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File: 1520276795743.jpg (630.38 KB, 800x1141, __viktor_nikiforov_yuri_on….jpg)

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I wish I had a kind and calm BF who likes books and history, and then we can watch calm anime like yuri on ice. Preferably around the same height and age as me.

I wish…
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Yea, if only I could work on a project that I wanted to work on and get paid for it.


File: 1569475147027.jpg (24.08 KB, 421x399, 1445652318531.jpg)

My friends who went neet for a semester or so said they got a bit crazy and everything just felt boring.

I worked hard studying with the mindset it would pay off and i would have a quiet lifestyle later. I almost burned out, but im taking it softly there now and its mostly okay, just gonna suffer a delay to graduation.


>I worked hard studying with the mindset it would pay off and i would have a quiet lifestyle later.
I wouldn't count on it. Although it might depend on what you study.
NEETing is only boring if you let it be. When you can force yourself to be productive it is great.

Thats the goal.


File: 1569789198302.jpg (20.71 KB, 569x541, face down maromi.JPG)

I wish I could speak


neeting is just pathetic if you are grown up


Thinking that "living and enjoying your live freely" is somehow pathetic, is actually pretty pathetic.


mute sushi roll, or just socially awkward?


I hope I don't come across as ungrateful, but I've got a lot of wishes…

I wish for massive discoveries to be made in the field of rewrittable storage media and it's manufacture, causing a stark depression in prices and a massive up-tick in storage density. Likewise, I also wish for vast improvements in the field of battery technology.

Personally, I hope to find a shy, kind-hearted, petite GF who shares the same interests as I do. I also hope that I'll find it within myself to be able to make it through my classes this year and beyond.

And, finally, I hope for the eventual collapse of the current world order, ushering in a new era of peace, co-operation, and prosperity among nations such that the basic human needs and desires are provided to all and that work becomes voluntary due to automation.

That last one's probably a bit less likely than the others… Hopefully, more wishes means at least one of them comes true.


I wanna have friends and a social network again like back before I moved cities and dropped out of HS
I wanna have my first time with someone I love and care about for whom its their first time too
I want a gf(or a bf but I lean more towards girls so id find it easier to be comfortable with one) who I feel like I can relate to and have some sorts of shared experiences with.
I wish I could study computer stuff without it making my best option for a job some tech firm that works to make the world a worse place.
I wish people hung out outside and talked to people they didnt already know.
I wish people could stay in one place for a long time, so that I could make friends faster then we get broken up by circumstance even though im not that outgoing.
I wish normal people weren't such petty judgmental fucks towards anyone they find different or dont understand.
I wish for some place I can go out to at night to smoke by myself without any people or cars going by thinking im probably waiting for a dealer and worrying if they'll call the cops, OTHER than my back yard.


File: 1571256231640.png (718.97 KB, 1024x768, 4443496_original.png)

There are too many young dreamers here!


File: 1571258590404.jpg (1.43 MB, 3390x1920, nausicaa.jpg)

I wish the small text diary I kept while tripping on psylocibin is not lost forever. This file was dear to me. I still have a piece of music related to one of those trips, but I'll be happy to have this available again. I despise everything I write, but I like to go through the few things I feel good about from time to time. My only hope is a failed harddrive.


I wish I could find some meaning and contentedness soon. I don't want to waste another decade doing nothing. I hope I'm married before 30.


File: 1571331844075.jpg (162.14 KB, 1084x1200, 1496599192101.jpg)

I kinda wish I had net-chat friends again. Used to talk to loads of peeps on MSN in my teens but facebook ruined that, now everybody are always online on their and you can never just have a nice sesh. I miss people being online meaning they were actually at a keyboard and ready for a chat.
You will probably have to change something around for that. Can't wait for it.
Best tip I have would be to take a break from time-killers like watching youtube, scrolling down sites. Let yourself get bored instead of filling that space with minimum effort activities, and then try to find out what you'd actually like to do in that boredeom. See a new place? Go for a walk? Explore a new or old hobby you lost?
Something real will pop up sooner or later if you don't plug into the endless feed of mindkiller content.


