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File: 1520276795743.jpg (630.38 KB, 800x1141, __viktor_nikiforov_yuri_on….jpg)

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I wish I had a kind and calm BF who likes books and history, and then we can watch calm anime like yuri on ice. Preferably around the same height and age as me.

I wish…


File: 1520294696537.jpg (25.05 KB, 321x292, 1390272179169.jpg)

More intelligence as my int stats are very low and makes for awkward communicating most days…, a new place to live also. I hate my apartment the people around here are really annoying.

>kind and calm BF who likes books and history

>Preferably around the same height and age as me.

Mine's got 3 of those six, it's quite nice.
I hope you got what you wish for.


I wish for a nuclear holocaust. I want the world to be cleansed with pyroclastic flow and invisible fire. Let the crusties and gutter punks remake humanity in their own spraypaint-huffing images.

Also, I wish for a bf. But that seems less likely.


are you cute?


I know it's still a little while away, but I wish that everyone has a fun Easter with good weather!


I'm alright looking. My hair's always a mess, though. Why do you ask?


I wish to be left alone but still have money to eat and also an infinite supply of drugs
gay anarcho-posadist gang


Well, you know, UFOs are homosexual crusties from outer space, come to liberate the proletariat from our sexual inhibitions and back pockets.


It's true, this is undeniable science.


I wish for the bone lump in my knee to go away.


File: 1520602812096.jpg (52.33 KB, 600x525, ios_large_1471760024_image.jpg)

I'm looking forward to Easter. It'll be nice to have something to punctuate the usual day to day and to get to spend some time with family. Probably be pretty dreary though as it's getting into Autumn here.
I've been pretty lucky that I've never really had to deal with any chronic shit like that. Always been smooth sailing except for some broken bones.



I've got a cyst in my wrist so I can kind of know what you're going through, sushi. At least I don't need to use my wrist to walk, though. You keep us updated if you can get treatment, ok?


i wish i could be in person with my boyfriend, he's so far away.


Aw. Is this temporary or are you guys on a long distance relationship?


>tfw also have this bullshit


sort of a long-distance open relationship. We haven't actually talked to each other in a while.


>long-distance open relationship
Then it's not a relationship.
What do words even mean anymore?


File: 1521035054770.png (101.67 KB, 450x443, 1466334379726.png)

Each day we stray further from the path of god.


If you miss him then talk to him. But what is a sort of open relationship?
Relationship just mean interactions between different objects, you're attributing meanings where it's not needed.


File: 1521068322879.jpg (5.38 KB, 291x191, OA.jpg)

>Relationship just mean interactions between different objects


Let's get this thread back on track. Remember to keep it cozy.

I honestly wish for a good first teaching experience. My class starts in one week. I'm a little nervous because it's my first time being on the other side of the desk.


I think you'll really enjoy it once the ball starts rolling. Starting something new is always kinda spooky, especially when you're in a leadership role. Once the first few minutes goes by and you get a bearing of where you are and where you're going you'll be to busy doing stuff to worry.

Good luck when the time comes!


This tuesday a new teacher gave us a class (wasn't bad), yesterday another older one gave a long summary of the same class because we unintentionally misguided her -we couldn't remember the terms she mentioned while asking the topics he taught us-. Both have the same style of teaching and used the same presentation, made by the new teacher, but they said different things to teach the same concepts. Her class was much better thanks to her experience; it was more fluid, shorter, had better examples, etc.
What i'm saying is, you are still green so you'll miss a lot of things but if you enjoy the experience, with time and dedication, it'll work out.


I wish my brain were a little less broken.


>that pic


Whats wrong, sushi roll?


I feel like my brain doesn't work well with the world around it. I can't do things that most people seem to be able to. For example, many people have shitty jobs but just deal with it, but for me even a job that isn't on the grand scheme of things that bad makes me feel like complete shit and takes the joy out of everything. There's a bunch of other similar examples where there's things people just deal with but seem to effect me much more. I think I'm just emotionally weak.


File: 1521525607072.png (52.97 KB, 500x518, I don't know.png)

>For example, many people have shitty jobs but just deal with it, but for me even a job that isn't on the grand scheme of things that bad makes me feel like complete shit and takes the joy out of everything.
Well, I currently have quite a shitty job and it is indeed taking the joy out of everything, I especially get gloomy on Sundays since my free time is coming to an end. I don't think that people just "deal with it", I believe that they hate it as well, they're just hiding it. There's nothing wrong with wanting a fulfilling job.


File: 1521536986922.png (93.54 KB, 1191x670, serval-chan 3d.png)

I wish I had a serval… They're cute!
And also a gf or a bf T_T


Having a shitty job is really tough, but I think "hiding it" really is the essence of "dealing with it". Yea, it still bothers us, but we keep that pain to ourselves so that it doesn't bother anyone else. I try to stay positive while I'm around other people so they don't feel bad for me, idk if that makes any sense though.

So whenever someone asks me how my job is, I try my best to tell them about anything I enjoy about it, rather than bring in the negativity of how bad it is.

Also to OP, on the topic of BFs, I hope you find a good guy soon enough. Just try not to rush anything.


I want to stay positive like that, but I'm really bad at it. When I'm by myself, I find myself thinking that I should stay positive, but when I'm confronted with a situation where I have to talk about my life, I end up talking about the negative things anyways, even when there are lots of positive things that I have learned and experienced at my job.


Well, I guess that's just how it is then. I hope you're able to find a more suitable job soon.


I don't want it to be like that, but I often forget that when I meet with people. It seems to me like building a positive relationship with others is much easier when you share something positive together.


Sharing a common experience, whether positive or negative, does form a relationship among people. Happy experiences form happy relations, angry experiences form angry relations. That's why I always try to keep my relationships positive, since it will be beneficial for both parties involved.

Glad to hear you're finding people who can help you through tough times.


I still haven't gotten a nuclear apocalypse like I wanted so I suppose I'd better reroll.

I wish that humanity never makes it to outer space again. Trap us here in the corpse of the mother we killed in the name of McDouble wrappers and electric car batteries.

We will have our revenge, though, and shoot our garbage out of cannons at the uncaring stars, so that it might founder and return to Earth, killing millions in a stinky, semisolid hail of refuse.


Only thing that comes to mind is that I wish I had a somewhat nerdy GF who likes cute stuff and enjoys fashion so we could shop for cloths together and create cute arrangements and stuff. If they were also as much of a loaner as me that'd be perfect.
shikata ga nai


Two weeks, no rain of trash, no apocalypse, and no boyfriend.
Third time is the charm, right?
I wish that Earth would be vaporized instantly by one of those gamma ray bursts from dying stars. I want to die agonizingly before I even know why I'm dying, leaving only a few lethally irradiated scraps of flesh drifting throughout the unforgiving void of space as the sole evidence of the past 23 years of my existence.


I personally wish to have the motivation to better myself. I also wish I were able to find a way to make enough income to live somewhat comfortably without having to deal with the general public. And finally I wish to have a decent PC rig as well as to have a room dedicated to my childhood.


As pathetic as it sounds I've been alone all my life and wish I could know what it's like to love and be loved, even if for just a day. Not just creepy guys who keep stalking me and wont take "I'm not gay" for an answer.


I wish people could hold more than contempt in their heart for their species


I don't do that lol.
I just want everything to suck ass for everyone forever, including myself and the people I like.


A cute gf to cuddle up with during rainy nights…

Failing that miracle, maybe to be more adept at social interaction (of any kind) so I could more easily talk to different kinds of people


I've managed to accomplish a lot despite being a hopeless NEET with no prospects and can't even keep a job. When the time comes for me to go, I wish I can pass away with no regrets.


