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Happy Holidays!

File: 1682769939527.png (23.42 KB, 300x100, 1440719666543-1.png)


You will never be a real woman.


File: 1682808564879.jpg (903.79 KB, 1149x1398, 65584447_p8.jpg)

That won't trouble me. I would like to forever be a maiden fair, clever and young.


You will never be a real maiden. You have no style, you have no grace.


You should leave this comfy place.


Comfy place? We're in hell, thats what you need to face.


File: 1682818338684.jpg (49.52 KB, 567x792, a71014fb56fabd3771674d3993….jpg)

Yes, unless a miracle happens, I won't. So what? I'm not planning on being a fake one, and I won't be asking you to tell lies about me being the actual thing, either.

> You have no style, you have no grace.

About that, you have no idea. Besides, no miracles need to happen for people to acquire either of the two.

Do you hate the pretend play that much? The boys and girls who sometimes enact the play on the internet aren't always nagging. They don't necessarily demand you to accept their fantasies about themselves as truly real, and it is not always evident that the act is fake. Please consider not disrupting their play and their dreams in these cases.


Femboys and tomboys are haram.


In that case. Pray tell, what's your horse in this race?
What does it matter to you,
If a roll wants to be cute too.


Where in quran does it say that?


Doesn't say anything about it in the quran but in the sunnah.


"We're in hell!" they said, "What fun!"
"For I can hate another's son,"
"and consequence, there shall be none."
"I rest my case, I think I've won."

But never did they once consider,
The lack of sense, the lack of rigor
To posit and to pull the trigger
To post with hate, to laugh and sblack dragon roll

You will not change another's kind
Your sense of truth, you will not find
For in these halls, all was designed
To quarantine that frame of mind.

Keep it to yourself next time.


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