My wish is to get off this planet, and I will do it one day, I don't care if I have to hitch a ride with a weird jelly monster


File: 1572921105816.png (8.48 KB, 194x259, god damnit.png)

Honestly my biggest wish is being a cute asian girl living in a nice asian country or something like that. Mostly being a cute girl. That's one of the reasons I want to believe reencarnation is real, and this life is just a mediocre-at-best one or something.
Also, no, I'm not falling for the trans meme. I would if the technology was really there, but it isn't. At the very least my face is somewhat feminine if I shave, so using makeup when I'm home alone kinda calms my desires.


File: 1572962963597.png (900.35 KB, 1024x1020, 1556777241271.png)

I wish I had a girlfriend who isn't a sociopath that thinks she's the only one on Earth.
I wish I had someone to make a programming project with.
I wish things were simpler.

The good technology for that will be out soon, you just have a to be a little more patient.


Try persistent meditation, you could perhaps experience it in a real-to-life dream world. This will in fact work.

Any proof of this.
Science is so far from any sort of DNA level non surgical fully functional reproductive system transformation I wonder why you would even suggest such a thing.


There's a Futurama episode about that.


I wish i didn't make that one friend when i was four. It's been years since we last talked, but i never made another real friend outside of him. That was my mistake.
I don't like socializing, i don't like other people, yet because i tasted the joy of frienship that one time, now i desperately long for it. I could just be a loner minding my own business, without missing anything i can't obtain.


You're so quick to discount your own emotions. Love yourself.


I'm not clear one what you are saying.
Does "getting in touch with my emotions" and "loving myself" mean mutilating my perfectly functioning genitalia.


lol no? You don't have to do anything to yourself that you don't want to. But I guarantee you that the problem won't get better by you just sitting around and wishing for reincarnation or a magic button that'll switch everything perfectly.


Don't trannies have sky high suicide and depression rates because they're just living a lie. Seems pretty sensible that the roll desires something but has accepted the reality of the situation and carries on with their life.

This whole encouragement for gender changing movement is seriously sinister to me. Especially the amount of over-sexualisation among its members and how much they're lobbying young children and education.


File: 1573785230751.jpg (96.7 KB, 529x297, kinounderthestars.jpg)

One day I'd like to buy myself an isolated home in a rural area. Away from everyone else.
I'd farm food for myself and go fishing on sunny days, all alone.
Maybe, it's just to prove to myself that I'm in some form self-sufficient.

Though, in reality, I'd still be relying on people.
It's frustrating how uselessly dependent I am on others. Even now I'm posting for others to see.
I think what I really wish for is to find a place where I belong.


sushi roll doesn't have to go post-op and isn't a young child. Dysphoria frequently comes with a host of other mental illnesses, which explains the big suicide/depression rates, but trying to improve their situation won't mean an increase in those rates.


Well… None of my wishes have come true yet. I did however make a friend that I care a lot about. We understand each really well and have similar personalities. If he wasn't a boy too, I think I'd say I love him >.<


It sucks that a girl like this would be that much harder to find.
Not only do opposite sexes have the tendency to see and think differently,
but also sexual attraction clouds reality, making both parties not act themselves.
I think any sort of true love would only be possible if both parties had first overcome their own sex clouded perceptions of reality.


I wish people cared about other people as much as they care about climate change and the environment.


Why should I care about most other people? Genuine question, I struggle to care about most of the people in my life beyond friends and family and stuff.


Because everyone who's not a sociopath does?


I dunno man caring about others only leads to helping them or being sad. Both of these are drains on your own person, wether they're good or not. In a society like mine where there are so many people moving around so much with so many problems the only realistic solution is to focus your energy on those closest to you. The world will devour you if you help it to do so.


Am I a sociopath? I always thought I cared about 'most people' in the abstract sense, but lately I've realised that such views might be a bit dishonest. Realistically, I'm not sure if I have the same faith in the ordinary person on the street.


File: 1574358202630.jpg (20.46 KB, 320x283, 011.jpg)

> Only a sith deals in absolutes.
Not everyone who is a misanthropist is a sociopath, and not every sociopath is a misanthropist. I hate being around most folk and find them tedious, but can coexist with them no problem while they are fully aware of my indifference.

I wish for you to gain untold wisdom and live your life as comfy as you wish.


I want God to be real.


If the universe didn't come with god pre installed I guess we could implement our own?


>I wish for a nuclear holocaust. I want the world to be cleansed with pyroclastic flow and invisible fire. Let the crusties and gutter punks remake humanity in their own spraypaint-huffing images.