>I've managed to accomplish a lot despite being a hopeless NEET with no prospects and can't even keep a job.
Same. I wish I could be as content with that as you seem to be. I know one should be happy for what they have not sad for what they don't have, but that's easier said than done I've found.
Most people my age seem to be struggling for money, living paycheck to paycheck (if they even have a job), while dealing with the stress of school and massive amounts of debt. Meanwhile I've got a small savings, money to blow, a decent house, a paid off car, and a job I don't hate. I should by all accounts me happy but I'm not. Feels like it doesn't matter if I'm doing well financially if I have no one to share it with (no friends or partner), and I doubt that'll ever change. Still, I do 'try' to be content with what I have.


stop being so edgy, you're scaring the children

btw, funny thing you post this kind of thing while using the internet and computers, but i guess its ok when you do it but not ok when everybody does it


My stance against space travel is uncompromisingly tongue-in-cheek. As are my stances against world peace and the molecular integrity of Earth as well as its inhabitants.

Furthermore, time for another wish, seeing as I am infuriatingly neither dead, romantically involved, nor under the influence of unimaginable suffering.

I wish for every animal, abstract concept, man, woman, and child on Earth be doomed to sexual frustration. There shall never be another orgasm to be had upon this planet, no matter what new depths of depravity humanity sinks to in search of satisfaction, and no matter the damage both the degeneracy and the blue balls cause civilization, I wish that we shall never find release again. How many will die with futility in the name of cum? Not enough, I say. Even if everyone dies in the name of cum, it will never be enough.


> the corpse of the mother we killed
I wish people would stop mixing this up. Humans are not killing the planet, we're mostly killing ourselves and maybe some animals along with us. The planet has been here for billions of years before humans, and will still be here for billions of years after humans. Mankind's footprint on this planet is microscopic in the grand scheme of things, and it's arrogant to think more of it. You might as well tell a kid at the beach that he's ruining the ocean by pissing in the water. The ocean is fine, It's the kid who's standing in a pool of his own piss.
If the planet and can survive getting slammed by a meteor that wiped out almost all life, it can survive some plastic bottles and wrappers.


It has been well over two weeks since my last wish.

Everybody can still reach orgasm just fine, which is terrible. So we're going to try this again.

I wish that Earth would be invaded by an alien-ass horde of long and strong girls, hellbent upon the omnicide of the human race, as well as our cats, dogs, etc. Any animal which is loved must too be curbstomped to death and beyond by evil amazons from space.

Nay, the long and strong girls do not kill swiftly with bombs, lasers, and bullets. They tear their still-living prey to pieces through their longness and strongness, and squoosh the sticky, shapeless remains of the innocent between their uncharacteristically short and frail toes. Also, they keep ghost bumping their thread over on /hell/ for some reason. Their atrocities are unforgivable.

May God herself have mercy on our souls as tall women and female wrestlers manually brutalize our pets and children into lifeless piles of ruined meat and sundered bone. But, alas, there will be no point to prayer in this new life of length, strength, and torment that never seems to end.




I think they meant to post this here >>>/hell/1239



I love you sushi


Nah bro, this is a shitposting crossover arc.
You're going to regret saying that if I ever get what I want :P

But thank you nonetheless and I'll see y'all in two weeks.
The next wish will involves snakes, I think. Lots of snakes, whole bushels of them. Or bundles. I don't know how snakes are quantified.


I wish I was dead.


I wish for the creation of a new superdrug to surpass astronomically the prevalence and destructiveness of Fentanyl. I wish that said drug will be unlike all others in its density and ability to keep cohesion in a gaseous state, so that one junkie lighting up with the neck of a beer bottle will create enough toxic fumes to permanently alter the brain chemistry of all living things within a 3-dimensional radius of 50 feet. Second hand smoke will come to annihilate billions within months of regular usage by a handful of dedicated hedonists, burnouts, and psychonauts.

Withdrawals will be invariably fatal, there can be no chemical cocktail to dry you out from humanity's doom.

I am not asking the universe so much for the invention of a mere drug as I am asking for a narcotic plague, a novel anguish to be inflicted upon our polluted world. If we must suffer and die, as my continued romantic frustration has decreed once again, then let us suffer horrors of new and unthinkable breeds before dying in bizarre and disgusting circumstances. I merely wish to deepen humanity's understanding, just not of anything that we would ever want to know.

Furthermore, this drug must have debilitating side effects on the user, I'm thinking Krokodil leprosy but for lobes of the brain, driving addicts into a state of deranged and violent dementia that neither bath salts nor huffing gasoline could ever hope to achieve.

I'm hoping also for this drug to be contaminated with hardy and self-replicating biological agents, especially ones that feed on the flesh and venous tissue of the victim, so that the lip scabs and collapsed veins typical of crackheads and dope fiends will envelop the victim's entire body in an agonizing harlequin pattern so sickening that only God could could be amused by the fates of the innocents so infested by this second hand smoke.

I want the global reaction to this devastating threat to our existence to be tainted from the very start by corruption and ignorance, like how every other dangerous new narcotic has been received throughout history, as a communal sense of caution remains strictly the domain of more dangerous things such as tomatoes, weed, and gluten.

The medical industry will lie about this drug, lie about its effects, pretend that it is a medicine like they do with Oxycontin and Ritalin, and so profit off of their scorn of Hippocrates and human decency itself. Companies in China will hock this vile chemical out with record pace, undaunted by the innumerable-yet-mounting casualties amongst the child slaves who produce this drug in total ignorance and fear. The governments of the world will lash out amidst the waves of crime, disease, and panic. Our leaders, our best and brightest, will be greedily pushing this drug and arresting their customers to be enslaved for life within the prison system. Children will push this drug on children, making it cool and rebellious to become unrecognizable under the web of pustulent sores that was once your skin. Parents, being worthless and moronic like usual, will be unable to conceive of the idea that my dream drug is what is killing their children, and will unleash their grief and rage into a number of lobbys, blaming medical marijuana, bump stocks, immunizations, incels, the financial industry, even Islam or the acceptance of homosexuality as the cause for the unceasing self-destruction and the end of our posterity.

Also, I wish for a lot of snakes to come and kill everybody. Thanks for reading.


File: 1527441740952.jpg (221.23 KB, 867x1200, nicomaki.jpg)

these are goods wishes sushi rolls

i wish i was a kawaii animu girl with a girlfriend


Thanks for complimenting my wish.
Maybe all three of us will sway the sushichan gods with our pleas and you'll get to be a cute anime lesbian that then immediately dies of skin-dissolving supercrack. May your unimaginably painful last moments on this mortal coil find you in a passionate yet festering and sticky embrace with your 2d sweetheart ^_^


Fuck I'm late. Probably because I get high all of the time. Maybe I should wish for a way to get my life together, or even just sobriety.

Nah. I wish for a series of earthquakes to shatter the world into a cluster of asteroids that then for some stupid reason collide with each other over and over again, reducing humanity's collective legacy to microscopic particles of detritus that will drift worthlessly through the irradiated abyss of deep space until the end of time.

As an addendum I wish for our fate to be witnessed by sentient beings of other livable worlds, and that the news of Earth's sudden and retarded destruction will cause mass panic in these alien worlds, resulting in secret orders of Herbert Mullin assassins appearing in every city to gruesomely sacrifice innocent people to their planets' various faultlines in the desperate hope of avoiding death by asteroid sex.

To complete my wish, I also wish for these same spacefaring cultures to entirely avoid the earthquake doom that killed us all, by means of a supermassive black hole consuming each and every one of their homeworlds. I'm gonna go do some chores and then get messed up.


I wish I could find another girl like my ex and just exist with her worry free. I wish I could be free of social anxiety and exist comfortably around people. I wish I could overcome my laze and work on myself and starting my own business like I said I would. I wish I could quit all my vices and be content without them.


I wish the world to become free of degeneracy.


You know, the easiest way to get rid of all of the degenerates is to just kill the fucking world.

Then there will be no gravity or atmosphere, both of which are prerequisites for the process of masturbating to futanari.


File: 1529573596014.png (5.41 KB, 384x384, 69329420_p0.png)

Join us! Degeneracy is for everyone. Have a drink before noon, and play video games all day.


i wish
>to do well school & career wise
>to be healthy
that's it


Less wish, more hope. I hope I will be able to find a good group of friends at uni this fall. I've made big life transitions before, but every time, I have a little bit of difficulty meeting new people and developing strong relationships. I wish for a good group of people who I can rely on for emotional, academic and social support. Just super nervous about "the first week" I guess…


i wish for your wish to come true, sushi ;)


A possessive anime gf who bullies and hurts me but still loves me, though I know this will never happen
Alternatively a lethal dose of morphine will suffice


I have the gf now but she still won't hurt me.


