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File: 1541883741967.jpg (61.52 KB, 700x394, img_70.jpg)


What are your coping methods?
I browse through various internet message boards posting my sadness away. It's becoming very unhealthy but it's my only cope my only friend. Music also helps me a lot with coping.


File: 1541887758354-0.jpg (398.17 KB, 900x723, 6ae36237d16259e32105ef88af….jpg)

Browsing the web aimlessly and reading whatever. Collecting anime fanart. Binge eating. Talking to myself time to time.


File: 1541896599398.png (1.71 MB, 1900x1070, 65204496_p0.png)

I think my coping tastes might be similar to most image board users. Mindlessly browsing image boards, listening to music, watching shows and movies, playing video games.Those activities are pretty good at taking my mind away from the fear and depression I usually have. All activities I can do on my computer. It sure isn't healthy, and I don't think it helps me deal with my issues when everything that bothers me comes rushing back as soon as my brain isn't occupied, like when doing mundane every day tasks like trying to sleep or taking a shower.


Binaural Beats/Erotic Audio
Writing my rants in LibreOffice
Building things
Masturbating and humping my pillow


self help books, Overcoming Low Self-Esteem by Melanie Fennell was a big time help. just reading in general too. The Pale King by David Foster Wallace is a book that comes to mind, not because it was particularly therapeutic in any way, I just happened to read it when things got really bad for me.

I conciously avoided TV and video games. I also regulated my time on the web.

meeting up with people, friends or otherwise.

definitely music. going out to gigs, even if it was just me and i didn't talk to anyone was good.

>Writing my rants in LibreOffice

ha ha this is a good way of putting it. I do mine in emacs though.


File: 1541927542377.jpg (37.9 KB, 735x520, 167016fb667b8b561b01f32769….jpg)

I have to listen to music to occupy my mind, nothing original. Going for a walk or an exercise session are great help too - a sound mind in a sound body. All three can cure everything that troubles me, but the hard part is to find an inner strength to begin. I thought that I do not have that mental force to make myself do things, but - it may sound pathetic - videos on YouTube helped. I am in no position to preach, I still lack consistency, but things are finally going good way.


a) try to amplify sadness, so I can cry it out or wallow in self-hatred
- trigger nostalgia
- watch videos / read stories about people suffering worse
- hurt myself
b) distraction
- video games, videos, internet, books, personality tests, wikipedia, etc.
- housework
- reckless consume
c) process it
- update journal
- make poetry

I tried to use my downs as inspiration for creative stuff, like my brother manages to do, making music or drawing, but my self-criticism pulls me down all too quickly, so I never get anything done.


File: 1541982414876.jpg (28.83 KB, 250x384, 1494443711952.jpg)

Alcohol and drugs is a pretty big one. A lot of people seem to use art as a coping method, but for me I can't make good music until after I've processed the feelings and/ or gotten past them in some way. Only with hindsight can I look back and properly translate the emotions. Although I often find myself playing noise guitar or drumming very hard on my legs when I'm particularly bad. Mostly with anxiety. I have a pair of drumstics and I'll just sit on my bed and drum on my thighs for ages with them. Often I find I have a big bruise the next day. If you mean coping with the more generalised awefullness of life itself well I don't really have one. Generally my attitude is "this too, shall pass", so anything I can do to pass the time like listening to music, watching anime or browsing chans I'll do it.
Oh sometimes if I'm bored I'll cut my hair. I find that making a sudden change to your appearence can sometimes trick your brain into changing a little too. Of course you can't use this method very often.
Sometimes I'll close my eyes and hug my pillow and pretend it's a girl.
Oh! And ASMR is a good one too. It really takes the edge off the loneliness some nights.


Sometimes I wonder if I'm cut out for imageboards. Y'all seem so depressed all the time.


i think it's more an easy platform to sushi rollymously talk about your problems that attracts this kind of conversation. elsewhere in here there is happy-go-lucky and cute threads which you might be looking for.
I'm past my phase of talking about my problems on sushi rollymous imageboards myself, but some people don't have another option either because no money/motivation for therapy or otherwise.

It's really not your fault or defect that people talk about this stuff, and I'd say to just ignore if it you're not into talking about it, and just to focus on the rest of the more fun threads uwu


File: 1542140426501-0.png (240.12 KB, 836x1200, ch95 1.png)

File: 1542140426501-1.png (278.27 KB, 836x1200, ch95 2.png)

Imageboards (especially small ones) attract broken people like moths to a lamp. The format has it's merits though so you just gotta only go for threads with a good subject.


I've observed the same thing. Quite odd. I don't find anything particular in small ibs that seem to attract sad and melancholy people. I rotate through 10 or so ibs ands textboards and the depression threads are always fairly well populated, even if everything else is deserted. At least for my part, I like these places because you can open up without risking anything. sushi rollymity and all.


to find these places you have to have spent quite a long time on the internet; chances are you don't have many friends or real people in your life. Small wonder lots of people here are depressed


I've been meaning to respond to this for a while.

>ha ha this is a good way of putting it. I do mine in emacs though.

It just feels better to vent without other people to add their two cents into it. Plus, I think needless venting online for others to read just adds more trash to the dumpster fire that is a large chuck of the internet.