>Also, I wish for a bf. But that seems less likely.

this is beautiful. i am smart about verbal and lateral thinking. History and natural sciences are my natural aptitudes. I read a lot and remember almost everything that I read.

On the other hand I do not worship intelligence. I came to the realization that many of my friends were so because of my intelligence, and valued others based on how intelligent they are. After that I dated a woman for about 2 years that was about as smart as a cross between a goat and an old stinky shoe (without a matching pair). She was passably intelligent about things like taking the bus, but we had little to talk about.

After that I went on with a much younger woman (10 years my junior), a very beautiful black woman, who is exceptionally intelligent and cultured, from a prominent family. Although we had a lot to talk about, I felt that we were in such different places emotionally that we couldn't really develop good rapport either.

Age wasn't really this issue, but emotionally maturity (which is correlated to age, but more related to life experience).

The smart woman and I had sex 1/2 of a time (Neither of us came). She tells me that I am very beautiful, and I think she has a nice smile and a great laugh, but it just wasn't happening for me. Too much like father/daughter.

Around the same time I was also seeing a woman from northern south america. We connected emotionally and even though she has very little education, and maybe not much potential "intellectually" she is very curious, artistic, and focussed. she is also much younger than me, but something clicked where, one day we were sitting together while making food, and I saw what could only be described as her "eternal face" an ageless face, probably the one that she becomes at a very old age. at that moment i fell in love with her.

i havent had an internet gf in like 11 years. LoL


but am not against the idea


File: 1575872347202.jpg (32.76 KB, 500x496, cd9714bd8a4c8fc83083c26859….jpg)

I warn you my post is not comfy, feel free to skip it.

I want to go home, but it no longer exists.
I wish God actually protected people's innermost selves. I wish God cared about our loves. But the bare truth is that the protection any of us reap is a fallible, mortal protection at best. In other words, insensate cruelties beyond cruelties, horrors from hell itself could snatch your life up at any time, as they did to me. In such times faith goes up in a puff of smoke, and you realize that the One Being in which you've put all your stock has shown himself at best to be a phony, and at worst, deliberately malevolent. Having suffered unspeakable evils despite your gratitude, your prayers, your hope for futures dashed, you know for certain that this timeline you are in is incorrect. There must have been a mistake, but you cannot deny the present. God cannot protect you. God will not protect you. God does not protect you, or your loved ones from anything, neither a stubbed toe nor complete and utter torment. There is a being that is commonly called "God" but it is a being utterly unworthy of worship, and his devotees are utterly unworthy of respect. Did you know there are can.onized saints still worshiped to this day who have committed mass murders of pagans?
Faith in God is the ultimate abusive relationship.


I wish I had more time, and I wish I spent it better.


To find what I'm looking for. It's complicated because I can't know for sure if it's possible and I'm probably denying logic.


I wish I didn't feel so spellbound about wanting to do everything. It's a shitty timewaster, only leaving frustration on my path for not being good at anything whatsoever


So you finally realized the concept of god is a cope? Do you think there is a group that has no blood in their hands?
Did your loved ones hold the same feelings towards you? What about the other people who's life would be jammed with if god only catered to you? Paganism also holds belief in gods. Stop being cringe and edgy. The worst kinds of nonbelievers are those that disguise their emotions through "logic". Because god didn't hep them out one day, they seethe and turncoat.

I hope I get to visit the Devil's Tower in Wyoming this year.


There are newer gods in this world. Young, with creative energies unspent, and strong enough to impose themselves on this reality.
You need not waste your life worshiping the frail, elderly ones, who so scared and jealous of competition scream that only they exist.


I wish for a girl to sincerely call me and think of me as "watashi no mono". Then I can finally die in peace.


I wish this one person I know would never be sad ever again and that he could feel eternal happiness. He doesn't deserve the cards he was given.


I wish I had a goal, a dream, something to strive towards. I want to change but I have no direction to put this energy so instead I'm just sinking deeper into my metaphorical swamp as I wallow in my uselessness.
If the wishgiver could throw in some discipline too that'd be great.


I wish I had a talent. I'm just not really good at anything, even though I have things that interest me.
I'm jealous of the talented.


I wish I could love myself and be confident without ever second guessing. I wish that I could follow my heart, as cheesy as it is, without that annoying voice of doubt instilled in me from childhood. I wishhh.


I wish I could go back in time to exactly three years ago


I wish for the world to not ruin my last chances at happiness.

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