Where did you obtain an anime gf
please tell me this instant


He wished that God would die.

God thanked him for his sympathy.


I'm a little more down than usual so I just wish that everyone who ever lived or has yet to live would spontaneously combust.

Past, present, future, whatever let's blow up the entire fucking timeline right now. I can't wait to have a clear schedule from now on!


A hidden secret imageboard on the internet


for a gf please
I'm getting really lonely. My anxiety has gotten pretty bad lately. At least I have some friends at Uni, but it's clear they don't really care.
I know how socially weird I am but I think it would be nice if at least one person irl would genuinely tell me I'm a good person.


Justification comes from within buddeh. Your anxiety is flaring up because you aren't okay with yourself. But that's alright, if you're looking for a girl go join a club/band/etc. or start going out to shows/readings/socials if not to socialize just to people watch. Remember what may seem weird to you, people won't even notice.
Your perception of yourself is completely different than what other people think of you. Love ya sushi, hope everything works out.


Thanks man. You're absolutely right. I probably just need to go out more.
Yeah, it is hard to gauge what people think of me. I think it is better to just focus on improving myself and let people think what they want to think.
I'll see if there are any clubs that I could join. Would really help to socialise some more.
I love you too, Sushi!


I wish for death without fear. An exit from this torment without the primal terror that comes with considering it.
Or just, like, a bunch of heroin that would be cool too.


My dating situation has not improved, I got stood up for a date on Monday and the guy at work who I'm kinda batting eyes at is giving me mixed signals.

But in the spirit of getting back out there, let's try another wish. I wish that Nazi terrorists from a distant galaxy would target Earth for a universe-spanning acid attack. If everyone's faces have been melted off by space Aryans, I'd bet that fucker two departments over wouldn't be so weird with me. Can't have high dating standards if you don't have a face bae, buy me some fucking flowers already.


You sound kinda scary, sushi roll.
… that turns me on.


Aw shucks <3

Just out of curiousity though, do you have a face? Not a dealbreaker either way ;)


I wish I was cute


File: 1532363416813.gif (512.11 KB, 500x500, 1530671758973.gif)

I wish for an amazing chicken sandwich, or a qt chubby girl to take to dnd nights. Either would be fulfilling

I also wish to hit this bong one more time.


File: 1532380587018.png (1.41 MB, 1359x1746, 50e6e00410bc8052e2c366d8ae….png)

Hey You!
Yeah I'm talkin' to you.
Stop all this wishing buisness! Stop daydreaming about being the worlds best ice skater or whatever and do it. If a wish is totally impossible or highly immoral then get rid of it, otherwise turn it into a plan and start working on it.


I wish for good times, good people, and good nights.
I wish for strawberry cheesecake and minimal fights.


I wish I would get the job I applied for. I destroyed the teamwork assessment and the interview went well but with 200 down to 15 applicants everyone will have done well.

It's my dream jobbut It's been 4 days since the interview so I suspect someone elsewhere has gotten a happy phone call and my rejection hasn't been sent yet.

I'm so anxious.


I wish I could be a master at coding, PC repair, computer networking, and just anything that involves electronics and/or programming.


Four days is a pretty short time - often candidates will be interviewed over one to two weeks. Good luck!
(And next time, ask the interviewers what the timeframe for receiving a response is!)


File: 1532682103212.gif (1.28 MB, 510x516, 1447895083557.gif)



File: 1532712320800-0.jpg (28.69 KB, 500x444, 09842ac9c25f019fec81d3632d….jpg)

File: 1532712320800-1.gif (446.45 KB, 500x500, VYY6F5o.gif)

I just got an email offering me the position.
I'm so happy and relieved. It's as though everything around me fell apart and then quickly rebuilt all brand new and shiny.

Thank you for listening to my blog sushis, I wish the happiness I feel at the moment to befall all of you in equal measure.


I'm happy. Hope the new job works out great for you. What kind of job is it?


Congrats on the job!

That's a reported 2 wishes granted out of a little under 60 posted, including the OP. Odds are thusly a little better than one in thirty. I have made 8 wishes so far (I believe) at two week intervals, 22 more wishes to close the gap with those odds, 44 weeks, 308 days, if I keep at this shit I'll be almost sure to have murdered everything by June of next year. Now I gotta wish for a calendar so I can mark it.


File: 1532782550029-0.jpg (845.31 KB, 1600x1067, 1491739584479.jpg)

File: 1532782550029-1.webm (791.16 KB, 640x480, 1491161273244.webm)

I'm gonna be a mechanical and electrical engineer on passenger trains! It's my dream job since I was a kid, I can't believe it's happening. It's a 4 year long apprentice thing then I get a qualification in rail engineering at the end.

Thanks sushi. I hope some of your 8 wishes will be granted.


File: 1532791885958.jpg (217.1 KB, 850x603, __original_drawn_by_magata….jpg)

i feel ridiculously happy for you. congrats!!

i wish money wasn't so important. i just wanna live on a pretty countryside and raise some chickens and fruit trees, not work a shitty 9-5 every week. (technically nothing's stopping me, but if it doesn't work out i have nothing to fall back on)


File: 1532919927995.jpg (114.99 KB, 1120x1202, ゆうかりん^^.jpg)

i wish i could learn to accept transience
eventually, all my backups will fail. the pictures i drew as a kid will be lost, and everyone i;ve ever known will forget me and i will forget them and all the times we spent together. i know this is a very level-zero issue to face, and i;m embarrassed i still haven;t conquered it after all these years, but i can;t help but obsess over it and it;s ruining my life. i just want to exist, but every action or interaction leads to more sadness. i;m afraid to let go of things that make me feel happy, so i horde whatever it is, a video or a conversation with someone or whatever, only to feel worried they will eventually disappear.
i want to learn to embrace it. i wana lean into the ephemeral nature of everything, i think that will make me a happier person. i;m just scared i will always be too weak to get there.
ideally, i would be happy alone and with nothing. i just can;t imagine myself a strong enough person to achieve that.


I used to find I was scared of transience. I'd find I'd ask the question, "if I could go back, would I?" a lot, and I'd always think yes, I'd like to go back to times past, like high school or college. Those were good times.
That changed, and I think what changed it was I invested myself and became more connected with the life I'm living today, and the life I'm going to be living. In the spirit of this thread, that's what I wish for: to learn to think better and be healthier. I'm getting there and doing better than I used to, but I've still got a long ways to go, I definitely don't always think in the way that's best for me. One day I asked that question and decided I didn't feel like going back. The situation is never the same for different people, but for me accepting transience wasn't what would make me happier, but being happier allowed me to accept transience. I just wasn't willing to accept it because I was so dissatisfied with the quality of it. Maybe it might help you to try to learn to be stronger in general, improve the quality of transience, and see how that changes how you feel. It sounds bizarre, and definitely isn't as simple as I've typed it out, but I genuinely think that might help.


Everything is temporary and therefore disposable.


File: 1533121082345.jpg (28.12 KB, 574x430, 1519579824186.jpg)

I wish I didn't have to waste such an exorbitant amount of time dealing with society just to maintain my basic life needs. I don't care about family, social lives, careers, traveling, celebrating pointless things, I don't care about any of it. I just wanna spend the little time I have on this planet learning, experimenting, and using my knowledge to make fun things for other people free of charge


this a million times. You put into words what I have been thinking for a long time.


Over the past two-ish weeks, I have had an epiphany. I shouldn't be searching for love from another person to give my life meaning. I should find love within myself, for myself, in order to find fufillment in this life.

In that spirit, time for another wish!

I wish I would be flattened by a chunk of that blue toilet ice which falls off of the sides of passing airplanes from time to time. I hope the frozen frequent flyer poop reaches terminal velocity as it crashes down atop my head, so that it will splatter as it crushes me into a gory paste.

