice day too!

Eat, eat, eat, like a pig. There's good stuff planned so I'm eager to eat already.


You got a place where you keep your stuff? Looks nice


Happy new year everyone!

Wish this wasn't so slow but oh well.


File: 1577809520846.jpg (464.92 KB, 1100x809, 56429680_p0.jpg)

happy new year lads
don't really come here often in honesty but it's a nice place


File: 1577812805388.jpg (74.74 KB, 640x360, mpv-shot0016.jpg)

I'm gonna hang out with friends and play some Rock Band, so that'll be fun. Also gonna eat a bunch, gonna be fun.


File: 1577814820602.jpg (393.97 KB, 608x860, IMG_5653.JPG)

Happy new year everyone!

I'll be spending the night with my family until all of them go to bed. After that I'm planning to do my annual rewatch of PMMM trilogy with lots of snacks and drinks!


File: 1577815578669.png (271.9 KB, 950x1198, Daisy_Winter_Outfit.png)

I post on Twitter @loveboxf.
A majority of my work is smut just a fair warning


That sounds awesome. Why do you rewatch it every year?


you say that like it's an issue


also wow I already had you followed from somewhere already

I should keep a list of where I find you shmucks.


File: 1577843582464.jpg (135.68 KB, 800x738, 1438867236051.jpg)

Happy new year and stay comfy, sushi roll


hello sushis reading this i hope you have a good day and the best of luck


File: 1577943725482.png (915.34 KB, 1370x1050, 1547156080217.png)

Hello Sushi :)
I hope the new year has started well for you <3




File: 1578011722955.png (1.25 MB, 1920x1200, FILTH.png)



I had my "real" first day at job, I'm scared but exited by the oportunity, happy 2020!


What sort of job?


File: 1578042159547.jpg (127.23 KB, 807x787, D398Qo4XkAEyQXZ.jpg)

It is Friday my sushis


Let it come and go. No forced post is a good post.


hello sushi! college is hard, rn im on my vacations.
im thinking on start a youtube channel of reviews.
(im chilean)


Sounds excellent, weon. But what would you be reviewing?


I got an internship in Cybersecurity at a Tier I Cisco Partner, but I'll work on some ISO,PCI and internal policies for the company

Which kind of reviews?


It's my birthday today, I am getting old which is regrettable since I don't think I've accomplished much in life.
Nor do I have friends.
But I guess I must keep pushing on despite this.


Happy birthday friend! Hope you accomplish a lot of things this year!


Took a trip to New York recently. Was disappointed.


Sorry to hear that sushi roll. What in particular was disappointing? Were you looking for something in particular?

Solid. Good luck sushi roll. Remember to ask questions if you've spent more than 5 minutes stuck on something and ask for more work (that matches your interests) if you've run out of stuff to do. The internship is for you, not the company.


It’s raining outside right now. The sound of water droplets hitting the ground is so therapeutic, I wouldn’t give this feeling up for the world.


File: 1578331820977.jpg (396.13 KB, 871x616, 53103723_p2_master1200.jpg)

Work really kicked my ass this weekend, gonna unwind with some games


File: 1578355257547.gif (1.85 MB, 400x265, R41qikszdo2_r1_400.gif)

I haven't done anything worthwhile or of any value in the past week. Wasting time at my PC browsing mindless garbage or playing video games has been detrimental to my health, yet I can't bring myself to change. Anyways, hello sushis. Haven't been here in over a year.


Unironically, start trying to exercise, and perhaps learn to program. Those two things have kept me sane for a long while even when shit sucked.


File: 1578366701735.jpg (187.59 KB, 985x765, lurk.jpg)

Hello, first time posting here.
I normal lurk here when feeling down and looking for something /comfy/.
Sorry I'm not very good at posting, I only lurk.


File: 1578375326701.png (611.69 KB, 2100x1500, happiest_dead_dog.png)

I made a schedule for myself to make me take my time as a freelancer more seriously. It actually worked and I feel pretty good! I got a lot of drawings done and I even have time left to play some video games with some friends.Hope you sushi rolls are having a good night!


File: 1578417233468.gif (560.01 KB, 617x363, illuminati_hi.gif)

No problem sushi. Just glad you're here.


File: 1578427484230.png (143.63 KB, 359x467, geen.png)

I come by here every so often to scratch the imageboard itch I occasionally get these days, as it's really the only decent imageboard left. Pic unrelated but it amuses me.


Finally bought all the parts for my new pc, kinda exited

Welcome sushi roll


File: 1578509827524.png (853.27 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Hi sushis. I miss the older more crude rendering in the older RWBY. I unironically liked that, even though it was less polished than the current RWBY. That style was also around before the show went to shit.


Same. Call me weird but I liked the extras being blacked out. It was just a new and unique art style to me


File: 1578551167515.jpg (57.96 KB, 414x414, EJEgia_WkAAaSEh.jpg)

hello sushis

hey [f], i dont know if i still got you on discord but i got you on switch online i guess


Yeah, the silhouettes usually were nice because they didn't distract as much as normal extras do, kept you thinking of the subjects.




