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ゆっくりしていってね !

File: 1520276795743.jpg (630.38 KB, 800x1141, __viktor_nikiforov_yuri_on….jpg)

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I wish I had a kind and calm BF who likes books and history, and then we can watch calm anime like yuri on ice. Preferably around the same height and age as me.

I wish…
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File: 1539626579936.png (218.89 KB, 847x600, 63902954_p3.png)

I almost forgot. I hope your wish comes true. :3


So true! I really like drawing so I could find some communities to join and see what happens, it's a pretty exciting prospect!


No harm could come from speaking with an expert. If you don't have a gunsmith in your social network, seek one out, make small business with them to feel them out. If you think there's a rapport there, give them what information you can and ask them what they think.

If they like it, and want to work on it, offer what support you can. Maybe being their gopher won't get as much credit as you'd like, but one of your ideas will actually come into being and that would be amazing by itself.


I wish I had a physical synthesizer. They're such cool instruments but money has been hard to come across nowadays.


I wish that the Mongols would once again burst out of the steppelands to gloriously massacre and/or tuckus-rape all of civilization.

The horrors and depredations of totally tubular brosephinorinos such as Timur-i-Leng, Subudai, Hulegu Khan and the big man himself Kung Pao Chicken will be put to fucking shame by this new wave of pastoral nomad forcible assplay/eradication of entire nations.

Fearless Keshik lancers will ride their steeds over mountains of dead formerly-innocent children, past ruined skyscrapers melted by the callous fires of war into giant glass penii swaffling the lips of God, range far and wide until even the chaste and peaceful Penguin tribes of Antarctica have either been buggered or murderered to the fanfare of myriad edgy middle school history buffs. Pound those tight, flightless little asses until the quorks of anguish and shame can be heard all the way over in Australia.

For one last time, hunky Asian killing machines with cool helmets will rule the tattered remnants of the world from horseback, making everyone schlep all of the fucking way back to Karakorum to perform the basic functions of government, such as appealing parking tickets, or getting bent over a hardy steppe pony and devastatingly sodomized.

Finally, I wish that all the subjugated sedentary losers of the world would now get superplague from all of the toxic conqueror loads infected with fleas which live within the mighty Altai Mountain Oysters like so many strains of itchy HIV. May the victorious hordes from parts unknown poz everyone to death after they're done murdering the everloving fuck out of us with their primitive encirclement tactics and funky mustaches. Also they get drunk by fermenting like, horse milk or some shit and that's just fucking gross.


I have a minilogue and some peripheral audio kit (couple of volcas, a mixer, an audio interface). It is very fun to lay everything out and make some sounds, but I will say that I have more fun just playing music on my midi keyboard and some Arturia V-collection VSTs. The 4 note polyphony is sometimes a bit limiting on the minilogue. It all depends what you enjoy doing, but I get a lot of joy from just playing music live on vintage instruments, and of course I couldn't afford the real things. I'll have a bit of money coming in later in the year and I'm debating whether to buy a Nord Electro, since I love Organs and Pianos maybe even more than Synths, so it's a toss up between that or save money by getting a DX7


One can only hope. It won't be nomadic pastoralists the next time round, but those who end up living in harsh conditions outside civilization. The oceans, the planets, the stars…


I wish every human being alive would get their left arm caught in a meat grinder. Anyone who does not have a left arm has to sit this one out I guess, sucks to be them.


>Kung Pao Chicken will be put to fucking shame by this new wave of pastoral nomad forcible assplay
>nomad forcible assplay
Are you a professional writer or something? Holy fuck was that sentence amazing, I shouldn't be laughing but here I am… laughing like a retard.


To be honest I'm astonished that anyone reads my shit anymore, so damn, that actually means a lot to me, sushi. Thank you!