I want the mortician to be stuck just scooping globs of me mixed with shit slush into a coffin, so that my remains can seep through the wood and soak the stench of rando shit deep within the palms of my pallbearers. Every time they masturbate, their dicks will reek and they'll think of me. My everlasting legacy and the final sum of my entire life will be smelly penis nostalgia, plus a collection of porn magazines that I left in a trash can by a bus stop a couple weeks ago.


Well that took a quick turn.

In my short time on this spacerock I learned, or at least I think I learned, that even though we experience feelings as a completely internal mechanism, they do tend to have outward effects that we are not fully aware of. The human body and brain is a ridiculously complex interaction of cause and effect. So, if what I say is true, when for example you're looking for love from someone else, but you don't love yourself, then that lack of love for yourself will shine through, in your mood, your behavior, your speech patterns, and other people will pick up on that. And it may turn them off from you. And even they may not fully understand why they're not keen on you, but they just will. Because just like you, they are a complex mechanism of cause and effect, and they pick up on very small signals, and those have an effect on them, without fully understanding what they are.

This rationale is also why in the last couple years I made a complete u-turn from being a cynical asshole into being an idealist with the guts to dream big. I've convinced myself that everything you do, everything you say, every time you smile at someone, or even just look them in the eyes, you are having effect on the people around you. And then those people go on to have an effect on even more people, and so on, and so on. It's kinda like a moral butterfly effect. And once I accepted that, I was pretty much left with the choice of whether I wanted to spread out a positive, or a negative influence. And honestly for me the choice was made pretty easily.

I'm wall-of-texting basically just to say yeah, I agree with you, you should find love within yourself. But I kinda wanted to provide some context as to why I think this way. Maybe another lost soul with a like mind will read this and pick up on it. And I'd honestly take it even a step farther, you might have to find love for other people before you will find it in yourself. Or you might even have to work both in tandem. If you spread hate, hate might propel forward, and it might eventually bounce back. If you spread love, love might propel forward, and it might eventually bounce back. So at the very least, it can't hurt your chances to game the world's overall mood a little bit.


Yeah, I'm already very shy and all of this negativity I've been festering over is starting to put people off IRL. Strangers get upset when I make eye contact. They can see what I think of them.


Sushichan using Y/M/D date format.


For a sushi wish, I wish it was about twice as active.

For a real wish, I wish I could interact with anyone, or even just my partner, without anxiety. Without remembering a misstatement I made 15 years ago.




File: 1534210395571.jpg (267.33 KB, 1280x720, ahhhh_yomimasu_kanaaaa.jpg)


That doesn't sound very comfy.


Strangers are strangers. People forget. I think even if you feel you messed up for them it won't make any difference in the long run. The only person it really affects is yourself, depending on how you deal with it


See, I kinda like it, but it's not fixing any of my problems. Might even be causing new ones.


File: 1534739849034.jpg (210.51 KB, 1916x1080, 87453186.jpg)

I wish I had majored in something I enjoyed instead of something I thought would make me a lot of money. Took me just five years of working in this field for me to realize I hate it.


Two weeks of reflection and self-improvement later, turns out I'm actually not capable of loving anything at all. Hey, at least I tried. Might as well still pine for some cuddles and regular dickings, though.

So, I wish for everyone in the universe to be killed in a mugging. Hand over your space wallets or don't, aliens, you're still getting your wigs split.


I wish this >>4060 sushi roll's entertaining and misanthropic wishes all come true, no matter how mutually exclusive they are.


Thank you for your support. Hopefully the world ends soon, my bed is cold.


I really need someone I can be affectionate with
Being alone is killing me


File: 1535234158404.jpg (16.3 KB, 480x360, we all know that feel.jpg)


I have been talking to a nice guy who seems to have a lot in common with me, we've connected almost instantly in a way I had forgotten was possible. He's opening me up to the idea of becoming a more sensitive and caring person, I remember what it was like to not hate the world!

I wish that all children on Earth age 13 and younger would be consumed from the inside out by infinitely-replenishing maggots summoned straight from the most sickening of the darkest pits of Hell.


File: 1536153874738-0.gif (2.78 MB, 320x216, 8c061e6ee0f19e4e14cd056303….gif)

File: 1536153874738-1.png (2.65 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

as long as he doesn't make you caring enough that you stop wishing the best wishes then that's great

I wish that all the worlds nuclear weapons mysteriously launch themselves into a global coverage pattern, simultaneously ending the lives of all living people in the most beatifully unifying human experience that we'll ever witness.
We can't be together in life but we will all be together in death.


Your wish is actually kind of beautiful. I hope it comes true :3


My only worry is that we don't have enough nukes to cover the entire earth. We have enough to destroy modern civilization and plunge the earth into a centuries long nuclear winter but not enough to actually kill every last person. If there are going to be survivors there's no point.

How can we convince the world's leaders that we need thousands more multi-megaton nukes to be safe?

Or maybe it could be accomplished with a single gigantic nuclear weapon with yield well into the Gigatons. There's no practical upper limit on fusion bomb yield, is there?


File: 1537467841909.jpg (39.06 KB, 594x686, i wish for world clean.jpg)


frick you


File: 1537569098907.jpg (1.06 MB, 1255x2300, 32a7fdce4d11bd30264f6c2596….jpg)

I did some reading and we definitely do not have enough bombs to cover even the populated surface of Earth, we'd be stuck with the boring slow death. You're also right about the Hydrogen bomb, the Teller-Ulam design can theoretically have as many 'stages' as needed to make as large a yield as you want, so it's not an impossible dream, just very difficult to realise. You're not limited by the convential issue of increased fallout by using radioactive tampers, since nobody will really be around to experience it. I hope it doesn't inconvenience the animals too much, they get enough shit off us already.

be my guest, maybe it would probably stop me wishing for the death of all humanity


Whoops I'm late. I wish for the entire human race to discover the secrets of the universe and what lies beyond it, if anything. I wish for our species to be united in finally understanding all there is to understand. This is not the same thing as wishing for us all to know all there is to know, I'm wishing for each and every one of us to fully grasp the nature, and therefore the meaninglessness, of our existence and that of all other things. I hope for humanity to be crushed by the acedia that comes with knowing where your journey will take you before it has even begun. I want even the most stunted of minds to become rootbound and cynical as both mystery and wonder fade away like sweet dreams enjoyed before a groggy awakening back into a world that is as pointless as it is cold and ugly.

Metaphysics will take its place among the now-futile sciences; let us all have our noblest desires drained from us by an indefatigable refutation against exploration. Though we will never wander again, we shall be forever lost.
A man after my own heart.


File: 1537809219483.jpg (152.64 KB, 640x480, 1508544210307.jpg)

I wish I had a qt sushiroll gf to cuddle with.


I wanted to make a joke about how you could make me your qt gf despite the fact I'm a dude and straight but honestly, I want a gf too. I want to be some girl's qt bf.


… are you me? Why all the people looking for calm intelligent and caring anime watching bf are always on the other side of the world or sushi rollymous on the web? Well, at least I know someone exists!


File: 1537936858892.jpg (472.78 KB, 1638x2048, 1537551481975.jpg)

i had a dream recently that i had a girlfriend. we were in a sort of mental hospital that were individual floating rooms on some sort of sea. i remember talking to her about eyes and she said she had "full eyes" where as most people have half or quarter eyes. eventually we washed ashore and there were a bunch of pink and blue glittery shirts hanging and a bunch of pink and blue glittery guitars. the next thing i remember was being on a ferris wheel and getting separated. she handed me a box, we held hands, then i woke up.


File: 1537937675828.jpg (21.24 KB, 259x194, images.jpg)

i forgot to mention her tan (mine) and black (hers?) homemade teddy bears on the ferris wheel and a shack city whose view was all glitchy. the phrase "pencil neck" was uttered at some point.


Meh, not my best work. It's kind of a shame to leave on such a dry note. This has been fun though, looks like I beat the odds I mocked up in >>3842 and was granted the most horrific and destructive of the wishes I have made here.