Is it me you're looking for?


Yeah, it actually is


Heya, first time here
what the hell is this place?


File: 1578652442292.jpg (256.32 KB, 600x800, 6e67e5ccbf9f15c015f4886e87….jpg)

Missed a lot of replies, sorry. But I've seen the posts appear one by one all over sushi, about cute, about music, about the fish, about the imageboards, about the games, about the city, relationships, jobs and about life itself so if any of those are yours you can be sure I've seen them.

Nothing much to say to be fair, just taking a break and enjoying some nice cartoons and life. Have been feeling really nice lately, but of course it's when I've cut out a lot of online interactions, mysterious isn't it?

And I've been thinking of helping sushi to get some more stuff going on but I'm not really sure what would be an appropriate thread topic-wise that would be interesting. And the ideas just won't come, anyways if you've made it this far have a nice day, and if you didn't well, also have a nice day hehe


I confess I don't post in this thread everytime I visit


I feel stuck and not sure what direction to take.

Hard to feel comfy but I'm still wishing for it


File: 1578710438430.jpg (381.91 KB, 2200x1319, EN12YFsU8AEgqMP.jpg)

Happy 2020 guys. I hope one of the last bastions of comfiness on the internet continues strong into another year.


File: 1578770003139.png (492.84 KB, 1238x1080, 1571462137815.png)

just a lainon passing by. Nice Board you got there ^^


I do that too, I'm more of a lurker than a poster.


File: 1578799147600.jpeg (63.17 KB, 512x512, bed035084a01b59fec161c20.jpeg)

Been a long while since I've visited Sushi. I'll try to do some catching up. I didn't have work tonight due to snow, so I played some D&D with friends and had a great time.

Classes pick back up in a few days, and I'm really not ready. I don't think I can do this again. I failed the previous semester and I don't know if I have it in me to try again. If I can't make this next semester work, I don't know what I'll do.


File: 1578818119652.jpg (146.64 KB, 338x545, 1578083636164.jpg)

I concur with >>6789
v nice board. Ahhh I'll probably start posting more, everyone here is friendly.


what if i have nothing to say? most of the time when i'm looking at threads on different chans i feel like i have nothing of value to add to the discussion, so what is there that i could or should say?


I thought the same way too, and would cycle through multiple small imageboards not posting anything for lack of conversation.
Then I thought about what a bulletin board was: It's not only a place to converse with people, it's a place to leave your mark, one way or another. Just posting an idea or something you like would be using the bulletin board properly, so that's how I started posting on sufficiently small imageboards.

Not so much as to disrupt things, but that's the attitude I took up. Being an internet nomad would be extra boring if you never engaged in posting just because your were waiting for someone else to do it first.




there's nothing wrong with lurking sushi roll, but don't be worried about 'being valuable'. every phrase can make another sushi roll smile, despite what the devil's thoughts say. it's very hard to detract value from a thread unless you're trying, so don't agonise over it.


Hi there! This is my first time visiting this imageboard. Everyone seems to be vey nice here :3


File: 1578972929232.jpg (38.83 KB, 400x556, 1501362526078.jpg)

Squid lad here, I pretty much quit my job yesterday. I still feel mixed about it but with all this free time I don't really know what to do.


Are you looking for a new one? I sure hope so.


I lost my job just last week due to health issues.
I didn't think to talk about it online since I don't feel like dealing with shitposting, but seeing people talk about losing their jobs loosened me up.

I'm focusing more on getting my health in order now. I have at least two months before need to find work.


File: 1579028275438.png (734.26 KB, 1893x1629, J JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUST.png)

I started working out with some of my free time, maybe I'll start streaming video games as well.
I've been looking for a while before I even thought about quitting so I'm still looking via job sites. I feel more mixed about it because my coworkers and managers were really cool but the hours and low pay got to me, working for tips that I couldn't really control really sucks.
I have a friend who was in a similar boat last year, it really sucks but I hope you power through.


File: 1579107316252.png (19.2 KB, 500x390, 1574746122184-0.png)

hey there, I haven't posted in this thread in a while


File: 1579142833409.png (1.13 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (1085).png)

not much I can say other than that I really enjoy Eziouken so far. Been too long since I've seen an anime that was this just straight up good.




こんにちわ sushi roll


I had a really nice day, had some impromtu BBQ at work, and watched a movie with a friend.


File: 1579167814195.png (126.86 KB, 500x639, 1537647620015.png)

Oh man I got kicked from uni at last. I'm a lazy pos though so that was expected.


Are you going to try uni again, or something else?


I'm new to sushi, so I'll say hello here. Guess I'll go lurk…
Have a nice day everyone!


File: 1579275710174.png (122.04 KB, 398x309, 1569501472520.png)

I had hoped I'd be in a better place by now, but no. Nothing's changed.


There's an imageboard I used to visit because it was ~comfy~ but lately it was raided by some weird and inconsiderate posters. I think they found it through 4chan.