I binge eat. I don't purge but I try to even it out with fasting.



Collecting images from around the wired. Also I like to find music from the 90's inie/emo scene. Underground stuff.
Recently took up skateboarding as a hobby and it's been a lot of fun, but my legs are tired as heck.


This video, speaks to me. I don't think I have depression and I definitely don't have suicidal thoughts but it sounds familiar. It's a good video.


I have recently started getting into board games. There are plenty that you can play solo and setting them up and figuring out the rules is very fun, really helps me to concentrate on something and avoid bad thoughts.



How does it make you feel when you learn that this type of video is targeted at people like you, and that your sadness is a big part of modern life?

You feel alienated, but, at the same time, millions of other people feel alienated. Maybe somebody you know and talk to all the time feels the same way, but you don't know it. Now, your condition isn't unique, you can't just get over it, and, honestly, people don't really care.

That's what kills me. People don't want to get sucked into the negativity vortex, and, since I don't even know if it will help, I don't want them to either. So, I wrap it all up and try to fight it alone, because it's probably my battle to fight anyways.


Is there a good reason to join someone in their negativity? I find saviors never work.



People shouldn't join in somebody's negativity, but if you are too negative, people start ignoring you altogether. When that happens, at least a therapist will listen to you.


post init.el


Imageboards, mostly 4chan. I wouldn't use 4chan nearly as much if I had friends, I'd also be a much more productive person who didn't waste as much time.


File: 1552351053706-0.png (156.33 KB, 500x375, sad-drunk-revy.png)

And drinking. My god, drinking.


Helps me with loneliness. Also I'm in love and can't do anything about it and having multiple partners surprisingly makes it less painful.


it differs from time to time. for the last weeks i'm mostly browsing imageboards,having fun at facebook and taking a ride with my bicycle


File: 1552798103963.jpg (53.58 KB, 582x446, sitting alone.jpg)

I alternate between playing/listening to music and choking my chicken for hours on end. I really prefer using music, it really lifts me up and puts me in a better place but when I'm stressed I usually go for the latter option because it's easier. I really wish I could kick the habit, it's time consuming and ends up making me feel worse.


Hardcore detachment and daydreaming mostly. The magickal cure all Marijuana plant helps too (Jah bless). My depression has been getting better though. I've been dating a wonderful person for the past 7 months and slowly and painfully I've been improving.


I exercise and I write. A long run helps clear my head and putting how I feel into words lessens the intensity of my emotions.


Jaded and ironic detachment coupled with excessive sarcasm and snark along with apathy is a supposedly "cool" [citation needed] and easily-defensible cookie cutter personality type on the internet, especially amongst Extremely Online™ individuals – err, sorry – influencers, or self-proclaimed e-celebs, who think having a couple thousand followers means they're practically Hollywood material.

Can't be put into a vulnerable situation if you're never genuine and give the impression that you dislike everything and don't care.

I'm so cool and edgy, W E W.

Ha, joke's on you, you can't insult me for liking that because I like N O T H I N G and everything I said is a J O K E because I'm afraid to face my R E A L feelings.

I think this kind of facade is a coping mechanism for insecure people (who will vehemently deny their insecurities when confronted about it), maybe wronged or bullied in the past which now makes them tend to be preemptively defensive and use so many layers of irony and post-irony you can't even tell what they mean anymore… maybe they themselves don't even know.

It's actually a good thing if you don't know the kind of people I'm referring to, they're insufferable.


What do you write about? Do you have any links to your writing? Ever written a book or thought about writing one?


File: 1553759528533.jpg (83.25 KB, 900x1200, 9ec9780a8dd07ae3deec284bb3….jpg)

I like to vent my emotions by creating art and music, or just listening to music. However transient, for just a short time I can forget the world around me. Although, I often fall into doldrums due to my overly critical sensibilities towards my own work, especially my drawings.
I also enjoy talking to other people online, but I can never really find anyone to talk to on a daily basis, and whenever I open my heart out to someone there is this feeling of ever-growing distance; I feel I am incapable of making close friends.
I'm glad someone else has noticed this and has put it to words for me. I abhor this type of personality. This seems particularly common within the zeitgeist of board culture. I wish that people could carry more positive and authentic sentiments.


It's good to get outside and exercise. When I'm feeling down I'll go for a run, even though I'm not a good runner. It clears my head though. I've also found religion to be a great consolation.


if ur referring to coping with quarantine, me and my friends have been playing drawful 2 and talking on discord! drawful 2 is free rn so snag it if u get the chance!


Running is good.
What religion?




File: 1588908198005.jpg (81.37 KB, 768x960, 1463696866437.jpg)

>Sometimes I'll close my eyes and hug my pillow and pretend it's a girl

I do the same thing.


File: 1588970380275.png (506.52 KB, 750x677, ClipboardImage.png)

I think we all do.


File: 1589260069545.jpg (80.61 KB, 1080x1057, 1532259487255.jpg)

Get off reality for some time, maybe marathon an anine or something, try to compose the sadness into music, cry a little, think where i fucked up, improve, aim for bigger fish, repeat


I got a daki recently for that extra bit of depressive comfort. It's really nice, honestly.

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