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File: 1565307658171.jpg (109.25 KB, 900x800, cc020a3fd8b6b600c775d10fbc….jpg)


Any comfy Christians having a nice time? Whats has been happening in your life. How have you felt god in your life recently?

Non-Christians welcome. The bible is a great place for wisdom and comfort, even if you don't believe.


I haven't gone to church in a really long time but I'm thinking about joining one in the near future. Any tips?


Don't. They're all cults anyways, someone try to prove me wrong.


Most people are in cults these days. They just don't know it. Going to church and practice ones religion is not the worst thing one can do on a weekend, even if one could try to dismiss the various christian cults as just a cult.


Church isn't healthy when it convinces all of the children they are going to die in the year 2000 because "god" is coming back and brainwashes them to no ends each passing year.


File: 1565634183299.png (22.01 KB, 105x101, Screenshot_494.png)

>>5783 I'm having a nice time in my last days of summer. And I've been having a nice time learning to swim. I do felt god in my life recently but mostly in my dreams. And, may you have a nice last month of summer too.


File: 1565836195069.jpg (639.45 KB, 835x800, a gentle haibane.jpg)

I've been alright. My application to Catholic seminary just got revoked a week before classes start, but it was because I did not do well enough on a paper so I only have myself to blame. Still trying to figure out the Lord's plan for me, but I assume He knows what He's doing.


too many trolls in this thread


It's to be expected, really. Religion is too polarizing for people to have a good time discussing.


All religions are cults.


>>5848 Then what's a cult?


A cult is the same thing as a religious group or faith community. In modern times it tends to have a sinister connotation and tends to imply that the group has ulterior motives or isn’t well accepted, probably because of suicide cults, destructive cults, and the occult.

The term cult isn’t that bad and can refer to any religious group and it can also be used in a very broad sense to describe any group with some common goal or shared beliefs.


File: 1566424519605.jpg (134.2 KB, 850x1816, St.-Olaf-850x1816.jpg)

Pretty much. When I studied history, there was lots of talk of things like the cult of st. olav, and it was never talked about as sinister, but as another focal point for christian worship.

I feel the dangerous cults, aren't even religious, but something hidden in plain sight, like the worship of certain political personalities.


I think a big part of it is that a lot of people, particularly in America, have bad experiences with Christian extremists.


my family are all atheists and they have no morals



And the christians in my family are all the worst people, while the atheists are mostly OK. As far as I'm concerned religion and politics/morality are basically unrelated… pretty much any set of beliefs about spirituality/the supernatural can be distorted to justify any action in the material world within a few years (less under pressure).


File: 1566625574132.gif (2.39 MB, 500x281, sisterwordsofthebuddha.gif)

Going to church services is like going to the gym but on a more mental or ideally spiritual level rather than physical. Plenty of people that go to the gym are out of shape, and that’s often the reason people go, just like the whole thing with all the born-again Christians that used to be drug addicts. There are also a lot of people that are in good shape that don’t go to the gym and it’s usually because of manual labor, sports, or some other physical activity. In the same way there are a lot of atheists that are nice people, and they’ve somehow learned to act in a nice, ethical way without getting involved in any religion.

From my limited understanding of Christianity, it seems to have a lot in common with stoicism, mixed with Judaism and some other “hippy” stuff. Along with being a good neighbor and forgiveness it teaches that people aren’t animals and that there are virtues and higher ideas to aspire to rather than just focusing on things that naturally feel or seem good. It also seems like there is a lot of things considered to be sins probably because they can distract people from virtuous behavior. For example, things like greed or lust and other things that naturally seem good can easily sway people and cause them to make bad decisions. There’s also the idea that people aren’t perfect and they are incapable of living a completely virtuous life, but their mistakes will be forgiven and made up for if they really believe in virtue and try to improve themselves over time.

I will admit this can seem to lead to moral ambiguity in a way. First off there is the whole thing where the pope is infallible (maybe just to Catholics which are the main Christian group,) and whatever he says God is said to honor in heaven (When popes started crusades it was technically fine, but to be fair they started almost 1000 years ago and it was a very violent time and the first 4 or 5 out of the 8 major crusades happened before Genghis Khan and the Mongols invaded Europe it was that long ago.) The other thing is that certain chosen people in the bible are seen as the good guys despite doing bad things in the past. I guess there is the whole forgive others just as God forgives you aspect, and the idea that God does his perfect work through imperfect people, but it seems like people can get anyway with a lot. Then of course there is the idea that people can interpret ancient scriptures in different ways and they might take things out of context or they might read that much. Personally, I think Jesus was a lot stricter with his teachings that most people realize. A lot of people think he just said to be nice or be a happy person or something like that, but he also seemed to say things like how a lot of people will go to hell for not following his teachings (parable of the sower for example.)