File: 1579282307846.jpg (173.08 KB, 1515x2863, 1453353767671.jpg)

Well, for the time being I'm just going to enjoy my forced vacation. After a while I'll start applying for jobs so parents won't get too pissed off and kick me out.

I can go back to university next year if I pass the entry exams again. Hopefully I'll actually pass my classes this time.


File: 1579523901586.jpg (206.03 KB, 2384x2384, IMG_20200120_073737.jpg)

I ended up posting a recent one on twitter.


I feel like I finally unlocked the door out of imageboards.


Been coming a lot to sushi since a while, its comfy and tidy. Im sad today because my mouse broke and it was a good one, else im struggling with boredom. Im probably gonna go look for nice pics to use along with my posts now.

I wasnt expecting the portuguese at all, good look on moving.

They say being blind means seeing nothing rather than black, when im going to faint i see black though.


File: 1579638867100.jpg (285.71 KB, 1714x2048, ELR-W7_VAAAPj4s.jpg orig.jpg)

I'm not sure why, but these smaller imageboards give me a certain melancholic feeling.


I got soaked in the rain but i don't mind, The hot dark coffee i had after getting dry was the best. Nothing makes you appreciate the warmth more than being cold for the whole day.


File: 1579734559733.jpg (192.54 KB, 853x1280, DSC06864_1280x@2x.jpg)

Drop in once a month or so.
Really need more time spent being comfy in my life


File: 1579750042670.jpg (25.88 KB, 635x480, 6949134_fbimg1521008525869….jpg)

Found this place while checking out uboachan. Seems nice, might stay awhile.


File: 1579898996766.png (268.49 KB, 800x800, 1509435310838.png)

Too much sugar! Ahhh!


File: 1579964991946-0.png (1.17 MB, 1080x2160, 001.png)

File: 1579964991946-1.png (1.85 MB, 1080x2160, 002.png)

File: 1579964991946-2.png (1.6 MB, 1080x2160, 003.png)

checking sushi again, since my days have been shit lately, and this board just warms me up. At least gives me a little hope.
Here are some pictures of jellyfishes I took in the aquarium some time ago. I really like jellyfish, they're just so relaxing to look at.


Honestly I’m just really angry right now, I keep getting muted and banned for calling out shills and jannies on 4chan. Sure I have an abundance of proxies and I could even pay a certain company to solve the captchas for me when I’m flooding the boards with spam but what would be the point? I wish smaller imageboards were a bit faster so I didn’t have to go there anymore.


File: 1580091860498.jpg (5.26 KB, 246x246, JPEG_20200120_155629.jpg)

Haven't been here recently. I was in a pretty good mood for a while but now I'm totally exhausted! I wish I had more time to do everything.


File: 1580435367958.jpg (595.39 KB, 1060x1500, 1578969322011.jpg)

Hi everyone! im new here.


File: 1580464597807.png (72.39 KB, 4000x3530, 1575907849220.png)

Welcome to Sushichan I will be your guide above you is some other posts and below your post is my post and below my post is some buttons and things but eventually they'll be another post below mine and then I'll be above theirs so really we're both in the middle together here. forever.


File: 1580503174208.png (105.79 KB, 500x645, 1578923649045.png)



File: 1580559355233.jpg (90.49 KB, 769x590, 1569054499884.jpg)

VERY nice car
I can understand. I've been trying to do more with my life self improvement wise over the past couple weeks and it's resulted in sleep going out of the window more than I would like.

I need to discipline myself properly and get to bed at a reasonable time rather than staying up to have fun!

4chan is terrible and there's no point tying yourself up doing that sort of thing. All it does is drag you down - cut out the cancer and just take it easy by going to sites which make you happy.

Your time is precious and shouldn't be wasted getting angry over things outside your control.

COOL skateboard trick!


File: 1580581885801.png (612.69 KB, 900x900, 1579008059799.png)

Cool pics!


Feeling sick, hopefully I don't have a fever while I'm asleep. If it does happen and it goes bad let it be known that I was here


Would anyone be interested in doing an incompetantly run dnd style rpg? I posted an outline for one on a different website, but Im not convinced its ever going to happen there. One guy made a character already, so of course I'd refer him here.


stay strong, sushi roll
soon this will all be over and we can go celebrate


Write us a letter if you're still kicking sushi!


I just realized this thread stopped bumping a while ago, no wonder activity went down when there were many posts per week, makes me wonder if it would be ok to have another of these threads to keep people coming around, if even just to post on this one.

Thanks cuties, in the end I got better and it wasn't corona but merely the flu. Sadly things haven't gone down yet but hopefully everyone can make it out in one piece!


File: 1589307069589.png (1.08 MB, 800x1132, 1571915083044.png)

What will they post?


File: 1590416260591.png (433.04 KB, 899x714, bap.png)



Ok. I'll try to remember. I don't check here often but I like the atmosphere and userbase. Kind of makes me want to figure out how to use the IRC.
I'm listening to Tatsuro Yamashita right now and am going to take a shower in the next hour or so.

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