My boyfriend just texted me, I gotta go. Good luck to all on your wishes and I'll see y'all in hell.


I know that guitar. That's Yvette Young's!


i wish i was as godlike of a programmer/sysadmin as the sysops in cyberpunk literature


> falling in love with dream girl in mental dream ward
I can relate to this so hard. >>4282 Thank's for the link! My musician horizon got extended. Now I want to equip slugs with jetpacks.


Well, that hurt. I wish that the Earth would just stop spinning. That way, everyone will be not only bored but also disappointed with me as we all burn and/or freeze to death. Fuck you.


I have an idea in my head for a new firearm that will could prove to be a moderate success with the sporting community. I wish I had the knowledge and skill to shape what I dream of out of metal. I've always been able to think of art and designs, but I've never been able to bring them to fruition. It's like my brain and my hands don't cooperate.


File: 1539602246328.jpg (139.91 KB, 800x939, 1521148434327.jpg)

for me to actually be happy for once and share the moment with someone else. i also wish to live in a place where i didn't have to hide myself from family.


File: 1539604700124.jpg (353.49 KB, 1333x1200, 64293432_p0.jpg)

I wish to fit in. Even if it is just a little bit. Just enough to be able to stand on my own two feet.

I'm told I'm a loser for not having a job, but nobody wants to give me a job because I'm a loser, even jobs that I feel I am very qualified for. It feels like they think I'm too much of a loser to give me a chance to not be one, but they still feed me and keep me alive. The last part is confusing to me.


you just got to keep applying to places and eventually someone will take you in. it might be easier if you put down any school experience with anything down. I told my last employer i had 100 hours of community service without really elaborating that it was part of a scholarship i failed to get and they thought it was super impressive. little stuff like that could help. i understand how you feel completely though, i was in a similar position


File: 1539625436076.jpg (65.94 KB, 630x630, 2568798_0.jpg)

My only wish is for a friend. One I can talk to about anything without being afraid of being judged. Currently, only my journal accomplishes that role. I have resorted to naming the journal and writing like in letter-like style. As if I were writing to that friend. That's my only solace.


I wish I could give advice, but I have no idea to find such good friends. Most of my irl friends moved on over the years, and I can't stay any of them are the kind of people that I can share anything with. I have some e-buddies tho, can talk to them about anything, and we do seem to care for eachother. That friendship kinda just happened on its own tho. They're just a group I started chatting with on some forum 10-15 years ago, and we just stuck together for all this time.

I guess the trick is to join various group you think might be interesting to you, then see which community you click with.


File: 1539626579936.png (218.89 KB, 847x600, 63902954_p3.png)

I almost forgot. I hope your wish comes true. :3


So true! I really like drawing so I could find some communities to join and see what happens, it's a pretty exciting prospect!


No harm could come from speaking with an expert. If you don't have a gunsmith in your social network, seek one out, make small business with them to feel them out. If you think there's a rapport there, give them what information you can and ask them what they think.

If they like it, and want to work on it, offer what support you can. Maybe being their gopher won't get as much credit as you'd like, but one of your ideas will actually come into being and that would be amazing by itself.


I wish I had a physical synthesizer. They're such cool instruments but money has been hard to come across nowadays.


I wish that the Mongols would once again burst out of the steppelands to gloriously massacre and/or tuckus-rape all of civilization.

The horrors and depredations of totally tubular brosephinorinos such as Timur-i-Leng, Subudai, Hulegu Khan and the big man himself Kung Pao Chicken will be put to fucking shame by this new wave of pastoral nomad forcible assplay/eradication of entire nations.

Fearless Keshik lancers will ride their steeds over mountains of dead formerly-innocent children, past ruined skyscrapers melted by the callous fires of war into giant glass penii swaffling the lips of God, range far and wide until even the chaste and peaceful Penguin tribes of Antarctica have either been buggered or murderered to the fanfare of myriad edgy middle school history buffs. Pound those tight, flightless little asses until the quorks of anguish and shame can be heard all the way over in Australia.

For one last time, hunky Asian killing machines with cool helmets will rule the tattered remnants of the world from horseback, making everyone schlep all of the fucking way back to Karakorum to perform the basic functions of government, such as appealing parking tickets, or getting bent over a hardy steppe pony and devastatingly sodomized.

Finally, I wish that all the subjugated sedentary losers of the world would now get superplague from all of the toxic conqueror loads infected with fleas which live within the mighty Altai Mountain Oysters like so many strains of itchy HIV. May the victorious hordes from parts unknown poz everyone to death after they're done murdering the everloving fuck out of us with their primitive encirclement tactics and funky mustaches. Also they get drunk by fermenting like, horse milk or some shit and that's just fucking gross.


I have a minilogue and some peripheral audio kit (couple of volcas, a mixer, an audio interface). It is very fun to lay everything out and make some sounds, but I will say that I have more fun just playing music on my midi keyboard and some Arturia V-collection VSTs. The 4 note polyphony is sometimes a bit limiting on the minilogue. It all depends what you enjoy doing, but I get a lot of joy from just playing music live on vintage instruments, and of course I couldn't afford the real things. I'll have a bit of money coming in later in the year and I'm debating whether to buy a Nord Electro, since I love Organs and Pianos maybe even more than Synths, so it's a toss up between that or save money by getting a DX7


One can only hope. It won't be nomadic pastoralists the next time round, but those who end up living in harsh conditions outside civilization. The oceans, the planets, the stars…


I wish every human being alive would get their left arm caught in a meat grinder. Anyone who does not have a left arm has to sit this one out I guess, sucks to be them.


>Kung Pao Chicken will be put to fucking shame by this new wave of pastoral nomad forcible assplay
>nomad forcible assplay
Are you a professional writer or something? Holy fuck was that sentence amazing, I shouldn't be laughing but here I am… laughing like a retard.


To be honest I'm astonished that anyone reads my shit anymore, so damn, that actually means a lot to me, sushi. Thank you!

No, I never went pro. I got something published in Black Fog a while back and that's about it. I haven't been writing as much since I torched all my papers back in July.


i havent posted on sushichan before(url says sushigirl but idk)
i know wishes may not mean anything but i guess its a fun lil thing to do. i wish for a reinvigorated passion, the kind i had when i was a kid, where i could spend a week straight working on something, even if it didnt end up very good. i just wanna get excited about stuff again
also i like the aesthetic of the site, the suchi pics and header imgs are cute


Welcome to the site you spicy california roll you :3


i just want to have a cute bf and read books and watch anime and play video games and stuff with him
also i wish i wash mentally healthy

basically i want all my major problem to go away and have a quiet life with a nice boy


I have another wish, but I'm going to make it happen. I've tried multiple times and failed but I'm going to to it again and again until I succeed. I wish for less negativity in my life. And I'm going to start with the Internet. I got a head start because I prefer history videos and other things that allow me to learn about something rather than stupid rant videos and other two minute hate videos that people love to put out plus I've been getting bored of them. And to add to that, I only post on here and some subreddits now.

I'm going to reduce contact with negative people who just whine and friendly lady all the time too. I'm done with having negative thoughts that stay in my head all day and make my mood bad and my blood boil. I'm going to have to make another journal for this though, whatever, I'll make this wish and others come true.


File: 1543703943440.jpg (73.03 KB, 600x593, crying_flowers_by_sarangha….jpg)

Oh wow it's been a while. Things worked out! have a really solid group of friends, the best human relationships I've ever formed in my life. Like, we care about each other and are more than just friends because we're in the same situation. The past few months have been so bloody hectic and new, it's hard to properly take it in. Super thankful to be in this position. Seasonal affective disorder has got me a little down, but my spirits are up!

Also would like a bf, but that might actually be in the works :)

I hope things similarly go well for all of you sushirolls!


Another sushi got their wish granted! I think that's the fourth one so far. Good job sushi.

I'll be away from the Internet for a month so I've gotta make this one count. I wish for another Ice Age to occur. This will see the world's arable land brought to a minimum for the next 12,000 years or so
and that will mean a nice, slow-burning period of mass starvation compounded with exposure.

