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ゆっくりしていってね !

File: 1555705157480.gif (168.26 KB, 450x325, chenbike.gif)


Hi all, we've put together a realtime imageboard intended to capture 4chan's comfy 2005-06 character:


Realtime means you can see every letter as it's being typed. Pretty fun, and creates a brisk pace of discussion that makes it feel almost like an imageboard-irc. See you there~


What was 4chan like back then?


shit, but funny shit.


This software is awesome! Is there a git for it?


File: 1555757264934.png (19.67 KB, 450x500, 7e8e3bd3849a109c95541c0f8e….png)

Since you went with goguca I'm not going to show up before my firefox install dies.
Consider switching to doushio.


File: 1555798794361.png (135.02 KB, 701x766, chentoo.png)


we did, but doushio hasn't been maintained for a couple years now so its only a matter of time before it becomes unusable. we're looking into contributing a static posting fallback for no JS/unsupported browsers to meguca but it'll take some time.


There's a board out there that still runs node.js meguca from like 2015. Software doesn't spoil like milk you know.


Cool and all, but not comfy. I wish there were a SFW board, or at least something requiring random dick pics to be behind a NSFW spoiler.


File: 1555954188829.jpg (71.16 KB, 640x480, blam.jpg)

Oops, you probably saw /b/. We just made the other day because people kept asking to use the board for their own communities, it's attracted some generals from 4chan who prefer realtime. We let them do their own thing on it, as long as they don't crossover to /j/. /j/ is the comfy board.

Yeah, I know, I had run an old meguca version before too. There's optimization issues with it and doushio that make scaling with larger communities an issue. Overall current version meguca is the best option available for what we're looking for. Hopefully with more people being introduced to realtime we'll see more implementations of the concept!


ew why did you guys allow reddit edgelords on there. i guess its fine since they're all on /b/ but still. it's interesting seeing the website develop as a sort of home for groups that have been pushed out of there communities; i wonder how this will develop in the future. anyway nice board and thanks for the hard work; i've been using it since chen thread #2


It is dead.


File: 1556168859036.jpg (58 KB, 640x362, 42352345.jpg)

Rest In Peace, chen2.


It's back alive

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