No, I never went pro. I got something published in Black Fog a while back and that's about it. I haven't been writing as much since I torched all my papers back in July.


i havent posted on sushichan before(url says sushigirl but idk)
i know wishes may not mean anything but i guess its a fun lil thing to do. i wish for a reinvigorated passion, the kind i had when i was a kid, where i could spend a week straight working on something, even if it didnt end up very good. i just wanna get excited about stuff again
also i like the aesthetic of the site, the suchi pics and header imgs are cute


Welcome to the site you spicy california roll you :3


i just want to have a cute bf and read books and watch anime and play video games and stuff with him
also i wish i wash mentally healthy

basically i want all my major problem to go away and have a quiet life with a nice boy


I have another wish, but I'm going to make it happen. I've tried multiple times and failed but I'm going to to it again and again until I succeed. I wish for less negativity in my life. And I'm going to start with the Internet. I got a head start because I prefer history videos and other things that allow me to learn about something rather than stupid rant videos and other two minute hate videos that people love to put out plus I've been getting bored of them. And to add to that, I only post on here and some subreddits now.

I'm going to reduce contact with negative people who just whine and friendly lady all the time too. I'm done with having negative thoughts that stay in my head all day and make my mood bad and my blood boil. I'm going to have to make another journal for this though, whatever, I'll make this wish and others come true.


File: 1543703943440.jpg (73.03 KB, 600x593, crying_flowers_by_sarangha….jpg)

Oh wow it's been a while. Things worked out! have a really solid group of friends, the best human relationships I've ever formed in my life. Like, we care about each other and are more than just friends because we're in the same situation. The past few months have been so bloody hectic and new, it's hard to properly take it in. Super thankful to be in this position. Seasonal affective disorder has got me a little down, but my spirits are up!

Also would like a bf, but that might actually be in the works :)

I hope things similarly go well for all of you sushirolls!


Another sushi got their wish granted! I think that's the fourth one so far. Good job sushi.

I'll be away from the Internet for a month so I've gotta make this one count. I wish for another Ice Age to occur. This will see the world's arable land brought to a minimum for the next 12,000 years or so
and that will mean a nice, slow-burning period of mass starvation compounded with exposure.

A drastic climate change like this will obviously run concurrently with yet another global extinction event that I'm thinking will dwarf even the one we're experiencing right now in the Anthropocene. It is my hope that the surviving gene pool will be so small that only the hysterically inbred shall inheirit the Earth by the time of the thaw, and as such even after millenia of desperate struggle against the harshness of our new reality, all life on our fickle planet will have been doomed from the start anyways. uwu also I wish I won't be single on Christmas for once.


Just a GF, was quite a while back I had a relationship because of my very sparse social life. Anything else I could wish for is possible with just a bit of motivation and putting up a challenge to my lethargy.


I long ago gave up on wanting shit like relationships and friends, so I'd just wish for the ability to live in isolation for the rest of my life. I'd love nothing better than to lock myself away in a dark room and never have to leave until I waste away.


I wish for every man, woman and child who has ever lived to be agonizingly torn to shreds and devoured by >>4688

Who's hungry for some total isolation? You are, hopefully. Don't let your dreams be dreams!


I wish I wasn't miserable and could fit in with society. I wish I could make just the right amount of small talk/politeness or whatever it is I lack with the cashiers in the shops I frequent in my town so that I wouldn't be hated. I just want my bagel without a hassle please


I wish I had the insight on how to live in the best way that suits me and my future


The answer is out there somewhere! Keep those eyes open.


I wish that the Earth's entire water supply would get tainted with a mysterious, Lovecraftian laxative from space so that everyone would shit themselves (and each other) to death as hard as humanly possible.


Geez I've never seen such a pathetic thread. Okay no that obviously couldn't be true. Anyway, I wish for this thread to be gone and for me to forget I ever saw it. That would be really comfy for me right about now because it's killing my buzz. Thanks sadkins.


I wish that Love Live! would get a reboot. I am not quite sure how revisiting the Otonokizaka High School's original idol group would bring about the End of Days but I suppose that question will be for Dengeki G's Magazine, Sunrise Animation, and Lantis Records to figure out, not me.

Chop chop you bunch of friendly ladyes; I want to be Maki'd to death already and I've got other things that I need to be doing today.