A drastic climate change like this will obviously run concurrently with yet another global extinction event that I'm thinking will dwarf even the one we're experiencing right now in the Anthropocene. It is my hope that the surviving gene pool will be so small that only the hysterically inbred shall inheirit the Earth by the time of the thaw, and as such even after millenia of desperate struggle against the harshness of our new reality, all life on our fickle planet will have been doomed from the start anyways. uwu also I wish I won't be single on Christmas for once.


Just a GF, was quite a while back I had a relationship because of my very sparse social life. Anything else I could wish for is possible with just a bit of motivation and putting up a challenge to my lethargy.


I long ago gave up on wanting shit like relationships and friends, so I'd just wish for the ability to live in isolation for the rest of my life. I'd love nothing better than to lock myself away in a dark room and never have to leave until I waste away.


I wish for every man, woman and child who has ever lived to be agonizingly torn to shreds and devoured by >>4688

Who's hungry for some total isolation? You are, hopefully. Don't let your dreams be dreams!


I wish I wasn't miserable and could fit in with society. I wish I could make just the right amount of small talk/politeness or whatever it is I lack with the cashiers in the shops I frequent in my town so that I wouldn't be hated. I just want my bagel without a hassle please


I wish I had the insight on how to live in the best way that suits me and my future


The answer is out there somewhere! Keep those eyes open.


I wish that the Earth's entire water supply would get tainted with a mysterious, Lovecraftian laxative from space so that everyone would shit themselves (and each other) to death as hard as humanly possible.


Geez I've never seen such a pathetic thread. Okay no that obviously couldn't be true. Anyway, I wish for this thread to be gone and for me to forget I ever saw it. That would be really comfy for me right about now because it's killing my buzz. Thanks sadkins.


I wish that Love Live! would get a reboot. I am not quite sure how revisiting the Otonokizaka High School's original idol group would bring about the End of Days but I suppose that question will be for Dengeki G's Magazine, Sunrise Animation, and Lantis Records to figure out, not me.

Chop chop you bunch of friendly ladyes; I want to be Maki'd to death already and I've got other things that I need to be doing today.


I wish people would listen more. It feels like the entire world is talking past eachother.


File: 1550160249288.jpg (64.74 KB, 1280x720, Screener JP Color Fixed v3….jpg)

I want an alien girlfriend.


I wish that everyone who has ever lived would be forced at gunpoint to ride a motorcycle and do a jump over a shark. Those of us who complete the jump without crashing, getting shot, or becoming shark food will then be magically transformed into Henry Winkler and will be forced to live out his agonizing fate as a respected public speaker and a beloved pop culture icon.


i wish i'd stop feeling like i drive everyone away and missing a guy i know was probably not worth it.


I think you would like this video, sushi.



That already exists, sushi! It's called Cholera


I wanna live somewhere in a forest clearing. A cliff overlooking a small river, that's where I'd be. I wouldn't mind being free of the internet so long as I could relax there.


i wish the girl i met on twitter like me the same way i like her. he sees me only as a beloved and good friend, while i would love to starting dating her rn if that was possible. this used to hurt me a lot, now i'm' kinda okay with it


I wish I had at least 1 person who I could share my thoughts with and those thoughts would be heard.
At the start of this year I've lost the ability to feel anything, so now all the chances of getting to find that person are down the drain. I've become more fluent socially because I lost the fear, while at the same time I've also lost any desire to communicate whatsoever. Can't even finish this post properly now.


hang in there :( wanna talk?


>liking things in the current year

How post-Postmodern of you, sushi

Actually I did find this enjoyable. Thanks! (>'.')>


File: 1561088066756.png (209.56 KB, 256x256, 1554001993096.png)

I unironically wish for world peace. Everyone fucking hates each-other nowadays and I'm getting sick of it.


I've been feeling this way too. Maybe we can suffer together, sushi


>Everyone fucking hates each-other
But I don't hate you, sushi!
Btw cool wish, even if cliché. War sucks, and hatred sucks. Sadly hostility is sometimes justified as defence, but it still sucks. I wish people weren't so ready to hurt each other for personal profit


I wish for more control over my life.


The best is the life in which you're so vested into you can't reign in the course of the future.


I wish I could stop caring about what people think and letting it affect me to such an extent where I put my own life on hold. I’m slowly getting to a point where I’m caring less but it’s a work in progress.


File: 1563855273790.jpg (45.63 KB, 1000x800, 1410391867440.jpg)

peace of mind


Very few people are mentally tough enough to completely ignore what other people think. But I always remind myself that, in 99% of situations, no one will hurt you if they judge you. The opinions of others are not sharp weapons, even if they can seem like it.


You know that you live in a society, people are interdependent, and how people perceive you makes an actual impact on your daily life, right? From this perspective, it's rational to think that other people's opinions of you matter… because they do.
What you _should_ try to do is determine _which_ opinions matter and how much they matter. If you think about it like a game, ask yourself what moves you can make to maximize your chances of winning. Of course, you decide what "winning" is. You also decide whether you "choose not to play," which itself is still playing a (usually) uninformed strategy.


Well, of course there are some situations in which it matters what people think of you. If the person in question is a superior at work and his opinion is that you are unreliable, then that matters. But there are many more situations in which it doesn't matter: when it's a friend who considers your favourite hobby to be weird; when it's the person behind you in a queue who wants you to stop fiddling with your change and pay with card; when it's your dad who isn't entirely happy with the job you chose, etc. The sushi I replied to presumably faces this latter kind of situations, though I don't know the details, obviously!

I don't know if life is a game. Often what is considered 'winning' changes through life and, in the first place, finding out the objective is a part of life itself.


I wish I could have energy, or motivation, or a little contentment. These days I'm lucky if I wake up with just one of the three.


You don't suck at art.


the manga I'm reading to update more frequently, latest chapter ended on a cliffhanger and it's one of those "may release an update every few months if the author feels like it" kind of manga.


whoa you guys have a really nice board here, hopefully good things cone to all of you.
i wish he'd come back, even just for a moment so i could give him his christmas present and say goodbye.

then i could curl up and die in peace


I wish to turn back time


Higher IQ and a gf with similar interests as me.


I don't want to feel nothing but aggressive intrusive thoughts, I don't want to keep feeling anxiety when I leave the house when I know nothing bad ever happens, I dont even really want to stay hooked on Twitter when I know my feed is mostly pointless complaints and only brings me down, I'm making progress but I truthfully hope one day I get out of this funk and just learn to relax and become a better person.


the sweet release of death


File: 1569144268882.gif (102.02 KB, 500x281, trhyretwh4657u543.gif)

i wish for my plans to work, im trying my best and got pretty emotional about it


I just wish to gain the confidence to be able to stand by myself.


File: 1569266392851.jpg (413.39 KB, 1963x2000, Sho_lwlw-11178635652961443….jpg)

I wish to be a NEET again.
Then I can spend my days relaxing, sleeping a lot, programming nice things, making music etc.
Work would be ok if it would be 5 hours per day or something, but 8 hours is just too long. Even if the days aren't very busy, I still dont have enough energy to do something meaningful with the rest of the day.
Also a gf would be nice.


hey sushi, would mind to tell more about ur experiences and why you feel like this?


File: 1569363755392.jpg (118.1 KB, 1024x576, mpv-shot0012.jpg)

i wish to have control over things i remember and things i forgot


I wish I could just hold a stable job for over 2 years. Every programming gig I get, management ends up sperging out, firing everyone, and bringing their own guys in.
Also being able to finally move out would be great…


File: 1569436500670.png (1.38 MB, 1536x864, c3fb8bb25141606cfa44fd98df….png)

After being a NEET for 2 to 3 years or so, doing whatever I wanted every day,
I started needing money, so I got a job as a programmer for backend server stuff.
Its not very exciting, but its ok I guess. There is nothing I can really learn on the job, since my skill is quite high to begin with, and I programmed more complicated and larger things in my free time already.
So I cant say that I'm fired up going to work everyday.