In general, I’m starting to think Christianity and certain traditional values would be better for society than the hedonistic nihilism that the modern culture is pushing for. In other words, a lot of people don’t think there is any point in life and think that people should just do whatever makes them happy. I guess I still haven’t made up my mind on it, but I think people and communities in general would be better off if people did believe there’s a purpose in life and would not be easily swayed by modern things that naturally feel good but of course it all comes down to individuals and their decisions.


idk how I feel about Christianity.
Let's say God or whomever witnessed the unsustainable lives of the common people.
Separated from the animal kingdom by self consciousness and action independent from instinct
they continue to live as animals. Or in many ways worse than animals as nature's limiters aren't present.
For example, separating the act of sex from reproduction and the "if it feels good do it" attitude.

So you devised a set of rules to elevate them away from the grip of nature and empower them.
However, this means that you cannot force them to obey these rules as nature forces animals to obey her rules.
It must be a conscious decision and action.

But is Christianity really the best way to approach this problem?
Words alone cannot convey experience.
Try describing to the blind or deaf from conception what it is to see or hear.
Everyone from their own experiences or for selfish reasons will interpret the dogma differently
and then go on to delude others with their interpretations.
Even if they understand perfectly, they may continue to procrastinate on long term considerations for short term pleasures.
By the time they come to experience whatever hell they have created first hand it's already too late.
A good analogy for this is the drug addict, by the time they are in complete hell they have already lost all conscious power to change.

Religion shouldn't draw people in for natural reasons such as cult-like social herding group think,
but rather for the appeal of reaching a higher state of being. I think when people witness something
greater than themselves they naturally want to become apart of it.


imagine being such a bitter atheist neckbeard that you have to shit up a harmless thread with your garbage trolling


Atheist here, but I find religious history/theology super interesting. Anyone of just about any religion is okay as long as you're not a Calvinist or an asshole. Too many people (especially atheists) take someone's religion as the centerpiece for their entire character, rather than realizing that the character determines what they will take from the religion.


Christians seem nice. I like the whole cooperation and goodness thing. I'd like more focus on data driven rather than emotion driven charity though.
I think you're being less comfy than the uncomfy your criticising. Could you have said the same thing but nice?


>I think you're being less comfy than the uncomfy your criticising.
people were insulting my religion
that's not "comfy"


File: 1566764967106.jpg (135.66 KB, 1280x720, ae82a96b94b4f58d65c7854563….jpg)

Just saw this thread and thought I'd say happy sunday everyone!
How was church?


Besides this thread, is there any other chan or forum that is solely for discussing christianity? 8chan had like 4 christian boards snd now that’s all gobe so I don’t know where to go anymore.


File: 1566948417682.jpg (8.27 KB, 208x156, 208x156.jpg)

Friendly reminder that Christians hate nerds and geek culture and that they immediately would ban all video games, anime, music and image boards, if you give them the power. Read some Greek and Prussian philosophy and don't delude your brain with these crypto Jews.


>>5924 Very enlightened, but christians already have power, and in the one country where jews do they have just as many internets as anywhere else. Religious traditions don't matter for that stuff, look at the spread of social beliefs across just one religious family? People can fit anything into their religious worldview


> Christians hate nerds and geek culture
unironically based


On what?


Not a christfag but if you actually identify with “nerds and geek culture” you should neck yourself immediately for basing your identity and subculture around consumerism.


>Read some Greek and Prussian philosophy and don't delude your brain with these crypto Jews.
Or, you could spend your time doing something you enjoy rather than focusing on philosophy and religion.
http://shii.bibsushi roll.org/shii.org/knows/A_Better_Way_to_Live.html


gr8 broken link m8


there's a pretty solid difference between being a hardcore consumerist nerd who fills his house with funko-pop figurines and someone who doesn't want to associate with the people who would ban everything they considered "indecent" if they had the power to do so.


Like >>5929 said, they rarely ban anything in religious countries of that ilk. There’s even a subgenre of pornography that’s overwhelmingly gay that’s aimed at Mormons. People tend to compartmentalize things.
I also have a feeling Prussian philosophers wouldn’t be too fond of “geek culture” either, after all, Karl Marx’s famous quote about religion being the opioid of the masses is now commonly applied to entertainment and other comforts people have now that religion is less common. It’s not like media hasn't been controlled in secular societies either.


>There’s even a subgenre of pornography that’s overwhelmingly gay that’s aimed at Mormons.

Now I'm curious


>doing something you enjoy
hedonism is immoral
plenty of things in life matter more than leisure/pleasure
bread and circus is for plebs


only indecent people have a problem with indecent things being banned


first of all, where do you think you are? second off, "indecent" is highly subjective. Religious conservatives would ban any art they dislike. Just look at the ridiculous satanic panic in the 80s.


they were right, considering the current state of the west


Why are you even on sushi? Stop LARPing.


>people who don't have the exact same opinions as me are larping


imagine trolling a christian thread with anti-christian posts and then having the audacity to get upset with the people who just wanted a comfy christian thread without any neckbeard atheist trolls in it


Religion has been added to the list of uncomfy topics in the rules. This topic will inevitably stir up negative feelings in people.

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