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ゆっくりしていってね !

File: 1533348037080.jpg (52.96 KB, 400x299, 1533347650181.jpg)

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Name one thing you're currently happy about

> moving to a cool city in two weeks
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I feel happy about helping out someone sushi rollymous online and doing the right thing for them.


I wouldn't take it personally, premature ejaculation isn't something that you can control. Did you try to get her off afterwards?


TOOL finally got with the streaming thing and it's all I've ever wanted, plus new album drops soon


I did but I couldn't stay hard. I even tried to open up and express to her that maybe she should try to get me off wait a couple of minutes or a short time for me to be able to get hard again and then work on getting her off. She just said "That seems so complicated" and the conversations have been extremely minimal since.


You have fingers and a mouth, you know. You don't actually have to be hard to get a girl off.


She wouldn't let me use either. She's weird about it and claims to not like it.


sounds like an odd situation, most girls love guys that are willing to do that shit.


File: 1565297475435.jpg (149.82 KB, 768x768, Worst World 8.jpg)

Was planning on going home cuz no money, but then a bunch of random stuff happened and now everything's fine :)


File: 1565301300898.jpg (80.1 KB, 1152x864, IMG_20190807_194705 (1).jpg)

I tried pan-frying a salmon steak for the first time! It turned out well.


Just re-remembered that qutebrowser exists, didn't have a laptop last time I tried it out. Hadn't figured before how much keyboard driven software would shine on a laptop, no need to plug in external mouse or suffer the touchpad. Can sit with the computer in positions that normally wouldn´t work cause the touchpad would be blocked.

I´m happy to have found a new aspect of comfy.


Yeah, I don't understand her.


I've been seeing a lot about qutebrowser in the last couple of weeks. Thinking about trying it out, anything that I need to know before going in?


Not much, though I've just used it a couple of days, used to be on VimFX before it got borked by a change in the FireFox extension stuff. Tried qutebrowser out to replace it but didn't like it as much in contrast then cause VimFX was exactly how I wanted it out of the box, but I could incorporate what I liked with some config if I just put in the effort.

Only tip I have so far would be keep the cheatsheet open for quick alt-tab reach at first and give it some time, it takes a while before the habit to reach for the mouse calms down.
I would really recommend giving it a go though, if you find yourself enjoying mouse free browsing you'll regret not having went for it sooner.


File: 1565558076134.png (107.31 KB, 266x308, 1521032471232.png)

It's been a little over a month now since I completed and released the video game I'd been working on for the past year. I'm still glowing with satisfaction over finishing it, as well as over all of the positive feedback I've gotten for it from friends and strangers alike, heheh~

On top of that, I've already been working on the script for my next creative project, and though I've only just started on it, I'm pleased and excited with how it's turning out so far!

Also, man, I can't even remember the last time I posted here; I used to post a lot in the "learn how to draw" thread a good while back, along with a few others. It's thanks in no small part to that drawing thread in specific and to Sushichan in general that I got skilled/confident enough with my artistic ability to attempt making a game by myself, so I want to thank everyone here for helping me along with that~ You're the best, sushis.


File: 1565634461668.png (171.49 KB, 315x439, 1547690394566.png)

> learning to swim
> going to visit family in California
> finding a cute izumi image
Ah, so you're a person of great culture as well.


File: 1565671994501.jpg (215.57 KB, 569x482, 1564686919459.jpg)

I'm headed to Salem, or for college i'm not the person you asked but it's cool that people close are here


Put in some effort to fixing and getting back some control over my life, got more done today than in years. There´s a long way to go until there´s not so much weighing me down mentally, but I can finally kindof make out the shape of the mountain I have to climb.


I'm a gamedev too, though I don't have anything released yet
Link your game!


File: 1565751558507.png (119.61 KB, 314x309, 1503685755202.png)

Nicely done, sushi! Taking those first few steps and building up that initial momentum is the hardest part of digging yourself out of a psychological rut, so you're already well on your way. Keep up the great work!

Oh? I'd love to see what you've got so far, even if it's only WIP assets/screenshots!

As for my game, titled Remembrance, you can download it for free from any of the following websites:

Each of those websites has a short description and some screenshots taken from the game, too, if you're merely curious to give it a quick once-over without downloading it.


I stopped being a neet and went to school. All i need now is a job.


I thought I was gonna be moving back in with my parents by the end of the year but i got an entry level software engineering job. I get to program robots and it seems pretty comfy tbh


File: 1566077125168.jpg (421.68 KB, 1141x1613, __flandre_scarlet_touhou_d….jpg)

Haven't tried the game yet, but I enjjoyed your writings and poetry quite a lot. You have a really nice style!


File: 1566095332320.png (605.44 KB, 1000x1200, 1493153716387.png)

Excellent work, sushi! Now that you're enrolled as a student, I imagine that you shouldn't have too much trouble finding a part-time job on or nearby your campus. Also, if you don't mind my asking, what major are you pursuing? It's fine if you're undecided, of course!

Great job, sushi! As a fellow software engineer, I know all too well how difficult it is to secure an entry-level position in this industry, so I say you should be proud of yourself for landing that job! I've always felt like it'd be really cool to program robots; I'm happy that you get to experience it~

I very much appreciate you saying so, and I'm very flattered that you took the time to read through all of that old, sloppy writing of mine! Since you were so kind as to read through all of that and compliment me on it, I went ahead and uploaded the rest of my old writings for your reading pleasure:

I hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoyed my older works~


thanks sushi!