Meanwhile being a NEET can be quite enjoyable, at least if you manage to keep a well managed lifestyle.
There have been months of my NEETdom that have been quite bad, but this is just a thing that happens if you don't keep watch over yourself.
If you manage to keep a good lifestyle as a NEET, one can practically be like a god.

After I have saved a nice amount of cash, I will NEET again for a few years, and with all of my willpower, work on a videogame.
For me this path is very clear.
One thing I actually did learn during work, is what consistently working really means.
I will take this lesson and apply it to my own work, realizing my dreams in the process.


Yea, if only I could work on a project that I wanted to work on and get paid for it.


File: 1569475147027.jpg (24.08 KB, 421x399, 1445652318531.jpg)

My friends who went neet for a semester or so said they got a bit crazy and everything just felt boring.

I worked hard studying with the mindset it would pay off and i would have a quiet lifestyle later. I almost burned out, but im taking it softly there now and its mostly okay, just gonna suffer a delay to graduation.


>I worked hard studying with the mindset it would pay off and i would have a quiet lifestyle later.
I wouldn't count on it. Although it might depend on what you study.
NEETing is only boring if you let it be. When you can force yourself to be productive it is great.

Thats the goal.


File: 1569789198302.jpg (20.71 KB, 569x541, face down maromi.JPG)

I wish I could speak


neeting is just pathetic if you are grown up


Thinking that "living and enjoying your live freely" is somehow pathetic, is actually pretty pathetic.


mute sushi roll, or just socially awkward?


I hope I don't come across as ungrateful, but I've got a lot of wishes…

I wish for massive discoveries to be made in the field of rewrittable storage media and it's manufacture, causing a stark depression in prices and a massive up-tick in storage density. Likewise, I also wish for vast improvements in the field of battery technology.

Personally, I hope to find a shy, kind-hearted, petite GF who shares the same interests as I do. I also hope that I'll find it within myself to be able to make it through my classes this year and beyond.

And, finally, I hope for the eventual collapse of the current world order, ushering in a new era of peace, co-operation, and prosperity among nations such that the basic human needs and desires are provided to all and that work becomes voluntary due to automation.

That last one's probably a bit less likely than the others… Hopefully, more wishes means at least one of them comes true.


I wanna have friends and a social network again like back before I moved cities and dropped out of HS
I wanna have my first time with someone I love and care about for whom its their first time too
I want a gf(or a bf but I lean more towards girls so id find it easier to be comfortable with one) who I feel like I can relate to and have some sorts of shared experiences with.
I wish I could study computer stuff without it making my best option for a job some tech firm that works to make the world a worse place.
I wish people hung out outside and talked to people they didnt already know.
I wish people could stay in one place for a long time, so that I could make friends faster then we get broken up by circumstance even though im not that outgoing.
I wish normal people weren't such petty judgmental fucks towards anyone they find different or dont understand.
I wish for some place I can go out to at night to smoke by myself without any people or cars going by thinking im probably waiting for a dealer and worrying if they'll call the cops, OTHER than my back yard.


File: 1571256231640.png (718.97 KB, 1024x768, 4443496_original.png)

There are too many young dreamers here!


File: 1571258590404.jpg (1.43 MB, 3390x1920, nausicaa.jpg)

I wish the small text diary I kept while tripping on psylocibin is not lost forever. This file was dear to me. I still have a piece of music related to one of those trips, but I'll be happy to have this available again. I despise everything I write, but I like to go through the few things I feel good about from time to time. My only hope is a failed harddrive.


I wish I could find some meaning and contentedness soon. I don't want to waste another decade doing nothing. I hope I'm married before 30.


File: 1571331844075.jpg (162.14 KB, 1084x1200, 1496599192101.jpg)

I kinda wish I had net-chat friends again. Used to talk to loads of peeps on MSN in my teens but facebook ruined that, now everybody are always online on their and you can never just have a nice sesh. I miss people being online meaning they were actually at a keyboard and ready for a chat.
You will probably have to change something around for that. Can't wait for it.
Best tip I have would be to take a break from time-killers like watching youtube, scrolling down sites. Let yourself get bored instead of filling that space with minimum effort activities, and then try to find out what you'd actually like to do in that boredeom. See a new place? Go for a walk? Explore a new or old hobby you lost?
Something real will pop up sooner or later if you don't plug into the endless feed of mindkiller content.


My wish is to get off this planet, and I will do it one day, I don't care if I have to hitch a ride with a weird jelly monster


File: 1572921105816.png (8.48 KB, 194x259, god damnit.png)

Honestly my biggest wish is being a cute asian girl living in a nice asian country or something like that. Mostly being a cute girl. That's one of the reasons I want to believe reencarnation is real, and this life is just a mediocre-at-best one or something.
Also, no, I'm not falling for the trans meme. I would if the technology was really there, but it isn't. At the very least my face is somewhat feminine if I shave, so using makeup when I'm home alone kinda calms my desires.


File: 1572962963597.png (900.35 KB, 1024x1020, 1556777241271.png)

I wish I had a girlfriend who isn't a sociopath that thinks she's the only one on Earth.
I wish I had someone to make a programming project with.
I wish things were simpler.

The good technology for that will be out soon, you just have a to be a little more patient.


Try persistent meditation, you could perhaps experience it in a real-to-life dream world. This will in fact work.

Any proof of this.
Science is so far from any sort of DNA level non surgical fully functional reproductive system transformation I wonder why you would even suggest such a thing.


There's a Futurama episode about that.


I wish i didn't make that one friend when i was four. It's been years since we last talked, but i never made another real friend outside of him. That was my mistake.
I don't like socializing, i don't like other people, yet because i tasted the joy of frienship that one time, now i desperately long for it. I could just be a loner minding my own business, without missing anything i can't obtain.


You're so quick to discount your own emotions. Love yourself.


I'm not clear one what you are saying.
Does "getting in touch with my emotions" and "loving myself" mean mutilating my perfectly functioning genitalia.


lol no? You don't have to do anything to yourself that you don't want to. But I guarantee you that the problem won't get better by you just sitting around and wishing for reincarnation or a magic button that'll switch everything perfectly.


Don't trannies have sky high suicide and depression rates because they're just living a lie. Seems pretty sensible that the roll desires something but has accepted the reality of the situation and carries on with their life.

This whole encouragement for gender changing movement is seriously sinister to me. Especially the amount of over-sexualisation among its members and how much they're lobbying young children and education.


File: 1573785230751.jpg (96.7 KB, 529x297, kinounderthestars.jpg)

One day I'd like to buy myself an isolated home in a rural area. Away from everyone else.
I'd farm food for myself and go fishing on sunny days, all alone.
Maybe, it's just to prove to myself that I'm in some form self-sufficient.

Though, in reality, I'd still be relying on people.
It's frustrating how uselessly dependent I am on others. Even now I'm posting for others to see.
I think what I really wish for is to find a place where I belong.


sushi roll doesn't have to go post-op and isn't a young child. Dysphoria frequently comes with a host of other mental illnesses, which explains the big suicide/depression rates, but trying to improve their situation won't mean an increase in those rates.


Well… None of my wishes have come true yet. I did however make a friend that I care a lot about. We understand each really well and have similar personalities. If he wasn't a boy too, I think I'd say I love him >.<


It sucks that a girl like this would be that much harder to find.
Not only do opposite sexes have the tendency to see and think differently,
but also sexual attraction clouds reality, making both parties not act themselves.
I think any sort of true love would only be possible if both parties had first overcome their own sex clouded perceptions of reality.


I wish people cared about other people as much as they care about climate change and the environment.


Why should I care about most other people? Genuine question, I struggle to care about most of the people in my life beyond friends and family and stuff.


Because everyone who's not a sociopath does?


I dunno man caring about others only leads to helping them or being sad. Both of these are drains on your own person, wether they're good or not. In a society like mine where there are so many people moving around so much with so many problems the only realistic solution is to focus your energy on those closest to you. The world will devour you if you help it to do so.


Am I a sociopath? I always thought I cared about 'most people' in the abstract sense, but lately I've realised that such views might be a bit dishonest. Realistically, I'm not sure if I have the same faith in the ordinary person on the street.


