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Have you ever looked at other people in your age group and thought to yourself, 'what's wrong with me?'
Oh how I wish to be a kid again.


any reason why you feel this way?


I'm sort of in that same boat. being depressed and who knows what else probably is the foundatn. I never really had much of a social life growin up. I'm 23 with hardly any memories from highschool


Literally same here. 23, mdd, no friends.
But more often I think 'what's wrong with them' when seeing some bs going on. Besides, doubting oneself while in depression or having some related disorder is a highway to hell. Been here, done that, don't recommend.


Have you ever seen other people have their dreams crushed because of their poor decision making?
Have you ever seen these people forcing other people to live with the results of their decisions as if other people made the same poor decisions?

Stop telling me to find some girl to settle down with.
Stop telling me to have children.
Stop telling me anime is for kids.
Stop telling me which job to take and why to take it.

I'll live my life the way I want. Fuckers.

P.S. I'll take the fucking trash out whenever I want. I don't create that much fucking trash. Go fuck yourself. I pay for this fucking apartment. You wanna take the trash out more often? Take it out shithead.


I see all the people from my school, class of 2016, all grown up now. Jobs, family, friends, a life past childhood and careless teenage days. Yet, when I look at myself all I see is some lost child, waiting for something to change.


That sort of thing bothers me but at the same time, others are at least trying to progress, even if in flawed ways, while I just stagnate.

Wait 'til you see people from younger generations "growing up" in that way. I'm strangely apathetic about it.


It always kills me a little inside when I talk to people at my uni or work and everyone seems to have the double of life experience compared to me, even worse when they are younger than me. Makes me feel completly inadequate.



You guys know that they have their own problems, right?

When you work a job, you have to constantly plan for the day you get laid off. You have to give up your days to work the job. A lot of your free time is spent keeping up with the next thing you have to learn on the job.

When you have a family, you have to be there for them all the time, compromising other parts of your life. You have to pay a lot of money to raise your children or buy things you wouldn't normally buy alone.

When you have friends, you have to keep in touch, help them out, and do things that you otherwise wouldn't have fun doing yourself.

All of these things have good and bad aspects to them. It really comes down to how much you want to sacrifice for the things you want in your life. There's not really any reason to envy these people who are living differently than you. Anyone who shits on you for not having something that they have is just a piece of shit.


Hence why I don't really care. I'm better off not having any of that but it's still a strange feeling to watch everyone moving forward and taking on the extra responsibility.


>Stop telling me to find some girl to settle down with.
>Stop telling me to have children.
>Stop telling me anime is for kids.
>Stop telling me which job to take and why to take it.

I can relate to this so well, both as a person receiving this and a person who used to do that to others. I've recently decided to take a more live and let live mentality, but I'm taking it a step further and actually respecting people's choices, even if they aren't the kind I'd make. I still have a long way to go, like all people who try to change a behavior it doesn't come to you in one night.


File: 1542867445333.png (112.06 KB, 640x361, watamote-if-i-stay-here-il….png)

Wow, same. Yesterday was my 23rd birthday and no one said "Happy Birthday" to me (except my parents texting and like 6 people on facebook).

Normally this doesn't bother me but it just really hurt this time.

I know that I should start saying Happy Birthday to others if I wanted them to return the favor (or just start talking to people in general), but man, this soul-crushing depression and social anxiety is getting to be too much.


>waiting for something to change
I've been in the same boat for the past few years, but something dawned on me recently. I keep waiting for something to change because I'm afraid of messing up if I take initiative to change anything. Meanwhile, everyone around me is changing things, messing up constantly, and learning from the experience.

I just learned that a friend with no programming experience went to an IT networking event today, just to see if someone can hook him up with a traineeship where he can learn to program. I've been putting off those kinds of things because I figured I wouldn't be good enough. The worst that can happen to him is that someone tells him what he needs to learn to become good enough.

>just start talking to people in general
If I could go back in time 10 years, this is what I would tell myself.



I have gone through this before, but it was usually about not having a gathering for Christmas. Eventually, I just accepted this as part of my world. I started to let go of these types of holidays, and I live without them now. If only it wasn't for the constant advertisements, I would be able to live peacefully.

However, I didn't just relinquish good times. I learned that these types of traditions are really excuses to feel good together with people you know and sometimes meet people you don't know. As you get older, most of the onus to create the environment is on you, and it becomes another thing you do to build friendships or other relationships. In other words, like most things, you don't have parents or school to do these things for you anymore. You have to do them yourself. Sometimes it isn't worth it. Sometimes you realize why your dad might have been mad when you and your siblings decide to skip a meal or open presents at the wrong time.



