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File: 1567663075393.jpg (24 KB, 339x339, 1565668079697.jpg)


I went to the my first party last night (18) and got absolutely wasted and puked a lot. I've gotten drunk before but not that drunk, it really wasn't that fun once I started puking and I don't remember much afterwards. At least I had a friendo that was caring for me and not letting me die


I'm sure /b/ would love to hear more about it


congrats sushi. Proud of you


File: 1567834511976.gif (48.74 KB, 69x120, 1421520068310.gif)

Glad you got out and had the experience and a good buddy with you. Parties are great if you are with the vibe, but a good buddy to keep you in check is the world. Keep people of that caliber close to you.

Did you dance well?


that's cool. do this as much as you can, because you have to stop at around 30.


Wasn't any dancing really, it was more of a kickback sort of thing, but it was super fun to be at.
I'm pretty sure I said I love you to a girl as she was leaving but I hope not lmao


I'll try, but I really don't have a ton of friends and I just moved away from my hometown to a town ~6 hours away so it'll be kinda hard to find new friends to do this with


Nice work, being social. Now get back to work.


File: 1568824757217.png (10.08 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Don't forget to drink water every few drinks and before going to bed, don't drink too fast and listen to your body unless you enjoy puking


on top of this, take an ibuprofen before sleeping, it'll help a lot with hangovers
if you forget to take it before sleeping then 2 ibuprofen plus a gatorade/powerade will perk you up after about an hour

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