File: 1574358202630.jpg (20.46 KB, 320x283, 011.jpg)

> Only a sith deals in absolutes.
Not everyone who is a misanthropist is a sociopath, and not every sociopath is a misanthropist. I hate being around most folk and find them tedious, but can coexist with them no problem while they are fully aware of my indifference.

I wish for you to gain untold wisdom and live your life as comfy as you wish.


I want God to be real.


If the universe didn't come with god pre installed I guess we could implement our own?


>I wish for a nuclear holocaust. I want the world to be cleansed with pyroclastic flow and invisible fire. Let the crusties and gutter punks remake humanity in their own spraypaint-huffing images.

>Also, I wish for a bf. But that seems less likely.

this is beautiful. i am smart about verbal and lateral thinking. History and natural sciences are my natural aptitudes. I read a lot and remember almost everything that I read.

On the other hand I do not worship intelligence. I came to the realization that many of my friends were so because of my intelligence, and valued others based on how intelligent they are. After that I dated a woman for about 2 years that was about as smart as a cross between a goat and an old stinky shoe (without a matching pair). She was passably intelligent about things like taking the bus, but we had little to talk about.

After that I went on with a much younger woman (10 years my junior), a very beautiful black woman, who is exceptionally intelligent and cultured, from a prominent family. Although we had a lot to talk about, I felt that we were in such different places emotionally that we couldn't really develop good rapport either.

Age wasn't really this issue, but emotionally maturity (which is correlated to age, but more related to life experience).

The smart woman and I had sex 1/2 of a time (Neither of us came). She tells me that I am very beautiful, and I think she has a nice smile and a great laugh, but it just wasn't happening for me. Too much like father/daughter.

Around the same time I was also seeing a woman from northern south america. We connected emotionally and even though she has very little education, and maybe not much potential "intellectually" she is very curious, artistic, and focussed. she is also much younger than me, but something clicked where, one day we were sitting together while making food, and I saw what could only be described as her "eternal face" an ageless face, probably the one that she becomes at a very old age. at that moment i fell in love with her.

i havent had an internet gf in like 11 years. LoL


but am not against the idea


File: 1575872347202.jpg (32.76 KB, 500x496, cd9714bd8a4c8fc83083c26859….jpg)

I warn you my post is not comfy, feel free to skip it.

I want to go home, but it no longer exists.
I wish God actually protected people's innermost selves. I wish God cared about our loves. But the bare truth is that the protection any of us reap is a fallible, mortal protection at best. In other words, insensate cruelties beyond cruelties, horrors from hell itself could snatch your life up at any time, as they did to me. In such times faith goes up in a puff of smoke, and you realize that the One Being in which you've put all your stock has shown himself at best to be a phony, and at worst, deliberately malevolent. Having suffered unspeakable evils despite your gratitude, your prayers, your hope for futures dashed, you know for certain that this timeline you are in is incorrect. There must have been a mistake, but you cannot deny the present. God cannot protect you. God will not protect you. God does not protect you, or your loved ones from anything, neither a stubbed toe nor complete and utter torment. There is a being that is commonly called "God" but it is a being utterly unworthy of worship, and his devotees are utterly unworthy of respect. Did you know there are can.onized saints still worshiped to this day who have committed mass murders of pagans?
Faith in God is the ultimate abusive relationship.


I wish I had more time, and I wish I spent it better.


To find what I'm looking for. It's complicated because I can't know for sure if it's possible and I'm probably denying logic.


I wish I didn't feel so spellbound about wanting to do everything. It's a shitty timewaster, only leaving frustration on my path for not being good at anything whatsoever


So you finally realized the concept of god is a cope? Do you think there is a group that has no blood in their hands?
Did your loved ones hold the same feelings towards you? What about the other people who's life would be jammed with if god only catered to you? Paganism also holds belief in gods. Stop being cringe and edgy. The worst kinds of nonbelievers are those that disguise their emotions through "logic". Because god didn't hep them out one day, they seethe and turncoat.

I hope I get to visit the Devil's Tower in Wyoming this year.


There are newer gods in this world. Young, with creative energies unspent, and strong enough to impose themselves on this reality.
You need not waste your life worshiping the frail, elderly ones, who so scared and jealous of competition scream that only they exist.


I wish for a girl to sincerely call me and think of me as "watashi no mono". Then I can finally die in peace.


I wish this one person I know would never be sad ever again and that he could feel eternal happiness. He doesn't deserve the cards he was given.


I wish I had a goal, a dream, something to strive towards. I want to change but I have no direction to put this energy so instead I'm just sinking deeper into my metaphorical swamp as I wallow in my uselessness.
If the wishgiver could throw in some discipline too that'd be great.


I wish I had a talent. I'm just not really good at anything, even though I have things that interest me.
I'm jealous of the talented.


I wish I could love myself and be confident without ever second guessing. I wish that I could follow my heart, as cheesy as it is, without that annoying voice of doubt instilled in me from childhood. I wishhh.


I wish I could go back in time to exactly three years ago


I wish for the world to not ruin my last chances at happiness.


Endless supply of beer


File: 1584093508741.png (43.87 KB, 322x285, 1506469947.png)

I wish I had interests. I'm good at just about anything I do, but I have little desire to do anything.
I'm jealous of the passionate.


Not sure if you were mocking me or implying passion>talent but alright.


I wish I had a bonafide useful interest, not this retarded charityesque action that isn't going to make me a lot of good.


File: 1584297348070.gif (788.57 KB, 474x266, atsucking.gif)

I'm not the person you're replying to, but I think the combination of passion and talent is the most desirable thing - anyone who has one without the other is justified in being upset about it.
At the end of the day though, if I had to choose, I think I'd rather have passion without talent than vice versa. I'd rather have fun doing something I suck at than be bored doing something I'm bad at. And besides, your skill at something will increase the longer and more often you do it. Maybe other people's skill increases faster than yours does, and maybe you end up being older than you'd like to be by the time you can really consider yourself talented, but you will get good eventually.


*than be bored doing something I'm good at. Hecc


Does passion really equate to having fun with something?
My hobby makes me feel miserable the vast majority of the time. Maybe it's an obsession rather than passion, but I don't see the necessary positivity in it. It's a calling, not a fun trip.
Just like all good feelings, passion is nice but fleeting. I'd rather be apathetic and do good and maybe see it as an accomplishment than to be really into something and failing at it. Besides, with honed skill the honeymoon phase ends and what should replace it is comfort, not more honeymoons. Finding balance after the learning storm of ups and downs seems more valuable to me.


I wish I had either, but I suck at everything. I am unskilled and even though I do enjoy one aspect or other of a given activity, as soon as I hit the sort of glass ceiling of my ability, I get frustrated and simply cannot proceed, I lose all joy and I am unable to get past the current problem, not satisfactorily. So I stop enjoying it and thus question whether it's passion or rather some aesthetic- or ego-driven vision that I'm pursuing, rather than passion for the craft itself.


I wish to not be lonely and to find something I'm good at and actually enjoy


I wish I had shit to do that involved real life. Like, I just wish I could get a thrill or maybe just some enjoyment without relying on video games, or the internet, or anything of the sort.


If I found myself in front of the wish granter be it a monolith or a golden ball or whatever I'd ask for happiness.


I wish someone would buy my ebook.
It’s only $0.99, and I’ve only sold five copies. The first several chapters are free to read on Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Wizardrous-J-Hinsvark-ebook/dp/B08745D6BP
Forgive my shilling. What’s that old expression. Something like “don’t shoot the beggar”, or “messengers can’t be beggars”. Either way, please check out my book; it’s quite a bit more well written than this comment. 🔚


Just a simple, maybe even solitary life. Having a cabin in the woods type deal is and probably always will be my goal. I just want to leave and bring my books and thinkpad with me, program, read, and drink tea until I'm ancient. As much as a gf would be nice again, I'm beginning to doubt anyone would be compatible with this level of isolation.

I hope the other rolls in this thread have their wishes come true. Except maybe the ones about nuclear holocaust, I just hope rolls thinking like that find some comfort to change their thoughts.


I wish for… VICTORY

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