Every once in a while I buy a new blanket to give away as a gift, but instead of giving them away, I try to figure out who would want a blanket. Everyone I know pretty much always say they don't want even more blanket when I try to drop hints. So now I'm rolled up up in my brand new wool blanket.


Blanket? That's a wonderful idea for a gift, I'd love to have one. Who could have too many blankets?


I don't know what they're thinking. I thought they had that many, but I guess they think it is enough with their favourite blanket.

Either way, I have another blanket now. Nice to have in case of guests, and for different locations around the house.


Sounds like you're a good person sushi roll. I agree with the other sushi, who wouldn't want a nice, comfy blanket from a friend!


I'm happy that the weather is starting to cool down now throughout the end of this week. I really hate hot weather.


It's vocational school which qualifies me to work as a sysadmin or in other occupations like that. I don't know if it's a decent option in the us, but here it's a good choice and certainly better than doing nothing.




Things are getting better in my relationship.


I bought new shoes from the interwebs and they were the right size.


I'm back!
I got my diploma. It was a lot of work because I'm not good at executive function.
I got a job and moved across country nearer to where my sister lives.
I have a comfy basement apartment and am making payments on a car.


I'm starting to feel like a person again.


File: 1566700657932.jpg (280.48 KB, 852x1200, 73896976_p0.jpg)

i'll be going back to school soon and my chances for making a single friend will be higher so maybe it will actually occur..?
who knows


File: 1568231873744.jpg (106.99 KB, 1436x1080, rayharley.jpg)

I'm really glad this board is still around. Imageboards still have something good and fresh to offer. 4chan is mainly an exercise in stupidity at this point


just nutted inside my girlfriend. she's so fire.


I'm not happy right now :(


File: 1568253440219.png (37.74 KB, 175x175, 1478767470303.png)

I finally found potential work as a pixel artist at my skill level. I'm not especially good but a tabletop website cleared the quality of my artwork so now I can get my foot in with that. I don't expect to make much and I still need to finish my first pack before I actually get money off it.

Excited for it but I'm hitting snags since I've never tried to grind out art before and I'm having a hard time telling if the quality is up to snuff. My plan right now is to make one basic token for every core class for D&D 5e, then give each one at least one alternate version, then give each 3 color schemes. So 13 classes, 26 with variants, and then a whopping 78 tokens once they all have alternate colors. I have completed the Wizard and the Fighter so far and am firmly stuck on the druid.




File: 1568336555786.gif (813.37 KB, 500x281, YxOVuhS.gif)

Classic WoW launched recently and I've been doing the grind thing with the guildies. Many drunk nights raiding Zul'Gurub await!



File: 1568356186782.png (17.42 KB, 124x200, blanket_200_cubic.png)

I'm super stoked I might be in for trying something new I've wanted to try out a while, while also being there for the launch of something cool and unique of that realm, help get it going. Don't know if I've actually gotten to experience that before, always find things either while they're already gotten started or are on the very verge of puttering out.

Also browsed through the thread again and I gotta say I relate >>4187 , getting to stay in bed as long as you want is a big mood.


File: 1568369273411.png (206.5 KB, 500x500, 1478563364717.png)

I'm happy that I just got to eat some amazing food, that I put together myself. Have a go-to veggie stew/soup thing that I make when I have leftover stock, had the idea that it might be tasty if I stirred in a teaspoon of cheap but nice-ish balsamic vinegar right at the end. Really made the dish completely shine like it never had before.
And for once could contain myself to not wolf it all down before it had time to cool enough for all the tastes to come through, always start cooking when already hungry (never learn) so by the time I'm done I'm starving.

Was seriously one of the tastiest things I've ever ate.
>MFW tasting it.


Today I spent an hour watching the clouds roll by and the leaves fall. After reading the Tao of Pooh, I realized that I have been preoccupied with working, so much to the point I was trying to be productive with every second of my time (I wore a watch and would compulsively check the time.) But now, I feel that I'm happier just by letting go.

Same here.

Did you ever make a friend?

I feel the same way. I tried discord a couple of times too but there's nothing like this place.

We all have our days sushi. Maybe take a rest, and let whatever is weighing you down take a rest too.

I've tried the art grind too sushi. It's tough. Remember to take frequent breaks, you got this.

Sounds fun! I don't play WoW but I'm still curious as to what race/class you play as.

Yeah, sleeping is the best.

Save some for us!


C-can you post more of that face on /l-/lewd/? >///<


This must be so fucking great. I get the weirdest joy from the thought of people still enjoying good old hardcore gaming like this.


File: 1568502883350.png (109.48 KB, 414x426, elves_recognize_lewdness.png)

Would've, but /lewd/ seems to be 2D only~
lewd-warn It's Lana Rain though (Pink Haired Pirate vid to be specific). Funny anecdote, as a teen seeing hentai flashes sometimes I'd think they were just bad artists not knowing how bodies look IRL, but Lana Rain does have exactly that kind of booty, real-life hentai flash booty, never seen any other like it. lewd-warn-over

Also am reminded to be happy that I live in times with such lewd media so freely available. It's easy to take it for granted.


File: 1568728209649.jpg (68.8 KB, 450x405, 1565714327276.jpg)

currently have no gf and for the first time in my life i dont crave to have one


I'm playing an Etrian Odyssey game for the first time and it's going really well and I'm enjoying myself.

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