Not at all. Actually, I have asked "What's wrong with 'em?''


I was literally just about to post the same thing. Damn mind reading sushi rolls they're everywhere!


I think what's wrong with you is that you want to be a child, as you said so yourself.


Kinda but everyone feels inadequate because social media makes you falsely believe that everyone is operating at the highest capacity (when really no one finds it easy to get out of bed in the morning.) Also you can't win this zero sum game. Have a job? Well this guy makes more. Single? Well this guy is married. Successful career and happy family? This guy a century ago grew up poor and redefined the industry you work in and is better than you in every way possible. It's all bullshit, don't worry about it.

Do go out every now and again tho.


I never really relate to most people I meet in my everyday life, I just can't relate to them. I don't think this is a problem with me, or a problem with them though. I just don't get how their minds work, or what motivates them. But I usually manage to find one or two interesting people that I have good chemistry with, and we can have nice discussions and stuff. It's very nice to have these experiences, because it's so easy to feel so alone in the world when you've gone without them for a long time. I'm kind of worried about how difficult it will be to meet these sorts of people after I graduate college though. But I guess I have faith in the dignity of ordinary, everyday life, and it's not for me to judge others just because I can't relate to them.


I want to turn back time sure, but because I want to do everything and end up doing nothing.

I haven't met a person in my age group that was so much more better off than me to feel like that, closest case I know it wasn't because she was successful, she just had skills I would die to have and seemed to have everything truly settled.

I guess I remain optimist, a colleague got a terrific job offer and all that went through my head was "I could do what he did, maybe I can get a similar offer too"


I'm 19 and young. Other people my age seem to be having so much fun and are full of energy, and, here I am, tired of the struggle already. I feel as if my ambition has been pulled out of my body and buried underground, and I am left wandering around as an aging piece of flesh. I just wish I'd find something that I could live with a stronger feeling for, you know? So that I wouldn't waste these precious days of youth. So I wouldn't feel as if there were something wrong with me.


File: 1581956221079.jpg (47.35 KB, 720x524, 1520901814007.jpg)

It's not going to get easier from now on and your brooding is (While understandable) is not going to get you anywhere, You will keep regurgitating the same bullshit over and over but time will just keep on marching as you stay in the same spot. There is nothing wrong with feeling like this but don't let it drag you into the bottomless pit of depression, The walls there are very slippery and there isn't going to be anyone to help you out of there.
The best way to get ambition is to become engaged in something, Same with passion. These things are earned and the best way to earn them is by action. Just do things and keep doing things, Anything is good. Shift focus from yourself into the world around you.


"Why does everyone get to experience their years of life properly, while I couldn't? I see. It's because everyone hates me."

That's what I told myself. Physically 17, mentally 13, tested. Will be uni graduate in a year, already landed a secure job in the government. Sounds good? Yeah, it is. But I'm unfortunately such an ungrateful prick who hated it all.

I envied all of my friends who got to be a proper teenager like a kid envying a toy. I hated everyone in my uni classes like a kid who just can't understand adults.

I never really got to envy or love anything when I was a kid. I never asked for toys either. I was always set up to be "successful" by my family. All of that piled up years later until I'm finally "mature" enough to see how are my friends doing. I grew to hate everything. I started to envy everyone else at the smallest things. I don't see any purpose in living because I can't understand it.

Really, what's wrong with me? I have such a good and well-off life, but I just can't grow to love it.
Maybe that's why everyone hates me. I'm such an ungrateful piece of shit, after all.


File: 1588920723607.jpg (80.74 KB, 960x1020, truxphmtapm41.jpg)

I'm 19 and I just look at all the other people my age in college and I can't seem to pinpoint why I am still a loner. I do talk to some people but we only talk about school.

Recently, we decided to share our instagrams and just looking at their feeds made me depressed. They can easily take pictures of themselves, they post about going to places with friends, post about their families, yes the last picture I put on my instagram was from 3 years ago…

I have no true friends and the one that I actually considered my friend, doesn't talk to me anymore because we just grew apart because life.

I don't have anyone and all I do is browse the internet. I have no hobbies, I don't play video games, I don't play any instruments, I don't play sports, I don't talk to anyone, I don't go out, I don't do anything. Everyday I think about how much I hate living. In fact, I think that's my hobby because that's all I do. I've never had any passion for anything. Even my major sucks. I won't be able to do anything with it.

I just don't know what went wrong with me. Everything I do brings me misery at this point. Why can't I be like everyone else?

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