I wish people would listen more. It feels like the entire world is talking past eachother.


File: 1550160249288.jpg (64.74 KB, 1280x720, Screener JP Color Fixed v3….jpg)

I want an alien girlfriend.


I wish that everyone who has ever lived would be forced at gunpoint to ride a motorcycle and do a jump over a shark. Those of us who complete the jump without crashing, getting shot, or becoming shark food will then be magically transformed into Henry Winkler and will be forced to live out his agonizing fate as a respected public speaker and a beloved pop culture icon.


i wish i'd stop feeling like i drive everyone away and missing a guy i know was probably not worth it.


I think you would like this video, sushi.



That already exists, sushi! It's called Cholera


I wanna live somewhere in a forest clearing. A cliff overlooking a small river, that's where I'd be. I wouldn't mind being free of the internet so long as I could relax there.


i wish the girl i met on twitter like me the same way i like her. he sees me only as a beloved and good friend, while i would love to starting dating her rn if that was possible. this used to hurt me a lot, now i'm' kinda okay with it


I wish I had at least 1 person who I could share my thoughts with and those thoughts would be heard.
At the start of this year I've lost the ability to feel anything, so now all the chances of getting to find that person are down the drain. I've become more fluent socially because I lost the fear, while at the same time I've also lost any desire to communicate whatsoever. Can't even finish this post properly now.


hang in there :( wanna talk?


>liking things in the current year

How post-Postmodern of you, sushi

Actually I did find this enjoyable. Thanks! (>'.')>


File: 1561088066756.png (209.56 KB, 256x256, 1554001993096.png)

I unironically wish for world peace. Everyone fucking hates each-other nowadays and I'm getting sick of it.


I've been feeling this way too. Maybe we can suffer together, sushi


>Everyone fucking hates each-other
But I don't hate you, sushi!
Btw cool wish, even if cliché. War sucks, and hatred sucks. Sadly hostility is sometimes justified as defence, but it still sucks. I wish people weren't so ready to hurt each other for personal profit


I wish for more control over my life.


The best is the life in which you're so vested into you can't reign in the course of the future.


I wish I could stop caring about what people think and letting it affect me to such an extent where I put my own life on hold. I’m slowly getting to a point where I’m caring less but it’s a work in progress.


File: 1563855273790.jpg (45.63 KB, 1000x800, 1410391867440.jpg)

peace of mind


Very few people are mentally tough enough to completely ignore what other people think. But I always remind myself that, in 99% of situations, no one will hurt you if they judge you. The opinions of others are not sharp weapons, even if they can seem like it.


You know that you live in a society, people are interdependent, and how people perceive you makes an actual impact on your daily life, right? From this perspective, it's rational to think that other people's opinions of you matter… because they do.
What you _should_ try to do is determine _which_ opinions matter and how much they matter. If you think about it like a game, ask yourself what moves you can make to maximize your chances of winning. Of course, you decide what "winning" is. You also decide whether you "choose not to play," which itself is still playing a (usually) uninformed strategy.


Well, of course there are some situations in which it matters what people think of you. If the person in question is a superior at work and his opinion is that you are unreliable, then that matters. But there are many more situations in which it doesn't matter: when it's a friend who considers your favourite hobby to be weird; when it's the person behind you in a queue who wants you to stop fiddling with your change and pay with card; when it's your dad who isn't entirely happy with the job you chose, etc. The sushi I replied to presumably faces this latter kind of situations, though I don't know the details, obviously!

I don't know if life is a game. Often what is considered 'winning' changes through life and, in the first place, finding out the objective is a part of life itself.


I wish I could have energy, or motivation, or a little contentment. These days I'm lucky if I wake up with just one of the three.


You don't suck at art.


the manga I'm reading to update more frequently, latest chapter ended on a cliffhanger and it's one of those "may release an update every few months if the author feels like it" kind of manga.


whoa you guys have a really nice board here, hopefully good things cone to all of you.
i wish he'd come back, even just for a moment so i could give him his christmas present and say goodbye.

then i could curl up and die in peace

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