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Does anyone have trouble solving problems after a continuous period of solving problems? It feels like I can't think logically after working on a problem for about three hours, even if I take a break. Those hours also have to occur immediately after I wake up. Taking a nap helps.

I was thinking that my problem is related to attention and could be helped by meditating. I've never done it and I don't really know how, but maybe some of you have tried it before.

It sounds kind of woo woo to be honest.


File: 1566873301852.png (348.14 KB, 508x638, 0fcb6ee4ac68cd687f7f32f360….png)

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend checking out the book deep work by cal newport. It talks about stuff like being productive when you have a job that involves a lot of complicated problem solving.

Anyways there’s a part that calls it something like “attention residue” and how there was a study done and how it is hard to switch to a new task after you’ve been working on one for a long period of time. There’s some other interesting stuff about scheduling your work, avoiding multitasking, and how even the most highly educated people are only able to focus intensely for about 4 hours a day and then the rest of the time they are working less efficiently and that the amount that you are able to focus in a day is limited.

I haven’t really meditated that much but I’ve heard the whole cycle of focusing on breathing, getting distracted, and then refocusing is supposed to help with things like focus, willpower, and decision making among other things. For refocusing napping might be the best option if possible, otherwise if possible, I would try to set aside time to work with very few breaks and then take a break at the end of the day. I also find that to be productive I have to start working on things as soon as I wake up before I do anything else so that I will be able to stay focused throughout the day.


tbh, I don't know how meditation works really.
All the popular sources say think about nothing, but even when I reach the 10 minute mark perfectly I get no benefit.
I believe this idea comes from the transcendental meditationists and is more of a new age western idea rather than anything traditional.
The only meditation I have had success with is concentrating on a single idea not letting my mind stray from that thought.


>The only meditation I have had success with is concentrating on a single idea not letting my mind stray from that thought.
Maybe that's the benefit! You'd be surprised how distracted some people let themselves get. Good job, sushi.


You're right, thinking about nothing is a modern misconception. The best sources tend to be buddhists (just ignore the theological stuff), I remember this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukTaodQfYRQ being good, but the sound isn't working for me.


>>5908 I would say working for three hours straight on a problem (assuming you're focused the whole time) is a pretty good feat! Definitely takes a lot of mental energy.

After that, it's completely normal to need a good break before going back to work. Not just going to the bathroom or drinking a cup of coffee in five minutes, I mean an actual break. Get out of your workplace and interact with people if possible for at least half an hour. Then maybe you'll be able to start working again. Probably with lower performance than before, but hey, we're humans. We can only stay fully focused a few hours a day, so take it easy.

Regarding meditation, if you want some legit stuff just google zazen or vipassana, but don't expect some drastic results. It may help you a little bit with ignoring distractions or keeping anxiety away, but it's not a magic pill.


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File: 1590348991429.pdf (1.77 MB, WithEachAndEveryBreath_200….pdf)

There's a lot of bullshit going around the topic of meditation because it's being commodified by corporations and the new generation of self-help gurus who want to make a quick buck.

I started with the Tibetan teacher >>5915 linked but then moved to the Thai Forest Tradition because they are the most meditation-heavy school out there and have a lot of useful literature online, like the attached book.


I also recommend the Thai Forest Tradition, brahm has several youtubes and the books by sumedo and ajahn chah are really good. also The Mind Illuminated by Culadasa is really good if you want a book about purely meditation without all the theories surrounding buddism

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